5 hairstyles for fine hair


NSRiches for a woman has a special meaning – it is both a stylish addition to the image and a way of self-expression! That is why women are so jealous of their hair, care and styling.

Unsuccessful styling can ruin the mood at one point, and here owners of thin hair fall into the risk zone – even despite the thickness, such hair often quickly loses volume, looks flat and dull.

BeautyHack decided to fix this and put together 5 of the best hairstyles for fine hair, with which curls will always look flawless.

Where to begin?

Thin hair differs from other types of hair in a smaller diameter – even if there are a lot of them on the head, it can give the deceptive impression that this is not the case. The secret to styling fine hair lies in the correct haircut and the use of styling products that will give the curls the desired structure and will maintain the durability of styling for a long time (you will learn how to choose a comb for styling your hair here).

If you have fine hair, don’t just go for short haircuts. Although, if this option is to your taste, then a short haircut for thin hair is a good choice. Various texturing pastes, waxes and gels will help you style your hair and keep it looking perfect all day long. Try a pixie or classic bob cut, and consider long or asymmetrical bangs.

Various options of a bob will also look beautiful on short hair – it is easy to add volume to such a haircut or to style the hair with careless curls.

For women with long hair and hair of medium length, stylists advise to pay attention to the following options:


Long, thin hair doesn’t always look great when worn loose. But this does not mean that such a hairstyle should be abandoned. Try to style the strands with soft curls – visually, the hair will become noticeably thicker, and the styling will look neat and stylish. In addition, this hairstyle option masks dry ends and damaged strands well.

It is easy to make such a hairstyle on hair of any length (read how to grow long hair on link). To do this, apply a styling spray or styling mousse to your dried hair and pull it out with a hair dryer and comb. After that, divide your hair into equal strands and wind each one with medium diameter curlers. To create curls, you can also use a styler – in this case, do not forget to additionally apply a heat protection agent to the hair, since the device severely damages its structure. Sprinkle the finished curls with varnish and beat with your fingers after 10 minutes. Or if you want softer curls, use a flat-bottomed comb to comb through your hair.

Beach waves

If you don’t have time to style, then sloppy waves are your option. To make your hair look like you just got back from the beach, spray your dried hair with sea salt texturizing spray and curl or braid the strands. Once the curls are dry, loosen your hair and fluff it up with your fingers. For a more structured look, spread some styling cream in your palms and run through your hair again.

Weaves and braids

A variety of weaves and braids will help to give thin hair a neat look. You can choose any hairstyle option. An important point: when braiding your hair, try to do your hair as carelessly as possible – this will make it look fuller and thicker.

High tail

A high ponytail is a hairstyle that will help out when there is no time for styling at all, and it will also look stylish in combination with any outfit. To make fine hair look better in a ponytail, lightly comb each strand at the roots before combining it into a hairstyle. But you can curl the ends a little – this trick will add visual volume to the hairstyle.


If you prefer to wear your hair loose, but even curled curls quickly lose their shape, pay attention to various accessories.

With the help of silk scarves and wide elastic bands that are fashionable this season, you can collect your hair in a careless low ponytail or pull it off at the back of the head – the second option will give your hair a noticeable volume.

You can also pin the strands of the face with invisible hairpins and bright clip-on hairpins – they will also give your hair a neat look.

Good shape

To keep your hairstyle in shape for as long as possible, and thin hair to appear fuller and thicker, choose shampoos and balms for volume (50 of the best hair volumizing products look here). Keep in mind, however, that these products tend to expose hair scales, which can lead to dryness and brittleness. Therefore, alternate volume products with moisturizers and do not forget to make nourishing masks.

Also, avoid heavy care and styling based on silicones and oils, but pay special attention to texturizing and sealing agents. Light combs and soft curls will help out when creating any hairstyle.

Text: Anya Sherstneva