5 home beauty gadgets for perfect skin


TOthe osmetologist of the health and beauty center “White Garden” Irina Gnedina (@irina_gnedina) told me what kind of device you can use to make effective peeling at home, and explained why you need a Led face mask.

Lifting massager for face and body MTG Refa Carat

Massage machines of this kind are used to work out the waist, hips, legs and face. But Refa Carat has a reduced copy, which is convenient to do exclusively for face and neck massage.

The basis of the gadget is two massage spheres with triangular edges that rotate 360 ​​°. Such lymphatic drainage rollers are great for stimulating blood circulation by gently gripping the skin. You will not experience discomfort, but the muscles of the face will be grateful to the device!

The gadget has a built-in solar battery. Due to the generation of electrical energy on the surface of the “triangles” microcurrents are formed, which improve blood microcirculation.

During the massage, you can use cosmetics: serums, masks, – the design of the device is completely waterproof. So the beneficial components will more effectively penetrate the dermis. The Refa Carat device can also fight edema, and due to its miniature size, it is convenient to take on trips. The device is charged by natural or artificial light.

Makeup Remover Cloth, MakeUp Eraser

I’m not sure if MakeUp Eraser can be attributed to beauty gadgets, but I still strongly recommend girls to have such a make-up remover wipes at home. A special fabric made from different types of polyester fibers was patented in 2012. The manufacturer assures that no chemicals are used for production (it’s all about the special pattern of weaving of threads), and in principle during this time there were no complaints about MakeUp Eraser. The main thing is to choose an original napkin made in the USA.

The scheme for using MakeUp Eraser is extremely simple. You dip a tissue in water, then rinse off your makeup. I like that the napkin removes even waterproof products and easily cleans the skin of BB cream, for example (if you prefer to remove makeup in more traditional ways, then here you can read reviews of the best micellar products according to the editors of BeautyHack, and here – about wipes for express makeup removal). You may still have expressionless traces of mascara under your eyes, but you will definitely not have it on your eyelashes.

The gadget is double-sided. On the one hand, there is a fine nap for removing make-up, on the other, a long nap for very easy exfoliation. Even with constant use, the napkin will not lose its appearance, and the quality of the pile will not deteriorate.

Led face mask

In “White Garden” we use professional Led-masks for face and body. This is an excellent technique for treating acne (Led masks are absolutely safe for sensitive and problem skin). Due to light energy, cellular renewal, synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers occurs, and microcirculation is improved.

Another gadget stimulates the action of lifting masks. In the process of exposure to light waves, micropores are opened, and active components are transported under the skin.

The procedure time ranges from 10 to 40 minutes, depending on the goals. These masks are also available for home care, but I recommend that you consult with a specialist first. And of course, choose masks from official brands, not on sites like AliExpress (yes, they are there too).

Clarisonic Mia2 Skin Cleanser

The purpose of the device is deep cleansing: it perfectly removes the remnants of makeup, sebum, and impurities. You can choose the right attachment for sensitive or normal skin.

The villi on the device make 300 vibrations per second, but the nozzle itself does not rotate. Moreover, you spend no more than two minutes on one cleansing – very convenient for regular use of the device. It is waterproof, so you can also cleanse in the shower using your favorite skin care product.

Ultrasonic scapula for face cleansing Gezatone KUS-2K

There are a lot of similar devices now, but I recommend this model to you. Outwardly, it is a home appliance with a metal spatula that heats up during use.

The Gezatone device has two modes: more and less intensive for sensitive skin. Before use, thoroughly cleanse the skin, do not forget to wipe the scapula with a disinfectant, and then you can apply a moisturizing mask on your face (we talked about masks for deep moisturizing and nutrition here).

This gadget is a great alternative to salon peeling, it perfectly evens the complexion and removes impurities and blackheads (if you do the procedure as a course). A single use of the device will take no more than 10 minutes.