5 products for express skin cleansing


VThis situation is familiar to us. You come home late from a festive event and your only desire is bypassing the bathroom, falling on your face into the pillow and falling asleep. There can be no question of any three-stage purification. The BeautyHack collection contains tools that will help you out on this difficult evening.

Micellar Cleansing Water, Diademine

It copes well even with waterproof cosmetics – completely soak a cotton pad with this product and wipe your face. And if you do commit a beauty crime and fall asleep with makeup, with this micellar water in the morning you can easily get rid of makeup residues and moisturize your skin – with glycerin and panthenol, which will soothe it.

Price: 239 rub.

Make-up remover wipes, Biore

It is convenient to take napkins in a plastic tray with you on trips. There are 44 pieces in one package, but one or two wipes are needed to thoroughly remove waterproof makeup. Infused with a moisturizing serum that removes makeup without irritation. Suitable for sensitive skin.

Price: 1 160 rub.

Means for removing makeup Waterproof Eye Make-Up Remover, Uriage

As a rule, the most difficult thing is to quickly remove bright smokey after a party. Shake this two-phase product so that the thermal water mixes with the cornflower flower water, then apply to a cotton pad and rub your eyes. With cosmetics, it straightens out once or twice without streaks and irritations.

Price: 935 rub.

Cleansing mousse Diorshow White Reveal Gentle Purifying Foam, Dior

A find for those with sensitive skin. The mousse is made on the basis of glacial water and antioxidants, therefore it removes makeup very gently and delicately. Squeeze out a pea-sized amount and spread over your face. Cleans the skin “to a squeak”: not only removes cosmetics, but also unclogs the pores.

Price: 2 800 rub.

Cleansing water Sensabio H20, Bioderma

One of the favorite makeup artists’ backstage products – micellar water helps to quickly cleanse the skin in order to create the next look. With your goal – just to remove the make-up in order to go to bed with a clear conscience – it will also cope. Tip: do not feel sorry for the product – soak a cotton pad completely with it, and then proceed to cleanse. Alcohol-free: ideal for sensitive skin.

Price: 1 069 rub.

Text: Karina Andreeva