9 September 2021

Hit can be more spectacular than curls and curls, especially if you have an important meeting or will go out!

You can quickly put your hair in order and give it the desired shape with the help of a styler. But it is sometimes not as easy to handle it as it seems, and often attempts to create beautiful curls fail.

BeautyHack found five answers to why curls are failing and what you are doing wrong.

Mistake # 1: creating curls without special training

In order for the curls to turn out neat and clear, the hair must be prepared for styling. It is also important to protect them from heat and possible damage. Therefore, apply a heat-protected styling product to your hair before using a styler. It can be a special spray or cream – it will close the hair scales, give them smoothness and prolong the durability of styling. And if your hair quickly loses its shape due to moisture or strong winds, sprinkle it with additional hairspray before styling – it will help keep the curl throughout the day or evening (look for the 10 best hairstyles with corrugation here).

Mistake # 2: Curling your hair in the wrong direction

To understand exactly how the curls should lie, practice on a small part of the hair. For natural looking curls, wrap the strands around the styler starting in the middle and away from your face. And to make the curls more effective, clear and glossy, twist them from the roots towards the face.

Mistake # 3: Wrong direction of the styler

Many women, twisting curls on a styler, first fix the ends of the hair and only then wrap a strand around it. Stylists claim that this technique is completely wrong. To get beautiful curls, hold the styler upright, end down, and curl the curl from the roots, fixing it at the end – this method of curling will make the hairstyle more voluminous at the roots, and the curls will be more defined.

Mistake # 4: using a large diameter styler

Dreaming of voluminous curls, women often choose too large stylers. As a result, the curls do not keep their shape or simply do not work out. If you want to create beautiful curls, choose a medium diameter styler. With it, you will not only be able to wind more curls – the hairstyle will look more voluminous, but also give the desired shape to even the smallest and thinnest strands. And to get the effect of careless and large curls, after styling, apply a little styling cream to your palms and beat the curls with your fingers.

Mistake # 5: trying to shape the hair right after curling

An important rule, which all stylists repeat, is that after any styling, let your hair cool down. This also applies to curls! By touching the curls immediately after winding, you can minimize all your efforts or completely ruin your hairstyle (read about the mistakes you make when styling your hair here). To achieve the desired effect, roll up the curls and wait a few minutes for the curls to cool. After that, sprinkle the hair with varnish and shape it. Use your fingers to fluff up the curls for messy curls, and comb your hair with a flat comb for smooth waves.

Text: Anya Sherstneva