5 remedies for problem skin that I buy over and over again


RBeautyHack editor Natalia Kapitsa told how to get rid of acne marks, what remedy will help to narrow pores and how to reduce the secretion of the sebaceous glands.

“I have an oily skin type – it couldn’t be fatter! And all the consequences that follow from this are familiar to me firsthand: shine in the T-zone, rashes and traces of acne. I used to be sure that even with a regular visit to the beautician I would never be able to leave the house without a foundation. Spoiler alert: I was wrong and now I repent! If you choose the right care, do a course of peels once a year and do not ignore phototherapy, everything is real. It is also important to choose the right care. I’ll tell you about mine. “

Cleansing Foam with Fruit Acids AHA Sensitive, Japonica

If you have acne marks and your skin shines like a pancake on Shrovetide, fruit acids should become best friends and family. I have known them for a long time, but I treated Asian cosmetics with great concern: all these “tasty” jars did not inspire confidence (read 5 Korean beauty secrets on link). In vain! When Japonica foam appeared on the shelf, rashes began to appear on the face much less often. The foam with fruit acids consists of 100% natural ingredients – no aggressive ingredients in the composition. The product smells like a ripe autumn apple from my grandmother’s garden – I want to try it, having returned to my childhood for a minute. After using the foam, there is no feeling of tightness, but at the same time it seems that you have never had clearer skin. The product really gives a light brightening effect – for this “thanks” to the kiwi extract. But it does not brighten the entire face, turning it into a starched sheet, but only those areas where there are traces of acne. Main active ingredients: lactic acid and Chinese camellia leaf extract. I use it in the morning and in the evening.

Price: 1 450 rub.

Whitening serum for all skin types, Achromin

The serum appeared in my arsenal on the advice of a colleague. For two weeks she tested the entire line of this brand and then whispered: “V-delight.” This was the trigger for the purchase. I liked the serum right away: delicate, gel, with a pleasant unobtrusive aroma, it is a pleasure to use it. It is easy to apply and absorbs quickly – in just seconds. The composition does not contain the infamous hydroquinine, as in the previous lines of the brand (a whitening ingredient that has been found to be carcinogenic). He was replaced by arbutin. The plant-based component provides a whitening effect by reducing the synthesis of melanin. I noticed the result after two weeks of daily use – the age spots from acne on the cheek became almost invisible. Pair with Achromin Whitening Cream – it works!

Price on request

Refreshing lotion Fresh Mattifying Toner Purity + Anti-Pollution, Chanel

The higher the thermometer, the more active the fight against enlarged pores is. With the onset of spring, I started using Fresh Mattifying Toner Purity + Anti-Pollution, Chanel. I wipe my face morning and evening. No, this is not a novelty, but a bestseller of the brand and a godsend for those who suffer from hypersecretion of the sebaceous glands. The tonic perfectly cleanses, without overdrying or irritating the skin, tones up and dries up small rashes. I think Chanel’s Fresh Mattifying Toner Purity + Anti-Pollution will take root even among owners of normal and combination skin types – the product is delicate and gentle, without a pungent odor and aggressive ingredients.

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Price: 3 200 rub.

Topical gel for problem skin Blue Herbal Spot Treatment, Kiehls

I fought with rashes for a long time using the old proven method: salicylic acid + zinc ointment. For this she was harshly reprimanded by my beautician. In the 21st century, beauty editors shouldn’t ignore the achievements of modern cosmeceuticals. After another phototherapy, I was sent home with Kiehl’s topical gel. This is my SOS-means, without which the world is no longer lovely. The main component is salicylic acid, which dries out inflammation well, coping with the problem overnight. The main rule is to apply the gel locally, in a thin layer, so as not to dry the skin (you will see white stains at the place of use). I also love it for its matting effect: even if the trace of inflammation has not completely disappeared, it is much easier to hide it with toning agents.

Price: 1500 rub.

Soft exfoliant gel UltraGentle Exfoliating Gel, Ultraceuticals

Salicylic and lactic acids are ideal ingredients for oily skin. They delicately cleanse pores, remove dead skin particles, dust and dirt. These two key ingredients are found in Ultra-Gentle Exfoliating Gel, Ultraceuticals. Additional components: eucalyptus oil, bisabolol, allantoin, glycerin. The gel gently and delicately removes impurities, leaving the skin smoother and smoother. I use it 2-3 times a week. Sometimes I just apply it like a mask, hold it for 15 minutes and rinse it off with warm water, lightly massaging it. Unlike most peels, this product can be used all year round without fear of pigmentation.

Price: 4 950 rub