O skin rashes, enlarged pores and the consequences of self-medication for acne BeautyHack editorial assistant Arina Zarudko knows everything. Based on her own experience of dealing with these problems, she shares the simple rules to follow to improve the condition of the skin.

Arina Zarudko

Arina Zarudko

assistant BeautyHack

Skin problems are always a number of causes, which can be understood and eliminated by the intervention of doctors and proper care. I have consulted a dermatologist, cosmetologist, endocrinologist more than once, but I never received an intelligible explanation of what was wrong with my skin. My thyroid gland is all right, the test results are good, there is no allergy. I drank antibiotics, cleaned regularly, used expensive ointments – all to no avail. I cannot say that I am a victim of a serious form of acne, but the problem did not stop tormenting me for a long time.

In adolescence, skin problems are caused by hormonal changes, but it is at this time that our self-esteem is formed, and many adolescents suffer from a misunderstanding: “Why is something wrong with me? Why does someone have beautiful, clean skin, and I am covered with pimples? ” It also affected me, although I was not “covered with acne”: yes, some inflammation appeared from time to time, but it was not critical. Everyone assured me that it would pass with age, but – oh, if only! (Look for myths and truths about problem skin here).

Rashes come to me in the PMS, and I have not completely got rid of them, I received a bonus and post-acne – the result of my battles. However, over the years of the war, I have developed certain strategies. As usual, through trial and error, I came to some habits that every day help me get rid of the unfortunate redness.

Of course, everything is individual, and in any case it is necessary to seek the advice of a dermatologist (I hope you are more fortunate than me). Here I propose to pay attention to all the well-known points that I would advise everyone who strives for healthy skin to take note of.

Drink as much water as possible

Yes, it’s trite. Yes, everyone knows about the benefits of water, but, as it turns out, only in theory. Did you know that it really works in practice? Of course, no one forces you to drink eight glasses of water a day (this is not necessary), but drinking 2-3 glasses a day is a sacred matter. When choosing a drinking regimen, I proceed solely from the characteristics of my body. I simply physically cannot live without water: no wonder, because we are more than half composed of H2O. In the morning I feel wildly dehydrated and cannot start the day without a glass of water. Do you wash your face? So the body also needs a contrast shower.

Water helps to remove toxins and toxins that enter your body every day, and as you know, everything inside is reflected on the shell. By adjusting your drinking regimen, you will notice how you begin to feel better: your metabolism will accelerate, your performance will improve, and your skin will of course thank you.

Use clean towels and pillowcases

This is as important as possible! Towels need to be changed 1-2 times a week, bed linen – once every 1-2 weeks. It is with these things that your face comes into contact most often, so they must be clean and ironed (iron steam kills bacteria). This rule is relevant for absolutely everyone – your health depends on hygiene.

Clean your makeup brushes regularly

Makeup brushes should be washed at least once a week! I wash it 2 times with regular soap. I chose certain days and made this rule immutable. Dirty brushes and sponges are breeding grounds for bacteria that cause redness and breakouts. I would advise you to wash at least the foundation and powder brushes every day: after all, we use them on the “naked” face (for the rules for caring for brushes, see link).

Get enough sleep and eat a healthy diet

I am far from being an adherent of proper nutrition, and it is possible that this is the root of all evil. I will never give up sweets, but I have learned to minimize its consumption. There are days when you really want to eat a chocolate bar at a time – and it is better to eat than to feel emotional devastation. But it should be understood that the consumption of sweets in huge quantities does not lead to anything good: these are extra pounds, and premature aging, and dental problems, and skin problems.

I eat sweets in moderation, try not to overeat, as if this is my last day on earth. I redeem my gluttony with a love of healthy food, especially those high in fiber and Omega-3: broccoli, red fish, avocado, flaxseeds (add to salads). Everything should be in moderation – you can’t be fanatical about food, just like you can’t overload your stomach with fast food every single day. A priori, there should be more healthy food in our diet (about which foods fight acne, we wrote here).

Sleep is the number one panacea. If a person gets enough sleep, the body works correctly, but if not, wait for trouble. Previously, the word “regime” only echoed in my mind as an echo of something impossible. Yes, and you think, I’ll sleep for an hour less, but I’ll do more work! Sleep is difficult to overestimate, it is simply necessary for good health and mood. Agree that even your complexion is healthier when you sleep as much as your body needs. I sleep an average of 7-8 hours, on weekends – 10, and this is my minimum for a more or less normal state. I taught myself to fall asleep before midnight, and for this my body is grateful to me.

Take care of your skin wisely

Of course, without quality care, there can be no question of beautiful skin. I follow a few rules.

Firstly, always (!), No matter how tired and tortured I am, I cleanse my skin. Including in the morning. I wash off the makeup with micellar water and cleanse the skin with a gel, and add a light scrub twice a week. In the morning I prefer foam, it delicately cleanses the skin and prepares it for further stages of care.

Secondly, I use lotion before applying the serum and cream. This is important when it comes to problem skin. Do not torment her with “vigorous” lotions containing alcohol: they are very dry and do not help to solve the problem. Personally, I prefer the “light” options that soothe the skin. They usually contain herbal extracts.

Thirdly, I use serums with vitamin C. How is vitamin C good for problem skin? It’s a powerful antioxidant! It brightens the skin, evens out tone and fights inflammation.

I also taught myself to use masks: cleansing, soothing and moisturizing. I love masks based on clay, charcoal, with essential oils and fruit extracts (what kind of cleansing masks and serums the cosmetologist advises – read here).

And another life hack for the same “spotted” ones like me, and suffering from post-acne – do not neglect the pharmacy. For example, when I am at home all day, I apply zinc ointment to problem areas, and sometimes I wipe my face with a mixture of essential oils: bergamot, lavender and rosemary.

Text: Arina Zarudko

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