9 September 2021

ART-objects on nails, “duck” shape, sloppy manicure and three more beauty taboos.

Volumetric art on nails

The network is full of collections of manicure on the topic “how not to do it.” The predominant part of the options is the fantasies of masters and their clients around the world, associated with succulents, voluminous figures and even tufts of hair on the nail plate. But even if you close your eyes to such ingenious ideas, you can see trending catwalk stories that will be inappropriate in real life. For example, you can safely include soft pom-poms and pearls on the nail plate in the list of antitrend manicure 2018-2019. One detail is cute, and the whole nail, sealed with white balls, is doubtful and not comfortable.

Unkempt nails

Another technique that fashion shows dictate to us. Back in 2016, models from the Hood by Air brand walked the catwalk with deliberately dirty nails. In 2018, no one dared to make such experiments, but BeautyHack still found anti-trends in manicure: chipped varnish or carelessly painted nail plate (or part of it). If on the podium such a manicure maintains a coherent image, then it will be difficult to achieve this in life.

Sloppy art

And another variation of the art as a reminder that you should be careful with this hobby. Firstly, focusing on the nails with the help of drawings and prints, make sure that the nail plate and the skin around it are well-groomed (what exactly needs to be done, read here). Secondly, there is a certain category of abstract drawings, looking at which, it is difficult to understand: something went wrong, or is it the author’s idea?

Long pointed nails

Manicure, which was very popular a few years ago, is slowing down. If you want to keep the length and your nails look healthy, grow well and do not need professional correction, you do not need to increase them additionally. The intricate design on these nails looks intimidating. And one more beauty hack: if you are still used to wearing long nails and love bright colors, ask the master to make the thinnest possible coating of gel polish (the thinner the layer, the more natural the manicure looks).

Letters on the nails

The reception was relevant last year, in 2019 it got into anti-trends in manicure. But here the point is in moderation and appropriateness: one letter on the background of a varnish of a watercolor shade (or coral by Pantone) can look interesting, and the alphabet on each nail is either a hint of a specific taste, or an attachment to subcultures. If you do not consider yourself to any of them, then you should not try.

Duck nail

This is not just an anti-trend, it is something that should not be done under any circumstances! However, the internet is full of all sorts of variations, from the trapezoidal jacket to the nails that resemble tennis caps.