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TEyeshadow with cocoa powder in the composition, eye contouring palette and other findings of the editor-in-chief of BeautyHack Karina Andreeva@kandreevaa

Karina Andreeva

Karina Andreeva

Chief Editor of BeautyHack

When I leave somewhere and start putting together my cosmetic bag, most often the difficulties of choice relate to the palettes of shadows: I want to take everything at once. Each one is special for me. As a rule, I end up leaving with at least two. And to the question from those traveling with me “Why do you need TWO palettes?” I answer with surprised and flapping eyes: “How else? In one I like this violet shade with a shimmer, in the other – a matte black, unlike anything else. ” And in the end, a couple of times, but I will use each one on the trip. Eye makeup, as a rule, is the main accent in my look, so I really love to experiment with color combinations. And how – I’ll tell you below!

Shadows for century Distortion Eyeshadow Palette, Urban Decay

A selection of shadows cannot do without the Urban Decay palette. This is a real holiday: an updated palette with interesting shades, an original case and, as always, wonderful quality – a delight! I brought it from New York in February of this year and since then I take it with me on almost every trip. The Distortions palette contains 10 colors + 5 transforming shades (white pigments with various special effects). Use all your imagination and come up with interesting combinations.

I like this trick: I take the Mind Game with a brush slightly dipped in water, so the color turns out to be pinkish. I blend Shag as a lower eyeliner. For dark brown eyes, I recommend trying another such option: shade matte black Blackout on the moving eyelid, and apply purple Rogue on top of it. The result is a smokey with a subtle shimmering effect. An alternative to Rouge can be rich shades with Velvet, Srash Ralk, Shag, First Offense shimmer – they perfectly “fit” on matte black and make the look more expressive. Light Mind Game and Blur can be safely applied under the eyebrow and used instead of a highlighter. But these are all my experiments, and for beginners in makeup, special lines are drawn in the palette that show how you can combine shades with each other.

Price: 4 200 rubles.

Palette eyeshadow Chocolate, Too Faced

No, no, this is not a real bar of chocolate, but a trendy and stylish palette of eyeshadow Chocolate Bar Too Faced. But the cocoa powder in the composition is real!

And now about the shadows – why do I love them?

1) For 16 shades. Pale pink, cream, bronze, coffee, purple, gold and 10 more different ones – with them you can create any makeup for every eye color. Daytime nude or evening smoky – everything is possible with this palette.

2) For easy application, good durability and excellent shading. Despite the fact that the shadows are dry, they last up to 5-6 hours on the eyelids (after that I renew for intensity, if necessary). I usually apply with makeup brushes, but if suddenly I’m in a hurry and there is nothing on my hand, I can quickly fill the pigment on the eyelid with the pads of my fingers – and it still turns out neatly.

3) For the aroma of chocolate, of course. The smell is incredible!

4) For the original, but lightweight packaging.

Finally, I’ll tell you about what shades I most often use for my dark brown (or even black) eyes.

I use a pale pink with Champagne Truffle shimmer as a highlighter and often apply under the eyebrow. I can also distribute it on the moving eyelid, and add a dark one to the outer corners of the eyes (for example, brown Gilded Ganache, Triple Fudge, Haute Chocolate).

Shades ideal for solo use are Marzipan, Strawberry Bob Bon, Canded Violet, Black Forest Truffle, Amaretto.

I often use the following colors for the lower eyeliner: Creme Brûlée, Semi-Sweet, Hazelnut.

In addition to the palette, there is a branded Glamor Guide, where you can find three already created looks. Get inspired!

You can buy a palette and other means of the brand, which came to Russia last year, in the Ile de Beaute or Sephora chain of stores.

Price: 3 500 rub.

Palette Chocolate Gold, Too Faced

And this is an updated version of the previous palette: the spoiler did not disappoint. When I lifted the “chocolate” lid, there was a feeling that I was opening a treasure chest – the shadows sparkled so brightly. Chocolate Gold, New Money fuchsia, Money Bags green are the three shades I like to solo in Express Mode. In more complex makeup, they will add bright accents. The palette also contains matte shades: Cocoa Truffle, Decadent, Rollin ‘in Dough, So Boujee. In the photo I use the shimmery Rich Girl, adding Holla For A Dolla to the outer corners of the eyes.

One of my options for an evening look: I apply New Money to the entire movable eyelid, in the outer corners of the eye I shade black Decadent (it is important to shade carefully, it takes time), purple Livin ‘Lavish in the fold for a smooth transition, in the inner corners of the eye I distribute “Shining nude” Rich Girl, under the eyebrow – Drippin ‘Diamonds, and emphasize the lower eyelash contour with a shade of Holla For A Dolla. The kit includes an instruction, which also offers two makeup options. An interesting fact – the eyeshadow contains natural gold and cocoa. They are washed off in a couple of movements with one make-up remover napkin (I told about my favorites here), while holding on quite firmly.

Price: 3 600 rub.

Palette shadows for century Rose Gold Remastered, Huda Beauty

Instagram makeup artist and beauty blogger Huda Kattan is followed by over 27 million subscribers. Hooda grew up in the American state of Massachusetts, was educated as a financier, but later moved to Dubai, and took up her beauty blog and makeup artist career. Today, she not only creates makeup for Hollywood stars and for the wives of Arab sheikhs and useful make-up videos, but also produces her own cosmetics, known all over the world.

Delight! The palette contains as many as 18 shades: with shimmer and matte, bright and calm, light and dark. With such a palette, you can create both light daytime makeup in the nude range and evening smokey. The shadows are perfectly shaded, perfectly layered on top of each other and hold firmly. For my brown eyes, I mostly use Moon Dust, Pink Diamond or Bubbly shades – I apply it solo and sometimes combine it with a black arrow for daytime makeup. And if my plans are smokey, pink shades of the palette and the charcoal black Black Truffle are used.

Price: 4 995 rub

Palette Back Talk, Urban Decay

I think many people are familiar with this situation when you need to leave the airport upon arrival not with a swollen face and bruises under your eyes, but almost “to the ball” (those who often fly on business trips, where every hour is scheduled upon arrival – take note ). The new Urban Decay will save a lot of space in your bag: it consists of eight shades of eyeshadow (there are both nude and bright) and four pigments for the face (two highlighters and two blush).

Shades 3Sheets (soft pink), Bare (soft beige with shimmer), Curve (ash rose color, also with shimmer) I use solo – when I need to distribute the product on the eyelids on the run (fortunately, they are shaded perfectly). Shade (purple with glitter), Attitude (fiery with shimmer), WTF (matte brown) and 180 (dark brown with shimmer) – such bright and saturated colors are enough for unusual eye makeup. My favorite technique is to apply Curve to the entire movable eyelid and create a fiery haze at the outer corners with Attitude, emphasize the mucous membrane with a 180th, and distribute the PartyFoul highlighter under the eyebrow.

Now let’s talk about pigments for the face. I really liked the cold pink Cheap Shot – it gives a blush, like after an hour’s walk in the winter forest. But Double Take is warmer, ideally accentuates your tan. There are two highlighters in the palette – Low Key (peach) and Party Foul (cold pink). Persistent, do not crumble, are applied “on the run” (in our case – “on the fly” :)) – great! And the set includes a mirror, which is magnetically attached to the palette. It is convenient to detach it so as not to keep the whole package hanging on the weight during the make-up process. The novelty is thought out to the smallest detail – now it is my irreplaceable travel companion.

Price: 3 950 rub.

Eyeshadow palette ShapeandLight, KatVonD

This year, the brand, together with the Sephora chain of stores, came to Russia. Katherine von Drachenberg – or simply Kat von Dee – once tattooed friends after dropping out of school, without even dreaming of her own brand. After writing two books about her hobby and opening her own tattoo parlor, she thought – why not found her own beauty empire? And she did it great: the brand has existed for more than ten years!

The first thing I did was to get my hands on an eyeshadow palette. But she is the most unusual – not just for makeup, but for contouring the eyes! The set includes instructions on how to visually raise the outer corners of the eyes, how to properly emphasize the lash line, how to visually change the shape and how to make the look deeper. I especially liked matte black (ideal for smoky) and gray (I would even say, a shade of asphalt color, sometimes I use it solo or combine it with a black graphic arrow). The eyeshadow blends beautifully and gives a matte finish.

Price: 3 440 rub.

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Text: Karina Andreeva