9 September 2021

It-girl, mom and founder of Ai❤Lab Isa Anokhina told that it will help get rid of dark circles under the eyes, for which she loves the Elemis cooling serum and why do you need fondant tree oil.

Isa Anokhina

Isa Anokhina

Founder of Ai❤Lab. Rap singer

“I just love life in Bali. You look much better on the island than in the metropolis. But I devote a lot of time to caring – under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, the skin ages quickly. The morning starts with exercises for the face. And only after that comes the turn of creams and masks. “

Anne Semonin Instant Radiance Ice Cubes

Ice cubes in the morning against edema are a beauty hack that our mothers and grandmothers also used. And it really works. Today, it is not necessary to spend time preparing herbal decoctions and freezing them. Anne Semonin’s lab specialists did it for us. Ice cubes based on tephrosia purple instantly “erase” signs of fatigue and remove dark circles under the eyes. Additional ingredients include red algae, which increase skin elasticity, azelaic acid, which regulates the secretion of the sebaceous glands, and sea water.

Price: 6 376 rub.

Moisturizing serum Hydra Boost Serum, Elemis

British brand Elemis is a champion in the content of natural ingredients with high antioxidant activity. They help fight free radicals, protecting against photoaging: this is what you need in the active sun. The consistency of the serum is more like a liquid cream – it is quite nutritious. It contains many oils and plant extracts: prinsepia oil, myrtle extract, hyaluronic acid, polysaccharides. The product is quickly absorbed and copes well with dryness.

Price: 5 070 rub.

Hydrogel patches Black Pearl & Gold Hydrogel Eye-Spot Patch, Petitfee

When the days are eventful and I don’t sleep much, it’s time for Petitfee eye patches. Helps get rid of signs of fatigue in 10 minutes. The package contains 60 pieces – enough for a month. It contains the natural gelling agent Amorphophallus Konjac Root with excellent moisturizing properties. It forms a matrix on the skin surface that prevents moisture loss. Read about the available means used by the stars. here

Price: about 900 rubles.

Fondant tree oil StBarth

I don’t know how I used to do without St. Barth! It protects the skin from UVB / UVA rays and accelerates the tanning process. Last year, the brand presented an updated composition, increasing the protection to six, which is a lot for a natural product without physical and chemical filters. The oil allows you to get an even, beautiful tan, make the skin soft and velvety. Are there lucky women going on vacation? Take note!

Price: 5 480 rub.

Gel for washing Sebium Gel Moussant Purifiat, Bioderma

It is very soft and perfectly cleanses without tightening the skin. Perfect for owners of oily and combined types. The product is hypoallergenic, does not contain alcohol, alkali and does not violate the hydrolipid barrier. You will find zinc in the composition – it copes well with rashes. Contains fruit acids and mild cleansing ingredients.

Price: 1 100 rub.

Multifunctional spray for styling Shimmer Shine, Kevin.Murphy

I love the multifunctional spray Kevin.Murphy Shimmer Shine – nowhere without it! The product provides incredible shine, leaving hair manageable and soft. It is versatile: you can use it to make both a careless bun and a ponytail. Spray on hair before blow-drying or after, to fix it slightly and at the same time maintain mobility.

Price: 2 570 rub

Dry shampoo No Fuss Fabulouness Dry Shampoo, Percy & Reed

In my opinion, an irreplaceable thing for life in a metropolis. Thanks to it, hair looks fresh, clean and shiny. Does not dry out the scalp, helping to increase the time between shampoos. The formula contains an ultrafine powder that absorbs excess sebum. A separate plus is the additional root volume.

Price: 350 rub.

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