7 popular and effective massages you should know about


Otons of canning techniques that return to the most progressive clinics and salons, to Indian and Egyptian techniques for complete body relaxation.

Cupping massage

“Recently, this procedure has again replenished the list of the most popular types of massages,” notes Lyudmila Nikolenko, massage specialist and cosmetologist at the Osteo Poly Clinic family clinic. This is a semblance of LPG hardware technology. Here, too, the vacuum acts on the skin receptors, which contributes to the destruction of adipose tissue. The undoubted advantages of the procedure are the improvement of lymph flow and blood flow. But she will not cope with cellulite in 100% of cases. “I believe banks will work if you are not significantly overweight. Otherwise, you need to start with nutrition. If you are in good shape, but want to remove looseness, then you can try can massage – after five sessions you will see the result. Based on my experience, cupping massage is more effective for muscle clamps, ”explains Lyudmila.

But at home, the procedure is definitely not worth doing. It is necessary to correctly and carefully drive the cans over the skin. And this is difficult to do on your own, since you need to work with the hips and buttocks. Even a specialist can hardly massage himself – the hand must be placed in a special way.

In all cases, do not forget about contraindications. Among them are problems with blood vessels (only gentle massage techniques are suitable) and hypersensitivity.

Myofascial massage

“I love myofascial massage, which is even called an alternative to circular tightening,” says Lyudmila Nikolenko. The peculiarity of this massage consists in the effect not on the muscles, but on the fascia – their “shell”. This allows you to achieve complete relaxation (especially if a person has clamps, tightness, pain) and work out tired dry skin of the face to improve its tone.

According to Lyudmila, if you choose body massage, it is better not to limit yourself to the collar zone: “I always massage from the coccyx to the first cervical vertebra of the atlas, work out the entire back area, then turn the patient around and work with the collar and chest zones. It is this kind of massage that will be effective, because the specialist covers a huge area. ”

Craniosocral massage

“There are many indications for this technique: from disorders of cerebral circulation and frequent headaches to problems with the spine,” explains Marina Belyaeva, osteopath, manual therapist of the Daviani Beauty Center. Blood carries oxygen to our cells, and when it reaches its destination, metabolic processes take place. If blood flow is normalized, venous outflow will improve, sleep will normalize and migraines will pass.

At the same time, the head, neck and sacrum are being worked out – a single craniosocral system.

The brain and spinal cord are in many ways connected, and such a massage can bring the whole body back to normal. There is no need to be afraid of painful sensations: this is a soft technique without unnecessary pressure and frightening “clicks” of the joints. Therefore, it can be used even when performing baby massage (for more details, see link).

Integral massage

A very popular and relatively new type of massage that combines soft manual, myofascial and osteopathic techniques. Accordingly, several problems are solved at once: muscle pain, problems with the spine, irritability and just a bad mood.

Such a massage is performed for at least an hour and a half, and the master first decides which techniques to combine. Very often, visceral abdominal massage or kinesiological massage is performed additionally – it allows you to explore the muscles, eliminating the root causes of pain and clamps. In Moscow, it is also performed at the Daviani Center, for example.

Indian massage

The Indian (aka – Ayurvedic) technique is especially useful for the feet. This part of the body reflects all areas of our body: for example, working out the fingertips affects the head, heels – the pelvic area. That is, biologically active points are massaged again, and the rest already depends on the personal recommendations of the masseur – sticks, pebbles, and cans are used.

In addition to the feet, the shoulder and cervical region, the thoracic back (recommended for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle and suffer from poor posture), as well as the scalp are massaged. In the latter case, the technique will help relieve stress and fatigue, relieve insomnia and even prevent hair loss.

Egyptian massage with herbal bags

The oldest technique is ideal for relaxing and warming up muscles. In the process, warm oil is used, and the technique itself is performed along the channels: along the back and spine. They are also called “channels of three heaters” – they carry energy to the periphery and to the internal organs.

During the massage, both muscle and energy blocks are removed, and working with herbal sacs further improves blood flow. Inside there is a medicinal herbal collection, and they work like a compress: they improve blood flow and help fight pain and clamps. I always recommend this technique to office workers (it is generally better for them to go for a massage every week) and especially in the cold season – it cheers up!

Buccal massage

Lyudmila Nikolenko honestly says that buccal massage is an amateur pleasure. “It was very popular for a while, but not everyone likes that it is done inside the mouth.” Plus, during the session, the masseur also works with the skin of the face – and it is important that he strictly follows the rules of hygiene. Otherwise, if there are rashes on the face, the situation can be aggravated. The effectiveness of this type of massage is based on the fact that the specialist grasps the muscle from both sides, gets where it is impossible to reach with the help of classical techniques.

Special correspondent of BeautyHack Marina Syutaeva tried buccal massage at the Tevoli beauty salon on Tverskoy Boulevard. The verdict is specific: “The skin is dense and unusually tight, and the contours just jumped up, I physically feel how they resist the force of gravity. My cheeks ache when I smile or touch them with my hands. But the result that I saw the next morning finished me off. After looking in the mirror after sleeping, I rubbed my eyes a couple of times: the skin tone was even. That is, ab-so-lut-no. Delicate, with a pinkish highlight on the cheeks. The last time I saw this in my student years, that is, three hundred years ago. But the muscles ached, as if after a good workout “(for more details about the procedure itself and more Marina’s impressions, see link).