8 useful beauty travel tips from BeautyHack editors


TOHow to collect a travel cosmetic bag, what to buy in Europe and the USA, and why do you need your own hairdryer when traveling?

Separate cosmetic bag for the plane (especially if you have a long flight)

Like a real beautygolic, I go on board the plane without any care products or makeup (even if the flight lasts less than two or three hours). My friends often laugh, because I have three cosmetic bags: with decorative cosmetics, with care and the third – “airplane”. But usually at the check-in desk you can see me without makeup, and if the flight is early – then still sleepy and with bruises under my eyes. If upon arrival I go to the hotel, the thought of “putting on makeup” does not arise: I just make a moisturizing mask or use thermal or grape water. One of my favorites is Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir. I remember the first time I tried the remedy – for one effect of “aromatherapy” this water can be given a solid five. But the wonderful smell is not its only advantage. The product moisturizes and refreshes the skin and replaces thermal water. It contains notes of benzoin and myrrh, a soothing extract of orange blossom, grape and rose flowers that give the skin a radiance, essential oil of rosemary, known for its firming properties, as well as a toning essence of lemon balm and mint. I take the mini version (30 ml) with me on the plane – it takes up little space, soothes and refreshes the skin.

Wear masks when flying

Without proper care, dryness and flaking are treacherously found on the skin immediately after flight. Therefore, I begin to revive my skin on board – I make a Bamboo Shot mask from Erborian. Yes, yes, I am one of those crazy people who are engaged in skin care during long flights (and also scares / laughs the stewardesses passing by and the people sitting next to them, but oh well!). I have dry skin, and such flights are real stress for her. I liked the Bamboo Shot Mask because:

1) Does not slip during use, but adheres tightly to the skin;

2) Works in 15 minutes (and no need to wait for any 30-40);

3) It moisturizes well (contains bamboo extract) and refreshes (I slept for three hours, I could not sleep during the flight: hello, sos-remedy, save me so that I do not frighten passers-by with my dark panda circles under my eyes);

4) Prepares the skin for make-up (the foundation, which I applied immediately after the mask, did not roll, but lay in an even layer).

The smell is herbal, but unobtrusive.

Nice hairdryer for the trip

“All hotels have hairdryers – why take with you?” – they often ask me. But there is no such thing as Dyson Supersonic anywhere. So here’s some bad advice from an experienced traveler: don’t skimp on a hair dryer! In general, this hairdryer saved me a lot both time and space: time – because the drying process takes a record 7-10 minutes for my long hair. The place – because you didn’t need other styling tools, including gadgets (before, I often took either a curling iron or an iron, or even all two!). I’m talking about a hairdryer!

Firstly, it immediately attracts attention with its unusual shape: for me it is like an iPhone among hairdryers – unlike anything else.

The hair dryer creates a powerful directional airflow at an angle of 20 degrees, prevents hair damage due to overheating thanks to an intelligent temperature control system (continuously monitors and regulates the temperature of the supplied air, taking 20 measurements per second). Most existing hair dryers have a motor located at the head of the device, and this leads to imbalance and, as a result, to fatigue in the hand. The new engine was compact, so the engineers were able to position it in the handle, which improved the balance of the device in the hands. That is why it feels lighter than others.

Dyson Supersonic has four air heating modes, three flow modes and a cold air mode for fixing styling. In the kit I found three patented magnetic attachments, which are easily fixed, do not overheat and allow you to make completely different styling.

With the Smoothing nozzle, I dry my hair and straighten it at the same time, and use the diffuser to create messy waves. Separately, I would like to note that the Dyson Supersonic is much quieter than other hair dryers: by equipping the engine impeller with 13 blades instead of the usual 11, Dyson engineers achieved a sound frequency that is not perceived by the human ear. And since the engine is compact, in the handle it was possible to surround it with additional elements of the soundproofing system.

Yulia Kozoliy

Yulia Kozoliy

BeautyHack editor

Plan your beauty shopping in advance

I love travel planning. I do it for a long time and with all my heart, but then I walk along the proven routes, I go only to the right places and I am almost never disappointed. And yes, I also make a shopping list – I don’t like spontaneous shopping. In all new cities, I research both local brands and shops of beauty giants that have not yet reached Russia. Let’s be more specific: if I were in California right now, I would definitely go to the local Glossier (although I would have to defend an impressive line at the entrance), then according to the plan – Neutrogena (both advised Special correspondent of BeautyHack Sasha Grishina). In Europe and the USA, have time to order Gisou funds directly to the hotel (alas, they do not deliver to Russia yet, but the dream of having hair perfume from Negin Mirsalehi shouldn’t hold back any shipping rules). We talked about what to bring from Israel here, from Spain – here, but read about excellent French beauty products here

Compact palettes

On vacation, I practically do not put on makeup – I just emphasize the tan with light natural shining shades and refresh the look with blush. Therefore, instead of collecting a set of tools, I take one palette – Invisible Illumination by Lumene. The two shades of highlighter blend perfectly together, creating a natural glow on the skin from the inside (but the shades also look great on solo cheekbones).

The blush in the package seems bright, but on the apples of the cheeks the shade becomes very delicate (and if you have already sunburned, feel free to layer the product – it will not roll or “leak” into the chin area even in +30 heat).

The products have a pleasant creamy texture, and they contain an arctic cloudberry extract, which additionally moisturizes the skin (on a beach vacation, when the skin suffers from sand, sun and salty sea – this is especially important).

Anya Sherstneva

Anya Sherstneva

Senior Editor BeautyHack

Multifunctional beauty products

I always take multifunctional products on my travels to make my cosmetic bag compact. For example, instead of a hair conditioner, I only put a mask in my suitcase. It is enough to restore my hair after walking in the sun. And also (just shhh!) It can be used as a shaving aid. For travel, I love the Aussi masks: they moisturize and soften the hair well, and are also available in mini sizes.

From decorative cosmetics for eye makeup, I only need pencils. A couple of neutral shades and a couple of bright ones, if you want to do rich makeup (we talked about the best here). Pencils and sticks can replace both foundation and lipstick. The cosmetic bag will be much smaller!

Sofia Vorobyova

Sofia Vorobyova

BeautyHack editor

Don’t forget about insurance!

I give simple but practical advice to travelers. The first is insurance. The case when it is better to overpay and not take advantage than to get into a stressful situation in an unfamiliar country.

I always take care or toning with SPF with me, even if I’m not going to the sea. Read about the best foundations with sunscreen here… When traveling, it is important for me to use waterproof cosmetics: I want to always look good, regardless of temperature and weather conditions. Favorite mascara – False Lashes Waterproof from MAC In the kit which should, of course, come with hydrophilic oil – there is no other way to wash it off!

Natalia Kapitsa

Natalia Kapitsa

BeautyHack editor

Take a refreshing facial toner when traveling (especially if you have oily skin)

The higher the thermometer, the more active the fight against enlarged pores is. Since the beginning of spring I have been using Chanel’s Fresh Mattifying Toner Purity + Anti-Pollution. I wipe my face morning and evening. And I’m going to get the second bottle for the trip. No, this is not a novelty, but a bestseller of the brand and a godsend for those who suffer from hypersecretion of the sebaceous glands. The tonic perfectly cleanses, without overdrying or irritating the skin, tones up and dries up small rashes. I think Chanel’s Fresh Mattifying Toner Purity + Anti-Pollution will take root even among owners of normal and combination skin types – the product is delicate and gentle, without a pungent odor and aggressive ingredients.