9 September 2021

Vizagist Christina Novikova answers the most common questions about bronzers and advises your favorite remedies from your case.

Christina Novikova

Christina Novikova

makeup artist, creator of the Novikova Studio makeup school

What tasks does a bronzer solve?

With the help of a bronzer, you can achieve a beautiful tan, hide the redness of the skin on the face and get rid of the tired look. It all depends on the texture of the product and the specific shade. For example, with a liquid bronzer in gel format, you can create radiant skin from within – “highlight” the foundation. I advise you to be careful with pencils – because of the dense texture that requires careful shading, not every makeup artist can handle them. I fix my makeup with a powdery bronzer.

How to choose a bronzer shade?

You need to choose a bronzer depending on what task you will solve with it. The product can be used as a blush, sculptor, mixed with powder and applied to the face.

For light pink skin, peach shades are good. A beige and brown bronzer is suitable for darker skin tones. Dark skin requires brown bronzers with a red undertone.

For skin with olive undertones, warm colors work well. And if there is redness on it, they can be neutralized with a golden tint.

My favorite bronzers are made by Becca and Tom Ford. They look incredible on the skin, creating a delicate glow. And they are also presented in a large number of shades – it is impossible to make a mistake with the choice of color.

Bronzing powder Sunlit Bronzer, 2 344 RUB., Becca
Fluid Bronzing Gel, 2 653 RUB., Tom Ford
Bronzing powder Bronzing Powder, 5 306 RUB., Tom Ford

How to apply bronzer correctly?

I apply bronzer to the back of my hand first to warm it up. Then I distribute the product on the skin with a fluffy, densely packed brush, use a beauty blender if necessary.

With a dark-colored bronzer, you can sculpt, narrow the cheekbones, nose, chin (but you need the skills to create such a make-up). Peach shades can be mixed with blush and applied to the apples of the cheeks.

What mistakes in using bronzers do you most often notice on girls?

Very often the wrong shades are chosen. Girls with fair skin apply red products, giving it a carrot color.

An important point: bronzers need to be shaded very carefully, otherwise the face will seem dirty. I do not recommend applying bronzer on problem skin – not being a professional, you will further accentuate the unevenness.