9 September 2021

Ofrom the sparkling summer scent of Dolce & Gabbana to the rejuvenating elixir in ampoules and wonder masks of an unusually bright color that erases traces of fatigue. BeautyHack editors have collected the best beauty novelties of this week and delivered their honest verdict.

Dressing water Light Blue Sun Pour Femme, Dolce & Gabbana

In the next couple of months, you have summer in the city, and your vacation is planned only at the end of August? No problem! We know which perfume will mentally take you to the seashore. The novelty of Dolce & Gabbana was tested by the chief editor of BeautyHack Karina Andreeva. “How I love fruit and flower arrangements: for me it is a breath of fresh air in the middle of a hot summer in the city. The novelty is inspired by a summer romance on the beautiful island of Capri. Warm aroma with notes of tart Italian lemon and juicy Granny Smith apple is complemented by coconut water, jasmine, white rose, amber, cedar and white musk. Chords of bourbon vanilla add sweetness to the sound. Intoxicating, sunny and sensual – you just want to apply it over and over again! “

Price for 100 ml: 6 650 rubles.

Air micellar gel for removing makeup with plant extracts, collagen and elastin Micell Collagen Gel, Mixit

“I have oily skin, so I usually wash off my makeup in several stages – first I dissolve the cosmetics with hydrophilic oil, and then I wash my face using mousse or foam,” says Daria Mironova, a special correspondent for Beautyhack. “This product is declared by the manufacturer as an alternative to micellar water, which can be applied with a cotton pad and not washed off.” The new product from Mixit contains a complex of collagen and elastin for elasticity and smoothness of the skin, as well as D-panthenol to soften and nourish it. “I applied the gel to the skin with my hands,” Dasha continues, “massaged it and washed it off with water. This novelty suited me perfectly – it removes tone well, any dense concealer, blush and eyebrow gel. I did not wash off mascara and eyeshadow with this gel, because I use special products for the skin around the eyes. But the best thing about this gel is that after washing the skin is not tightened or overdried, which is especially important for oily, otherwise it will start to defend itself and become even more problematic. “

Price: 595 rub

Moisturizing butter Moisturizing Restoring Face Oil, Egia

“Facial massage with oil is my constant beauty ritual, which I do twice a week,” says BeautyHack editorial assistant Arina Zarudko. – My new love is oil from Egia. If you have oily skin and you still hesitate to try the face oil, I advise you to start your acquaintance with this remedy with the new product from Egia “(5 best face oils look for here).

The texture of the oil is light, the product is quickly absorbed without leaving any greasy residue. Therefore, the product can also be used as day care. A complex of natural oils of argan, olive and sweet almond provides hydration and active nourishment of the skin. The oil also contains rosemary extract, which soothes the skin and fights inflammation. Well, where without vitamin C! “If I see this component in the composition, mentally put a tick,” continues Arina. This oil is suitable for all skin types. It not only softens it, but also tightens, improves complexion, and also protects against the negative effects of the environment. The dropper used to apply the product makes it difficult to apply too much oil. Before applying a few drops of oil, you need to warm it up in your palms, and then distribute the product along the massage lines. The oil does not leave behind a greasy feeling, does not have any fragrances, and it can also be combined with your favorite cream or used as an independent product.

Price: 3 300 rub.

Makeup brushes CLASSIC, Sephora

The Sephora brand never ceases to amaze us – this time it has presented an eco-friendly range of makeup brushes that will appeal to even vegans. The nap of the brushes is made of soft synthetics, and the base itself is made of lightweight aluminum. “Brush 01 is ideal for applying tone,” says Daria Mironova, a special correspondent for BeautyHack. “It has an oval cut and a fairly dense padding. This brush is convenient for applying liquid foundation, distributing concealer, or spotting makeup. Brush No. 10 is designed for applying and blending shadows – unlike the first, it has a short bristle, which makes it convenient to use a brush with color and control the intensity of its application to achieve the desired effect. “

All brushes from the CLASSIC collection are packaged in eco-friendly paper boxes from renewable forests and even signed with a special plant-based ink.

Price: 690 rub. for one brush

Gentle Cleansing Conditioner Flawless, Macadamia Natural Oil

Macadamia Natural Oil’s unique Flawless hair care product can replace multiple products at once!

“I have curly and slightly bleached hair, so I try to take good care of it,” says Anya Sherstneva, senior editor at BeautyHack. – This tool has become a real find for me – now the shelf in my bathroom does not resemble a cosmetic store. You can use Flawless conditioner in several ways at once: as a shampoo, conditioner and as a leave-in agent – agree, very convenient! “

The unique conditioner from Macadamia Natural Oil is enriched with argan oil and macadamia oil, so it not only gently cleanses the hair, but also softens, regenerates, moisturizes and nourishes. It also prepares hair for styling, protects against high temperatures and UV radiation. The conditioner is similar in texture to mousse and is so easy and simple to apply. The mousse does not foam, but as if envelops each hair, therefore instantly softens the strands and gives them a well-groomed look. And one more pleasant bonus: the air conditioner is presented in a convenient 90 ml package, so it is convenient to take it with you on a trip and carry it even in hand luggage.

Price on request

Anti-Inflammation Mattifying Serum Pate Grise Concentre Anti-Imperefections, Payot

The hot season is a difficult time for oily and combination skin: unpleasant shine, enlarged pores and rashes appear. But Payot’s Antibacterial Serum can solve all of these problems with just a few drops.

The serum contains zinc – a natural antibacterial component that quickly relieves inflammation and mattifies the skin, polysaccharides to create a natural skin defense against bacteria and Chilean mint extract – it prevents acne. Also, the product is enriched with glycolic acid, which helps to renew skin cells and improve its microrelief.

The texture of the serum is very light and fluid-like. It can be used locally or applied under the cream in the morning and evening. It also smells good of floral water and jasmine.

Price: 3200 rub.

Vitamin face emulsion “Korean secret”, Avon

“I am passionate about skin care, so I am always looking for new ways to keep it in good condition,” says BeautyHack special correspondent Ana Lipartia. – So in my cosmetic bag there was a vitamin emulsion “Korean secret” from Avon (read about Korean beauty secrets on link) “.

The first thing that attracts in the tool is a spray, thanks to which the emulsion falls on the skin in a weightless cloud. Also, the emulsion has a pleasant floral aroma, but not at all intrusive. The consistency of the product is not sticky and does not leave a greasy film or shine on the skin. “I love that the emulsion moisturizes the skin well and refreshes it instantly,” says Ana. – For me, a big plus of this product is that it is instantly absorbed and does not spread. I apply the emulsion to cleansed skin in the morning and in the evening, and immediately after that I start my usual care. “

Price: 599 rub.

Moisturizing polysensory serum Hydra 24+ Concentre D’Eau, Payot

Moisturizing is an important step in the care of all skin types, so Payot Moisturizing Serum will become an indispensable tool in any cosmetic bag!

The product has a triple effect at once: it moisturizes, fights the first signs of aging and protects the skin from the negative effects of the environment. The serum formula is enriched with fruit extracts that protect the skin from dehydration and regulate its protective functions, red algae extract to improve microcirculation in cells, lotus and lily extracts that soften the skin and restore its elasticity. The serum also contains special water patches – they form a micro-network on the surface of the skin, thereby retaining moisture in the skin cells, and also improve the penetration of active ingredients into the deep layers of the skin.

The serum is light and almost weightless in texture – a transparent, slightly pearlescent gel that spreads easily and is quickly absorbed, instantly leaving the skin fresh and radiant. And the light citrus aroma of the product cheers up.

Price: 4000 rub.

Face Mask with Snail Mucin and OMG 8 Red Plants Extract! Red + Snail Mask, Double Dare

OMG mask! Red + Snail Mask is everything you need for skin care in one small package. The mask is generously infused with essence with snail mucin and extracts of 8 red plants, therefore, instantly returns the skin to a fresh and rested look (10 of the best anti-aging masks you will find here).

“After reading the name of the mask, I immediately thought that the product was interesting and unusual,” says BeautyHack special correspondent Alexandra Grishina, “and I was not mistaken! The mask is made of a fabric base of bright red color – the application process amused my family a lot! “

But the main thing in the mask is that it works effectively. Thanks to snail mucin and plant extracts in its composition, the mask moisturizes dry skin, fights inflammation, and also tones and refreshes. In addition, components such as snail mucus and lemongrass restore firmness and elasticity to aging and tired skin. And the compact packing of the mask is convenient to take with you on trips!

Price: 270 rub

Cream with retinol Perfectionist Pro Rapid Renewal Retinol Treatment, Estee Lauder

The novelty with retinol from Estee Lauder is a real elixir of youth! The product promises to improve the skin’s relief, smooth out its tone, and smooth mimic wrinkles. After just a couple of weeks of use, the skin looks much better – it becomes smoother, more elastic, and its tone evens out. If you continue to use the cream, you will notice a reduction in age spots.

The cream is dense in texture, but quickly absorbed and does not leave an unpleasant film effect on the skin. You need to apply it at night every other day – in the morning the skin will delight you with freshness, smoothness and elasticity. The main thing is to remember that when using a product with retinol during the period of active sun, it is important to apply a cream with a high sun protection factor in the morning, if you do not want to cause additional skin pigmentation.

Price on request

Text: Anya Sherstneva