9 September 2021

Havefirming shampoo with pumpkin extract, face serum with grape water, hydrophilic oil with sea buckthorn oil and other interesting novelties that are worth paying attention to.

Moisturizing serum SOS Vinosource, Caudalie

“I am very pedantic when it comes to skin care,” shares BeautyHack editorial assistant Arina Zarudko. – Even if I’m very tired, I always strictly follow all beauty rituals. I especially love moisturizers that additionally soothe the skin: Caudalie Grape Water Serum is just that. ”

Due to components of natural origin, SOS Vinosource serum actively moisturizes the skin, restores water balance and maintains elasticity. The product has a pleasant, melting texture and a subtle mint aroma combined with notes of grape leaves.

It is necessary to apply the serum before using the cream so that the skin receives additional nutrition and hydration. “I apply the serum with massage movements in the morning and evening,” says Arina. – The product refreshes the face, fights flaking and does not leave a sticky effect. In addition, the serum does not clog pores and is free of parabens and mineral oils. It is ideal for treating dry and dehydrated skin. “

Price: 2 750 rub.

Extreme Moisture Night Cream, Black Pearl

At night, all the most important regenerative processes take place in the skin cells, so proper evening care is especially important. Night Cream Black Pearl “Extreme Moisture” perfectly copes with this task!

The product contains 100% hyaluron – a natural moisturizing ingredient and glacial water that penetrate deep into skin cells and restore its lipid balance.

The cream has a pleasant, non-sticky texture. It is easy to apply and absorbs quickly. Immediately after application, it is noticeable that the product intensively nourishes and moisturizes the skin – it looks denser and more radiant.

With regular use, Extreme Moisture Cream restores optimal skin hydration and soothes it, making it ideal for sensitive skin care and maintenance.

Price: 186 rub

Hydrophilic butter Cleansing Oil Deep Clean, Deep Moist, Huxley

I have never tried hydrophilic oil, – admits BeautyHack editorial assistant Arina Zarudko. – Although in beauty circles I always hear about its magical properties! I am very glad that my acquaintance with hydrophilic oil began with the new Korean brand Huxley. By the way, I also took note of the brand itself – laconic stylish bottles offering remedies for any whim of your skin. ” Huxley Hydrophilic Oil gently removes makeup while moisturizing and nourishing the skin. It also has a delicate aroma with notes of wildflowers.

“I will never tire of confessing my love for oils, and I’m ready to do it again,” says Arina. “Oil-based products saturate the skin with moisture, soften it, make it smoother and more toned.”

Huxley Hydrophilic Oil is based on calendula and a combination of sea buckthorn, prickly pear seed and annatto oils – together they soothe the skin, moisturize it and even out the complexion. You can apply oil with your hands, after warming it up in your palms. “I use the oil as micellar water,” advises Arina. “I put a little on a cotton pad, cleanse my face and wash my face with warm water.”

Price: 3 220 rub.

Moisturizing face cream Premium Hydra B5 Cream, AHC

Enriched with skin-soothing purslane and edelweiss extracts as well as panthenol and hyaluronic acid, AHC Premium Hydra B5 Facial Cream is the ideal care for sensitive and dry skin. “After the first application, my dry skin looked denser and more hydrated,” says Anya Sherstneva, senior editor at BeautyHack. “I have been looking for a remedy for a long time that would help me solve the problem of dryness and tightness, so this cream was perfect for me.”

The cream is almost odorless, but the texture is quite dense and is felt on the face, so it may not suit girls with oily skin. Although it can be used as a night cream, it will definitely cope perfectly with the task of restoring skin at night.

Premium Hydra B5 cream is enclosed in a stylish dark blue glossy jar, which comes with a special spatula – aesthetes will definitely appreciate it!

Price: RUB 5 099

Means for styling eyebrows “Browipasta” and lip scrub “Guboskrab”, Novikova MUA

“I love Russian make-up artists not only because many of them will give odds to their world-renowned Western colleagues, but also for their own funds,” admits BeautyHack editor Yulia Kozoliy. “And now they pleasantly surprised me: make-up artist Kristina Novikova, who is responsible for the makeup of many stars, launched her first beauty birds: eyebrow gel and lip scrub – basic products that absolutely all girls need!”.

“Browipasta” is a dense, colorless product that reliably fixes eyebrows. At first, the paste may seem even too dense, so Christina advises to slightly moisten the brush that comes with the kit with water and then apply the product to it. “I did just that,” says Yulia. – And then she ran the brush over her eyebrows, lifting the hairs slightly up. It turned out very naturally, the hairs did not stick together and the characteristic shine did not appear, although there are five oils in the paste! “. Eyebrow paste allows you to quickly shape and maintain it throughout the day.

“And I can’t imagine my life without a lip scrub! – tells about the second novelty Julia. “I apply it on my lips almost every day before makeup to remove flakiness.”

The product with the interesting name “Guboskrab” is very similar in texture to sugar and smells good of sweets. It does its job perfectly – the lips look great after using the scrub!

Price: eyebrow paste – 800 rubles, scrub – 450 rubles.

Firming shampoo with pumpkin and bamboo extracts, Vegetable Beauty

Vegetable Beauty Shampoo is ideal for all hair types, but it will be especially appreciated by owners of thin and weakened curls. Thanks to natural pumpkin and bamboo extracts, the product evens and strengthens the hair cuticle. As a result, curls are shinier, firmer and silky.

Also in the shampoo extracts of ginseng and Ginkgo Biloba, which are responsible for restoring vitality, elasticity and density of hair.

The shampoo has a light, slightly oily texture – it effectively cleanses the hair, but does not dry it out or weigh it down. And the natural aroma of the shampoo makes the product very pleasant to use.

Price: 984 rub.

Peeling exfoliant for the face with glycolic acid, Mixit

“Twice a year I try to peel with a beautician, and the rest of the time I save myself at home,” Anastasia Lyagushkina, BeautyHack project manager, shares her beauty habits. – Peeling Mixit can be used twice a week, but I am limited to one. The product cleanses well and gently exfoliates the skin. “

Peeling Mixit has a liquid texture with hard abrasive particles, which are responsible for exfoliation. here). “I apply the product in a thin layer, keep it for 10 minutes – the peeling can slightly tingle the skin, after which I just rinse it off. After using it, the skin does not redden or peel off, only a slight healthy glow appears, – Nastya rejoices. – Already after two applications, I noticed the result – the pores tightened, the redness diminished, and the skin smoothed out. I like to use peeling in the evening to enjoy a beautiful blush and a fresh complexion in the morning. “

Price: 545 rub.

Eau de parfum JUS Ultrahot Parfums

The JUS Ultrahot fragrance is unisex, so it fits perfectly into the collection of both men’s and women’s fragrances. Its composition contains notes of vanilla, white cedar, musk and leather. The perfume turned out to be spicy with a clear leather accent and a sweetish sillage.

“To hear the scent, I put it on my wrist,” says Anya Sherstneva, senior editor at BeautyHack. – At first it seemed to me a little heavy and harsh, so I was very surprised when suddenly the perfume played on me in a completely different way. It merged perfectly with the skin, and the sweet note of vanilla, which I love very much, came to the fore. One thing is that the aroma is not very persistent. You will have to carry the bottle with you and regularly update the perfume. Although the violet frosted glass bottle that contains the JUS Ultrahot perfume will be a pleasure to take with you. “

Price on request

Anti-cellulite slimming cream Slim Logic Slimming Cream, Guinot

Improper nutrition, lack of regimen and violation of microcirculation in the skin inevitably leads to the formation of “orange peel” and excess deposits on the body. Of course, you won’t be able to deal with the problem only with cosmetics, but they can ideally complement the plan for body shaping.

“I have a tool that will definitely show the result!” – rejoices the special correspondent of BeautyHack Alexandra Grishina. Slim Logic slimming cream from the French brand Guinot is an innovative product that promises to bring the skin into a decent look in a short time. Thanks to the active ingredients in the composition, the cream accelerates the process of breaking down fat and reduces body volume. The active ingredients in the cream are delipogenase II, which works at the tissue level, and cellulisium, as well as ivy extract.

“I apply the cream in the evening to problem areas,” Sasha shares, “but it is worth including it in the morning ritual. The cream is quickly absorbed, leaves no residue and, most importantly, perfectly moisturizes and works. I advise you to take measurements before use – in my thighs, my volume has decreased by 0.8 cm in just a week of use!

Price on request

The Pure Real Eye Cream for Face, A.N.S.

Korean cosmetics have already earned our trust – all products conquer with their rich compositions and effectiveness!

Cream Cream for the skin around the eyes and the whole face The Pure Real Eye Cream for Face, A.N.S. was no exception. Its unique formula is based on natural ingredients, oils, multipeptides, hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5, which are responsible for restoring skin firmness and elasticity. They penetrate deep into the skin cells, restoring their work and accelerating the regeneration processes.

The texture of the cream is quite light and not greasy at all. It is easy to apply and is ideal for use as a day cream – foundations and powder fit perfectly.

In addition, this cream can be applied both under the eyes and all over the face, so it is so convenient to take it with you on trips and use it as a multifunctional product.

Price: 3 399 rub.

Nordic-C Radiance Day Fluid [VALO], Lumene

Nordic-C Series [VALO] designed for radiance and youthfulness of the skin. “The active ingredient of the formula is vitamin C, which my skin has grown to love lately,” says Daria Mironova, a special correspondent for BeautyHack (you can read about the BeautyHack editors’ favorite vitamin C products here).

The fluid is in a soft plastic tube with a pump dispenser that perfectly delivers the right amount. “I noticed that the product has a rather dense consistency, reminiscent of a nourishing cream,” says Dasha, “but the fluid is quickly absorbed and does not leave stickiness behind. The skin after it looks radiant and even, so you can use it instead of a primer. I additionally fix the fluid with a regular day cream and apply makeup after 10-15 minutes. In two weeks of application, my skin has acquired a healthy complexion, and the marks after inflammation have become less noticeable. “

Price: 1 636 rub.

Text: Anya Sherstneva