9 September 2021

TOriotherapy is a medical and cosmetic procedure in which a person is exposed to low (from -25 to -150 ° C) temperatures. Its effect is aimed at general improvement and rejuvenation of the body, as well as cryotherapy helps to cleanse the skin and eliminate its imperfections.

There are several methods of cryotherapy, some of which are based on the effect of cold on the whole body – in this case, a cryosauna is used – a special cabin in which a person is completely placed, with the exception of the head. During other cryoprocedures, only certain areas of the skin are treated with low temperatures. BeautyHack – about what benefits cryotherapy has on the body, and in what cases the procedure should be abandoned.

Cryotherapy types

You need to choose a cryotherapy procedure depending on the desired result. If you want to get rid of a specific disease or eliminate some skin imperfections such as acne, papillomas, warts or scars, you can try local cryotherapy – exposure to cold only on the affected skin.

Unlike local cryotherapy, general cryotherapy affects the entire body, irritating the nerve cells of tissues with extreme temperatures – this procedure increases immunity, activates blood circulation and speeds up metabolism.

The procedure for general cryotherapy is most often carried out in a cryosauna – liquid nitrogen is sprayed in the cabin, which reduces the temperature to 150 degrees. But such cold does not penetrate deeper than the skin, therefore it is safe for human health.

General cryotherapy lasts no more than three minutes, and the session takes place under the supervision of a specialist – he gives all the recommendations and prescribes the necessary course of treatment, depending on the diagnosis.

The benefits of cryotherapy

Rejuvenating effect. Local cryotherapy procedure will help get rid of wrinkles and skin imperfections. Also, low temperatures have a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin in the décolleté area (you will learn how to properly care for the décolleté area here) eliminate pigmentation, smoothen the skin and restore its elasticity and freshness.

Diseases of the tonsils. Cryotherapy is often a substitute for surgery for tonsil diseases – this method of treatment is considered unique. The fact is that the cold temperature removes the affected tissue and speeds up the recovery process.

Elastic skin. The cold air in the cryosauna activates the production of collagen, thereby improving the general condition of the skin – it becomes more elastic, smoother and more elastic.

Psychological health. Experts note that cryotherapy heals not only physically, but also has a positive effect on the psychological state, for example, helps to cope with depression (how to treat depression correctly, says psychotherapist Elena Karachun – here).

At the moment of exposure to cold, the body releases endorphins – they cause a feeling of euphoria, which helps in the treatment of mental illness.

Slimming. With the help of the general cryotherapy procedure, which is carried out in a cryosauna, you can get rid of extra pounds. After several sessions, the weight begins to decrease, as a result of the breakdown of fats and carbohydrates under the influence of low temperatures. Also, metabolism is accelerated and muscle tone is increased. The effect of cryosauna is aimed at normalizing hormonal levels, which also contributes to weight loss.

And to achieve a faster result in losing weight, you can in combination with diet and exercise. Try to include home workouts with an elastic band in your regimen, the best exercises you will find here

The harm of cryotherapy

The cryotherapy procedure is generally positive in nature, but it also has its own characteristics. In order not to harm the body, adhere to the rules that the specialist will tell you about before starting the session.

Contraindications The procedure should be abandoned for some chronic diseases, psychoemotional instability and individual intolerance to liquid nitrogen. Before starting a course of procedures, be sure to consult your doctor. Also, cryotherapy is prohibited during pregnancy and during feeding.

Text: Diana Snetkova