9 September 2021

NSotitis media to slow down age-related changes in the skin of the face and make it firmer and more elastic without painful procedures? Then yoga for the face is a great option to prolong the youthfulness of the skin and get rid of fine wrinkles.

Doing yoga for the face will make you feel healthier, and with regular exercise, the results of rejuvenation will be noticeable in two weeks. BeautyHack talks about why you need yoga for the face, and what exercises you should pay attention to.

What is Facial Yoga?

Facial yoga is a series of exercises that relaxes the muscles of the face and neck while maintaining their tone. Many experts claim that yoga classes even replace injections of Botox and hyaluronic acid (you will find a few facts about Botox that you need to know) here). But is facial yoga really so effective?

With the help of a special face charge, you can tighten the skin and noticeably reduce the number of expression lines, as well as improve the complexion. The fact is that such exercises stimulate all metabolic processes in skin cells and even affect the deep muscles of the face, and this, in turn, increases blood circulation and saturates skin cells with oxygen.

Doing yoga in the evening, you will relax and relieve the stress accumulated during the day, and your breathing will become even and calm – such an anti-stress complex will affect the skin condition in the best way.

How to prepare for the class and achieve the best result?

To achieve a noticeable effect when practicing facial yoga, there are some rules to follow. It is better to carry out the practices in the evening, and before starting the exercises, you need to cleanse the skin of make-up and apply a caring cream.

Do facial yoga workouts regularly – ideally, you need to do it every day. The more often the classes are, the faster the effect will appear. But each exercise needs to be given maximum attention to work every muscle in the face.

Facial yoga is usually done in a sitting position with a straight back. Remember that if one muscle of the face is involved in the exercise, then the rest should be in a relaxed state. You will not achieve the desired result if you do not control the work of the muscles during exercise, on the contrary, there is a risk of aggravating the situation.

It is also important to understand that the effectiveness of facial yoga is promoted by proper nutrition, skin care and giving up bad habits (for how to eat a healthy diet, read here).

Complex of yoga exercises for the face

Forehead lift. To relieve tension and slow down the appearance of wrinkles on the forehead, bring your hands into a fist and rest the knuckles of your middle and index fingers on the center of your forehead, and then press on it and slowly spread your fists in different directions. Repeat the exercise several times.

Facelift. The following lesson will help smooth out the nasolabial folds and open the eyes: place your palms on the temples and begin to tighten your face at the sides, pressing your hands up and down. At the same time, open your mouth in the shape of the letter “O”, lowering the lower jaw. Hold this position for 5 seconds.

Neck lift. Place your fingertips on your collarbones and slowly tilt your head back. Repeat the exercise 2-3 times.

Another exercise will help to get rid of the double chin and prevent sagging of the skin: stretch your lips to the side as much as possible to feel the tension in the cheek, then turn your neck in the same direction, raising your head 45 degrees, and stay in this position for 4 seconds. Repeat on the other side of your face.

Eyelid lift. Train the muscles around the eyes to firm the skin and slow down the appearance of wrinkles in this area.

In order to make the crow’s feet effect less noticeable, you need to learn to wink your lower eyelid. It won’t take long when you practice and learn how to do this exercise.

Slowly lift and lower the lower eyelid, and then press your fingers on the outer crease of the crow’s feet to create a kind of obstacle to the muscles. Exercise gently without stretching your skin.

Text: Diana Snetkova