9 September 2021

NSbeauty salon Beauty Manufactura Anna Serikova – about how biotattoo is done today and who this procedure is suitable for.

Anna Serikova

Anna Serikova

Founder of beauty salon Beauty Manufactura

Who is biotattoo suitable for?

Despite the tricky name, biotattoo is simply eyebrow dyeing with henna. The peculiarity of the procedure is that not only the hairs acquire color, but also the skin under them. This allows the artist to shape the eyebrows. The effect can be compared to applying shadows. But the difference is that you need to do the latter every day, and biotattoo saves a lot of time, leaving a long-lasting finish.

The procedure is suitable for everyone! The exception is made by people with individual henna intolerance. After all, this is a natural preparation, therefore, although rarely, allergic reactions are possible. Although all modern formulations are very reliable!

In the photo: biotattoo of eyebrows, made by the master Margarita Gilmanshina (Beauty Manufactura salon)

How is biotattoo done?

Now there are a huge number of henna shades: from black to light brown. There is such a stereotype that the eyebrows after biotattoo will be red – this is not at all the case. The master chooses the most natural undertones.

Before doing the procedure, the specialist disinfects the skin surface so that the sebum does not contribute to the rapid washout of the dye. After – we outline the shape, fill it with henna and keep it on the eyebrows for a while. The timing depends on the type of drug used. You can achieve the effect of light shading by removing the henna from the base of the eyebrow a little earlier.

How long does the effect last?

Depends on what kind of skin you have: from 3-4 days to a week. On dry skin, drawing will be visible longer. If the skin is prone to oily content, the dye will wear off earlier.

Do you need preparation for the procedure?

I advise you to do a scrub at home or apply gommage. The master needs the surface on which the preparation is applied to be as smooth as possible.

It’s great if you grow your eyebrows before the procedure: the hairs add volume. Plus, if we just paint over the skin, the effect will not be long, henna is fixed on the hairs better. Although, with the use of a quality preparation and the correct technique, the result will be good in any case.

Nevertheless, if it is difficult to correct the henna shape, I advise you to try the classic tattoo (I told you more about it here). Now there are a huge number of techniques that allow you to do it so skillfully that no one will notice.