Eyebrows of your dreams: how to make?


TOBeautyHack correspondent Svetlana Anfilova has always dreamed of luxurious eyebrows like those of Cara Delevingne and Natasha Vodianova. After them, she went to make-up artist Marina Zhuravleva, who turned her dream into reality with the help of eyebrow makeup products from the new Artdeco collection. We show what they have done!

In order for the eyebrows to look natural, it must be remembered that the most intensely colored part is the “body” of the eyebrow at the bend point and its tail. Therefore, apply a pencil, shadow or powder for eyebrows to the very base of the eyebrow very gently and carefully, imitating the growth of hairs, gradually deepening the shade towards the tip.

To make the eyebrows more graphic, work with a pencil or eyebrow powder on the upper and lower boundaries of hair growth.

To enhance the effect, apply concealer to and above the brow area.

To complete your eyebrow makeup, use tinted gels or fillers so you can be sure that the shape will not change throughout the day. You will be able to style even the most unruly hairs, and the tint pigment of the product will help to gently work out all the flaws in the eyebrow makeup.

“I was pleased with the result. Makeup artist Marina managed to create the effect of thick bright eyebrows that do not look artificial. I will pay special attention to the gel-filler for eyebrows – the tool helps to quickly style unruly eyebrows and give them a beautiful shape, ”says Svetlana.

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