9 September 2021

Dand a half years ago I did the first laser whitening in my life – (I wrote about this here). In general, I was insanely satisfied, but I will not lie: my teeth “shot” during the procedure and a couple of days after, the process is not the most pleasant. As a result, the effect lasted for more than a year, and this without regular cleaning at the dentist. In May last year, I nevertheless decided to repeat the procedure (I told about this here). It hurt more than the first time, but the effect is even better.

When you “survive” the whitening process twice, you become more attentive to the issue of oral hygiene. At some point, I realized that a snow-white smile is like a visiting card.

You can leave the house without makeup and styling, but when you smile at all 32, any person, first of all, will pay attention to this. Even in the last two years, I have traveled a lot in America and I constantly notice that beautiful white teeth are a frequent occurrence here, and not a rare case. Moreover, as a rule, when you communicate with friends, you find out that this is not a question of endless laser whitening or the availability of veneers, but often regular hygiene and a visit to the dentist 1-2 times a year.

In addition to the fact that I began to spend more time brushing my teeth in the morning and in the evening, an irrigator and a Philips electric toothbrush appeared in my bathroom (we wrote about it here).

But the most important rule that I made for myself is to return to the dentist for Air Flow oral hygiene every five to six months.

Now I don’t skip! And the result always pleases me: the teeth are white, as after whitening; a supporting effect is obtained.

Last time I was in the clinic Aesthetica at a reception with the chief physician Artavazd Manukyan. A doctor with more than 15 years of experience – an honorary member of the Eurasian Association of Aesthetic Dentistry (EAEU) and the Eurasian Association of Osteology, Regeneration and Osseointegration (EAOOPO) – I knew that my teeth were in good hands.

From the doorway, the clinic inspires confidence and a sense of comfort. I firmly believe that regular visits to the dentist are as important as to the salon for manicure, pedicure and other beauty procedures. And when you come to dentistry and feel that this is not some kind of hospital with huge queues, but a cozy place, it is doubly great. I have a childish fear of dentists – I was always afraid of the slightest manipulations with my teeth, so the calmness that I had when entering Aesthetica could not but rejoice.

Before the procedure, Artavazd told me about the concept of the clinic, which has existed for five years. The principle of work here is based on an individual approach to each client. Here they give long-term guarantees from two to ten years, depending on the treatment, honesty is important here, and you will never be given a procedure that does not specifically suit you, but will be offered alternatives, here are the newest devices for all kinds of dental work, and advanced technologies are the way to the most painless and effective treatment. For example, they work here on Leica microscopes, and this is a world-renowned German manufacturer of optics for high magnification dental treatment. Doctors are constantly undergoing training and refresher courses abroad. The head physician also said that they often come here for veneers: this is one of the main services for which the clinic is famous.

I did a comprehensive oral hygiene. The procedure takes place in three stages. First – cleaning with Air Flow (removes plaque due to flows of air, water and powder based on calcium carbonate), then – ultrasonic cleaning (in order to remove stones), the final stage is polishing with a special brush with a paste. Polishing is especially important – thanks to it, the surface of the tooth will be smooth, which will help to avoid the rapid formation of plaque (otherwise it will appear ten times faster). The doctor recommends doing Air Flow every 6 months. Among the main contraindications to Air Flow are the presence of gum disease and stomatitis. Before the procedure, the doctor will always check the condition of your teeth and give recommendations for treatment (if necessary) and care.

The procedure took about 45 minutes, after which I saw a snow-white smile in the mirror, as if I had gone to whitening again. Artavazd complimented my teeth, saying that I have them very beautiful and embossed, and added that I definitely do not need veneers.

He also told a very interesting fact: on my teeth you can see Karabelli’s tubercles, which testifies to life by the sea (mine or my relatives).

In fact, I do not hear from the first dentist that in the matter of self-hygiene of the oral cavity, paste is far from the most important thing. Choosing the right brush is the most important thing. At Aesthetica you can buy Montcarotte Swiss brushes and pastes. I tried them at one time, and I really liked them. The doctor also recommended ROCS of medium hardness to me. I wrote above that I myself have been using an electric Philips for a long time, (Artavazd approved the choice), but from the usual, I most often take Curaprox or ROCS with me on trips

But if we talk about pastes, I like Marvis, Montcarotte, and I always leave America with several packs of Crest whitening pastes and Truly Radiant Whitening Booster Arm & Hammer. All this helps me to keep my teeth healthy, beautiful and white!

Price for AirFlow oral hygiene at the Aesthetica clinic: 14,000 rubles.

Clinic address: Podsosensky lane, 3

Text: Karina Andreeva