NSPersonal Transformation Expert Christina Mand-Lakiani (@kristinamand) told why a leader is a collective “image”, why you need to learn to delegate and look for a mission in any field of activity!

Christina Mand-Lakiani

Christina Mand-Lakiani

Personal transformation expert

“A leader is a collective“ image ”that consists of a set of qualities, characteristics and skills. This is the ability to listen, and convey your point of view, and the ability to work in a team, and an understanding of emotions. Leadership has been taught for a very long time – since the 20th century. It was then that people began to understand that it was possible to live more productively and began to work on their effectiveness. And then I won’t think of anything new. The path to leadership is like working in the gym – having received a set of tools, a person can pump himself up his muscles. All this needs to be learned. How? I am sharing a few secrets. “

Define your mission

Leadership qualities can be developed – I already talked about this a little higher. They are not enough to succeed! A person must have the ability to lead others. And this requires a mission. If it is not there, there is no leader.

Find your business

An important point! It happens that a person has been working in one place for 10 years, regularly did the job, but did not show himself in any way. And then he sharply changes his field of activity and flies into “space”. All because he found his own business. And leadership qualities appeared immediately – nothing had to be developed.

Don’t forget about motivation

Yes, I know it sounds corny. But without her, not a single case moves. And if it moves, it is very, very slow. When you have a goal, then people start to pull up. And already leadership qualities become not the main “players”, but a certain bonus that helps to work better.

Leadership needs to be revealed

It does not happen that a psychologist waved a magic wand and a man from a quiet man turned into a leader leading the crowd. Leadership qualities need to be revealed in yourself gradually, constantly working on yourself.

Leader and team are indivisible concepts

Leaders do not exist on their own. They appear on the team. And therefore, a housewife hardly needs to spend time developing them. Remember that leaders are different too. There are also people like Elon Musk. Yes, leader. But the leader is very difficult for his team. He, like Steve Jobs, was burning with his mission, and did not work out any qualities in himself.

Read the “right” books

As an example, I can cite the book by Simon Sinek “Start with the question” Why? ” It became a worldwide bestseller several years ago. It is read by everyone: from ordinary managers to heads of the Microsoft department. In the book, the author offers to look at his business from a different angle. He is sure that it is impossible to achieve success with the help of promotions and sales. You need to learn how to inspire your clients, and this is already the mission I spoke about.

Look for people which inspire you

When we were on Necker Island, my husband asked Richard Branson a question: “You have more than 300 companies, and 8 of them with a turnover of over a billion dollars. How do you do that?” To which he replied: “I am looking for people who inspire me, share the mission with me, but can do the job better than me! I just don’t bother them. ” And this reflects the whole essence of what I am trying to say. Yes, Richard is the leader. But he does not undertake obligations that others can fulfill. You need to be able to delegate. You don’t have to strive to become a classic leader. Become the one that is closer to you.

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