9 September 2021

Hindependent expert, nail artist and blogger Irene @ iren.pro.nogti she explained that a home manicure like from a salon is a matter of practice, and told how to steam the cuticle if there is no water at hand.

Do step-by-step manicure without missing important steps

I would not say that a home manicure always looks worse. Although, of course, there is a difference. I think the point is how full your hand is. On average, a manicurist has 4-5 clients a day, which is why he makes a manicure faster and better.

At home, do not skip important steps: shape your nails, push back the cuticle, remove the pterygium (a thin layer of the cuticle adhering to the nail plate) and the cuticle (if your chosen manicure provides for this). The cuticle can be treated once every 2-3 weeks. It depends on how quickly it grows back.

Take care of your nails every day

Apply oil to the cuticle area every day, it softens it, and the skin near the nail looks more well-groomed and becomes elastic.

Perhaps in the future this will protect you from burrs, if any. Apply cream to your hands throughout the day, especially in winter. Spa skin care can be done once a week. Wash your hands thoroughly with mild soap, scrub your skin, apply a nourishing mask (I told about one of them here), and then use a nourishing cream.

Treat cuticles delicately

The cuticle does not need to be steamed. Now there are special removers that can be used without water.

They perfectly soften the cuticle.

If you don’t have a remover at hand, you can use water. Pour warm (not hot!) Water into the bath, add fragrance or bath salt. Hold your hands in water until the cuticle is wet (this will be immediately noticeable) and gently process it.