9 September 2021

NSDo you have eyebrows like Cara Delevingne’s, but so far they are just like Pamela Anderson’s in the 90s? Don’t rush to blame nature – these tips and tools will help you grow thick, wide eyebrows in no time.

Do not pluck

It’s trite, but true: if you want to grow thick eyebrows, you will have to put off the tweezers for a while (and a visit to the eyebrows too). The more often we remove unnecessary hairs, the slower they grow – the follicles are damaged. It will take several months to see the difference, so please be patient. Growing eyebrows are not the most pleasant sight, because for a while the hairs will get out of control. Concealer will help you to mask the uneven shape, and a fixing gel, which will make your eyebrows more neat for a while.

Use a scrub

When you apply a facial scrub, have you ever thought about the fact that your eyebrows also need exfoliation? It turns out that this is useful not only for the skin, but also for the renewal of the eyebrows. If you don’t have a delicate scrub with small particles at hand, take a regular toothbrush and gently massage the hairs. New ones will grow faster – checked!

Take vitamins

Slow hair growth often indicates a lack of vitamins in the body – and this also applies to eyebrows. There are many complexes on the market to accelerate growth, but the leading positions are occupied by biotin and B vitamins: the first will make the eyebrows thicker, and the second will protect against chemistry, strengthen and maintain the desired level of moisture in the hairs. Of course, before you start taking vitamins, you should consult your doctor. In the meantime, add more omega-3s to your diet: red fish, walnuts, or peanut butter.

Put your pencil aside

For those who are worried about gaps in the eyebrows, masters often recommend replacing the pencil with paste or shadow (you will definitely find something for yourself here). The fact is that the hard lead repeatedly damages the hair roots – as a result, they stop growing. Another important tip is to delicately remove makeup from your eyebrows. Excessive chaotic friction is definitely not good for them.

Apply oil

Castor and burdock oils are your faithful friends, so take a couple of minutes in your beauty routine to care for your eyebrows. Arm yourself with a brush, apply a drop of oil to it and comb through your eyebrows. Castor will wake up the hair follicles, and burdock will strengthen the roots. By the way, in some cases, trichologists prescribe burdock oil for the scalp, but this way to accelerate hair growth has contraindications – first go for a consultation.

Comb your eyebrows

Massage your brows regularly with a clean brush. Brushing stimulates blood circulation and stimulates the growth of new hairs, and also makes them stronger. Model Emily DiDonato admitted in one interview that she not only massages the eyebrows, but also uses a special technique: first, she directs the hairs upward, moving from the center of the face to the temples, then combing everything against growth and back. Alternative option: try to style your eyebrows in an unusually bold manner, as bloggers do (look for a selection of photos with unusual trends here).

Use serums

Just not the ones that you put on your face – they, together with creams and foundations, on the contrary, will lead to hair loss. Now on the market there is a wide selection of special serums that accelerate hair growth. They contain all the necessary vitamins that we indicated above – there is plenty to choose from. BeautyHack editors have selected several reliable and proven tools:

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Text: Anastasia Speranskaya