9 September 2021

TOWhat vitamins strengthen the nail plate? What salon treatments will help restore nails? Do home remedies work? BeautyHack has eight practical tips from experts and nail bloggers.

Alexandra Medvedeva

Alexandra Medvedeva

Manicurist of Jean Louis David salon (address: Leninsky Prospekt 82/2)

IBX Nail Restoration System

This is a salon procedure that is effective in restoring damaged nails with deep cracks and delamination. The components of the means used by the master penetrate into the nail plate – this makes it possible to strengthen its natural structure. IBX protects healthy nails from negative external influences, they will be stronger, and you will be able to grow them faster.

The IBX System includes two repair serums (IBX and IBX Repair), which contain avocado and jojoba oils and polymer microparticles. Thanks to this combination, the nails are restored and become denser.

IBX does not need to be removed, it can be combined with any coatings (including shellac). An important point: after applying it, the nails look absolutely natural and do not shine, therefore IBX is also suitable for men.

Japanese manicure Masura

This is a multi-stage salon care, during which the master scrubs the nails with gel, uses several serums for the cuticle, and applies mineral paste and polishing powder to strengthen the plate, and on top – one of eight therapeutic coatings that solve different tasks: growth stimulation, regeneration, filling cracks, etc.

Home care

Do salt baths (preferably with sea salt) for 10-15 minutes. Use nail oils regularly: apply them every day for two weeks, repeat the course after three months. In general, the quality of nails is greatly influenced by the internal state of the body. Have you noticed that after a vacation at the sea and swimming in sea water, your nails always look better and become stronger?

Masha create

Masha create

Manicurist and creator of the popular youtube channel MashaCreate

Add foods with collagen, chondroitin, gelatin to the diet

Past illnesses, changes in hormonal levels (during pregnancy, for example), as well as vitamin deficiency – all this affects the quality of the nails. I do not call for self-medication and, relying on the responsibility of the reader, I would like to advise you to drink vitamins for hair and nails twice a year. If you have a problem, add collagen, chondroitin, gelatin to your diet.

Many girls try to improve the condition of the nails with folk remedies. Rubbing lemon juice into your nail or wax massage doesn’t work! And still do not believe in varnishes and bases for gel polish, which are written “with keratin”, “with vitamins”, “with calcium.” All these components will not be absorbed into the nail in any way. This is pure marketing! At the same time, the application of shellac itself will not harm the nail in any way, if it is removed correctly. Trust the correction only to proven masters, otherwise it will be much more difficult to grow nails later.


If the nails are thin and exfoliate (read about the reasons here), paint them with iodine. I don’t really believe in the ability to restore nails at home, but this procedure helped me myself, so I readily recommend it. The result will be the same as after IBX.

Do five procedures, repeating them every other day. The first time iodine is absorbed very quickly, then more slowly. During the last treatment, apply the product at night. Don’t worry, the iodine color disappears from the nail in a few minutes.

Nail lamination

I recommend this procedure to everyone. I met her a year and a half ago. For lamination, an insoluble coating is used, which, if applied correctly, will remain on the nail and protect it from the chemical effects of the remover and mechanical damage during removal. With Fox we have created the perfect lamination product – Cover. It is a protective coating for damaged and undamaged nails. It is thin and insoluble, that is, it does not rub off the nails at all. In extreme cases, it can be cut down if necessary.

Unlike most insoluble materials, Cover is very flexible, but at the same time the nail strengthens with it and practically does not bend. This coating has several advantages: gel polish lasts longer, its removal is carried out very delicately (the nail is protected from any possible damage). The procedure can be done at home, especially since one bottle will be enough for you for a long time. The product is applied in two layers and dried in a Led or infrared lamp.

Irene @ iren.pro.nogti

Irene @ iren.pro.nogti

Independent expert, nail blogger

Use soft nail files

If the nails are flaking and do not grow, use soft files with a slight abrasiveness – 200-240 grit. Here I talked about my favorite instruments.

In my opinion, nail delamination is not directly related to the season. In most cases, the matter is in the internal processes of the body. But a lack of vitamins can cause nail delamination (and, as a result, the inability to grow them). If this happens, most likely, you lack calcium, zinc, vitamins A, B and C, iron.

Karina Andreeva

Karina Andreeva

Chief Editor of BeautyHack

Strengthening nails with acrylic powder

I did the procedure at the Keep Looking salon. I chose this method of strengthening, because the nails become noticeably denser. First, master Olya applied Luxio base and dried her nails under a UV lamp. After that, each nail was sprinkled with acrylic powder and dried again under a lamp. The peculiarity of this procedure is that acrylic powder creates a “frame” of the nail, does not allow the gel polish to bend it – no mechanical damage is terrible!

You can use acrylic powder to strengthen your fingernails and toenails. Visually, they become stronger, denser.

Many people confuse the procedure with a conventional build-up, but they are radically different from each other. Firstly, the nail itself does not become longer, and secondly, with regrowth, its shape does not change.

Yulia Kozoliy

Yulia Kozoliy

BeautyHack Editor

Complex “Skin, nails and hair”, Solgar

Hair, nails and skin of the face and body are the first things that come under attack from a lack of vitamins. When my nails start to flake, I stop making shellac and focus on strengthening my body. The main components of this complex are methylsulfonylmethane, vitamin C and zinc. Methylsulfonylmethane helps the body produce collagen, which in turn affects the strength and growth of nails.

Vitamins have a cumulative effect. After taking the full course, you will notice how your hair is smoother, your nails strong and your skin supple. In addition, they help to cope with the negative effects of UV rays. And now it is especially important! Vitamins from this series were also recommended by the singer Lera Tumanova in material about the best vitamins for hair.