9 September 2021

DTwo years ago, I came out of black and said goodbye to 20 centimeters of hair. After two washes, they looked dry and lifeless, more like a “haystack” than a flowing waterfall. To be honest: parting with long hair was painful – to the last I fought for every centimeter. Those whom nature has awarded not with a luxurious mane, but with a very modest tail in thickness, will understand me! After crying over the length, she firmly decided to return the braid to the waist. The fight was unequal: the regrown hair was constantly breaking off at the still discolored ends – sadness, sadness, trouble. Having almost lost hope, I decided to add “pepper” to the usual care. I do not dye my hair, cut the ends every three months, and do not do salon treatments. But at the same time, they are getting longer. I decided to share my findings, which have become faithful companions in the “war” for every hair.

Esvicin tonic lotion

There are legends about this tool: someone considers it useless, someone sings laudatory odes – but the lotion definitely leaves no one indifferent. It can have two manufacturers. Mine is from Vio-Farm. Several years ago, a real trademark war broke out between him and Atlas. As a result, Vio-Pharm received a patent for the production of Esvitsin until 2026.

For a long time, nothing was known about the composition of the product – the manufacturer said that it was a commercial secret and did not write anything on the label. Now this information has ceased to be a secret. Esvicin contains succinic acid, selenium, zinc chloride, magnesium chloride and other trace elements that stimulate the production of enzymes responsible for hair growth and strengthening. The colorless and odorless product can be used alone or added to shampoo. I liked both options – I do both. Important! The lotion does not contain hormones – can be used without restrictions.

Price: about 250 rubles.

Cspecial dragee “Merz-Beauty”

After washing, the hair not only stopped growing, but also began to fall out. To stop this process and preserve the remaining strands, I decided to drink a course of vitamins. To be honest, I chose it according to the principle “give these, as in advertising”. And hit the target. Studying the instructions for use only gave confidence that the money was well spent. It contains niacin, zinc, folic acid, B vitamins, biotin and iron – everything you need to stop uncontrolled loss. The pills helped me not only with my hair! After a month of regular use, the skin condition also improved – there were fewer rashes, the face stopped shining. The recommended course of admission is 2 months. Less hair loss after about 3 weeks.

Price: 900 rub.

Set for non-injection mesotherapy HR3 Matrix, Genosys

Well, what about without the “Koreans” in this battle? I entrusted the struggle for density and thickness to the Genosys brand. The kit includes a mesoscooter, scalp peeling and antioxidant serum. And if everything is clear with peeling – it is used once a week to stimulate metabolic processes and eliminate keratinized scales, the serum needs a little remark. It is a highly concentrated solution with copper peptides and plant extracts that stimulate cell regeneration. Together with a mesoscooter, this “duet” works real wonders – it has the effect of angiogenesis and “wakes up” dormant follicles.

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Price: 12 500 rub.

Fillers for hair Perfect FillUp, Lador

My sister introduced me to this “miracle” – at her insistent recommendation, I ran to the store for blue ampoules helping to keep the length. The bottle contains a colorless liquid that, when mixed with water, turns into a creamy mousse. Its components fill the voids under the hair scales and seal them. It contains only four ingredients: ceramides, keratin LPP, collagen PPT, silk amino acids. Fillers are able to bring back to life even “dead” hair, which will not be helped by electric shock or artificial respiration (just kidding). With regular use, hair becomes denser, healthier and shinier – almost like a shampoo ad. This is one of the few funds for which, in 99% of cases, positive reviews. The effect of fillers is cumulative, but is visible after the first application. If you make a course of 3-4 procedures, you can forget about split ends. Delight!

Price: about 1,500 rubles. for 10 pcs.

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