9 September 2021

HEyelash augmentation has long become one of the most beloved procedures among the fair sex. And this is not surprising, because if you have naturally thin or weakened eyelashes due to a lack of vitamins, then this procedure will make the dream of long and fluffy eyelashes come true!

Unfortunately, eyelash extension does not last forever, and after three to five weeks the procedure will have to be repeated or returned to its natural characteristics. It is at this moment that you may be faced with the question of restoring the beauty and health of natural eyelashes.

Why does the extension spoil the eyelashes? In its technique, this procedure is a bit similar to the use of false eyelashes: neat tufts or individual eyelashes made of natural fur, silk or nylon are glued to natural eyelashes using a special glue. Of course, as a result of this effect, your eyelashes do not become stronger. And if the procedure was initially performed incorrectly or does not suit you at all, the eyelashes may begin to break off or even fall out during the process of wearing the extended eyelashes or immediately after they are removed.

But even if you have already faced the problem of eyelashes weakened after extension, this is not a reason to be upset. BeautyHack knows how to restore health and strength to natural eyelashes in a short time:

Herbal compress and massage with coconut oil

If you’ve already heard about the miraculous properties of coconut oil, add eyelash restoration to this list.

Before using the oil, make a warm compress with herbal decoction: brew chamomile, cornflower or just green tea and apply cotton pads soaked in the decoction to the eyelids – this procedure soothes the skin and stimulates the hair follicles.

Now use your fingers to dab some warm coconut oil on your lashes and distribute it evenly from root to tip. Massage the cilia gently for about 1-2 minutes. It is better to do this procedure before bed, so that the oil nourishes the hairs during the night. A drop of lavender or rosemary essential oil will only enhance the revitalizing effect.

Specialty products and mascara

Pay attention to the choice of mascara – it is good if it contains oils, vitamins and caring components. But try to avoid waterproof mascara during the recovery period of eyelashes – this cosmetic product not only dries eyelashes, but can also injure them at the time of makeup removal.

Buy a special eyelash serum – it can be used as a base before makeup for added protection and nourishment of eyelashes during the day, or used before bed. (For the best eyelash products, read here).

For deeper nourishment and restoration of cilia, you can purchase a special blend of oils that is applied to the eyelashes before going to bed and takes care of them during the night – making them softer, smoother and more elastic. Also, ordinary castor oil will cope with this task. It can be purchased at the pharmacy and applied to the lashes with a clean mascara brush.

The right vitamins

Start taking vitamins to help natural lashes recover faster and become stronger. But before that, get tested and consult with your doctor what vitamins are needed and are right for you.

A vitamin such as biotin (or vitamin H), a water-soluble vitamin of group B, will help to restore the length of the eyelashes in a short time. It plays an important role in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, therefore it is necessary for the normal growth and development of cells. Biotin also contains sulfur and is considered a beauty vitamin for skin, hair and nails.

It will not be superfluous to take vitamin E – an antioxidant that will make eyelashes more elastic and protect them from negative environmental factors, as well as from the influence of free radicals.

More protein and water

Our hair, including eyelashes, is mostly made up of protein. So, in order to restore their vitality and strengthen them, you just need to diversify your diet with foods rich in protein. Eggs, cottage cheese, fish, legumes should become permanent elements of your diet if you want to regain or grow strong and long eyelashes. And do not forget to eat more greens and vegetables – without them, protein is poorly absorbed. (For tips from a makeup artist on how to add expression and length to lashes with makeup, you will find – here).

It is also important to drink enough clean water to make your eyelashes firmer and not break. Healthy and delicious herbal teas can be an alternative.

Text: Anya Sherstneva