Light my fire: the best scented candles


WITHHome parties are cool – they seem over the top to a lot of people, but these optional home accessories have an amazing ability to make any home luxurious and cozy at the same time. Plus a recognizable aroma in the room, plus neutralization of unpleasant odors (for example, tobacco, if you smoke), plus just beauty and fashionable hygge nowadays. Special Correspondent BeautyHack Moore Soboleva with the help of Natalia Kapitsa and Yulia Kozoliy chose the cutest winter candles.

Louisa May Alcott, Paddywax Library

The Paddywax brand has a huge number of series – I’m already a little told about the spicy confectionery and about the wonderful writer’s room, which will be discussed again. Louise May Alcott, the American novelist and feminist who wrote Little Women, which has raised generations of girls, recently received her own candle. The Olcott candle is a bunch of flowers, where tuberose is mixed with hyacinths and cyclamen. Gentle and melancholy – just right for Olcott.

Alien and Angel, Mugler

If you need a candle to smell even in the corridor of an eight-room house, this is Mugler. A year and a half ago, the great brand released candles with the iconic aromas Angel and Alien – simple glass glasses in the color of the original juices and a dazzling smell that quickly and permanently fills an apartment. For female fans – just the must. And for those who are not, Mugler has made candles in the more niche Les Exceptions line – and they are beautiful too.

Siberian Cypress, KOBO Candles

I rarely make categorical statements, but KOBO are ideal candles. They all have beautiful compositions, sophisticated enough to decorate a home, yet simple enough not to overwhelm the living space. Soy wax is suitable for allergy sufferers and does not smoke. Finally, 80 hours of burning! Almost any candle of the brand could have been in this place, but I chose Siberian Cypress – a coniferous-wood smell, just the kind that is lacking in a city apartment on New Year’s Eve.

Leather / Birch Tar, Sumenkov Parfumeur

Young Russian perfumer and blogger Alexander Sumenkov makes a neat little line of candles from a mixture of waxes (vegetable and paraffin wax) in heavy glass glasses. Leather / Birch Tar is billed as “the scent of Russian leather, powerful and dark” – and it fully justifies its description: these are birch sawdust, leather and tar soap, together creating an unexpectedly romantic flair of the ideal bachelor’s apartment from a men’s magazine.

Tabacco Toscano, Santa Maria Novella

The oldest Florentine pharmacy, Santa Maria Novella, retrained into a large company that produces, as they say, beauty and health products, makes candles with very soft, quiet aromas. They are suitable for those who like when the aroma does not fill the apartment, but is kept on a light semi-noticeable background. So, Tabacco Toscano smells not so much of tobacco as warm tanned leather and dad’s pipe – a very cozy unobtrusive smell. The main disadvantage of SMN candles is the absence of a glass: the candle is “naked”, it must be placed on a saucer or in a cup.

Casablanca Lily, Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle

The candle is as luxurious as anything Frederic Mull does. Unlike the vast majority of perfume brands, Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle do not produce candles in support of the main perfume line, but develop their own fragrances. Casablanca Lily, noble white lilies that never get a headache, were made by Carlos Benaim – for Mall he also came up with Eau de Magnolia, another fantasy of white flowers. The price is exorbitant, but for a huge candle in a red glass and a real perfume work – not a pity.

White Vanilla, Yves Rocher

A novelty from the Yves Rocher winter collection – this year the brand presented, as usual, two fragrances. Both are very sweet – pastry vanilla and hardened berries. Candles entered each line, I had the first one, and it was quite successful. It smells like warm Christmas baked goods – exactly what you want this time of year – but not enough to make you compulsively rush to the kitchen in the middle of the night in search of a cake. The simultaneous plus and minus of Yves Rocher candles is a small volume: it will not get bored, it is inexpensive, but it will not last long.

Divine Candle, Caudalie

The candle with the signature scent of the “divine” series and a comfortable wooden cap was made in Caudalie several years ago, and at first it was not for sale – it was given as gifts or compliments to a purchase. Now a candle can be bought, like eau de parfum, released naturally, at the request of admirers – and indeed, many people love the scrub and body oil from the Divine line not only and not so much for the effect, but for the soft, sweet, languid smell.

Fortitude Candle, Elemis

An expensive British brand specializing in high-tech care, has released an unexpected collection of fragrances Life Elixirs – bath and shower products, candles and perfumes. Each fragrance line is designed, so to speak, to accumulate certain sensations – inspiration, serenity, and so on. My Fortitude, mixed with nineteen essential oils, promises to bring fortitude back out of nowhere. I can’t make such claims for victory, but the candle is good – massive, beautiful, 40 hours of burning, smells like a mixture of wood and ylang-ylang.

Osmanthus Candle, Ormonde Jayne

The perfume brand Ormonde Jayne, with its perfectly structured, clean compositions, is the perfect choice for a lady (or a gentleman): everything is very artful, beautiful and never over the top. But if fragrances are still a rather intimate thing (and a very personal gift), then a candle is another matter. A candle from the Osmanthus line will become an adornment, probably, of any home – a bright but unobtrusive scent of white flowers on a citrus base.

Côte d’Azur Candle, Oribe

The Oribe hairdressing brand is loved not only for its excellent effective products, but also for their aromas – instead of the usual chemical smells that you want to wash off immediately, Oribe styling and care products smell like a sunny day at sea: citrus, bergamot and flowers. A couple of years ago, Oribe released a perfume with such a scent, and now a candle has arrived, which will help make a summer Italian holiday in your home – as much as forty hours.

No 149 Black Oak, L: a Bruket

The laconic Swedish brand L: a Bruket makes face and body care products (their minimalistic jars are asked to be on Instagram), but also enters the perfumery territory – the brand’s assortment includes three perfumed oils and several candles. The brand claims that Black Oak “brings the urban soul back to nature.” This candle, indeed, contained the smell of wood in all its diversity: from fresh bark to a fire.

And a bonus from colleagues:

Basil & Neroli, Jo Malone London, tested by Julia Kozoliy:

If you have not decided on a gift for your mom, friend or colleague, feel free to go to the corner of Jo Malone London and choose a candle. Firstly, the candle is enclosed in a gift box, carefully tied with a bow and laid on black wrapping paper – you can’t imagine more ideal. Second, of course, the smells. This one has a cool unisex scent: sweet with notes of neroli and white musk, but fresh with a note of basil. This composition was presented by Jo Malone London in September 2016. Then the perfumer of the brand Anne Flipo created the Basil & Neroli fragrance, in support of which they released a shower gel, a body cream and, in fact, a candle, the burning time of which is 45 hours.

Palm Leaf, Ligne St. Barth, tested by Natalia Kapitsa

For me, the New Year comes with the release of the winter collections of candles. In 2017, Palm Leaf Ligne, St Barth was added to the wishlist. Its spicy Caribbean scent creates a festive mood – you just want to wrap yourself up in a warm blanket, take a bowl of tangerines and turn on the “Christmas story”. This candle is hand made of coconut wax. It is free of paraffin and other animal ingredients. The main notes of the perfume composition: ginger, clove, orange, nutmeg, cinnamon, honey, caramel – it seems that this is how Christmas smells.