Andrei Iskornev, plastic surgeon, President of The Platinental network of clinics told Beautyhack about the main misconceptions in plastic surgery. Everything you wanted to know about modern implants, circular lifting, mesothreads, injectable rhinoplasty and much more!

Myth # 1: Breast implants explode on an airplane and pierce easily


This is an ancient horror story that has nothing to do with modern plastic surgery. Cases of piercing or exploding breasts occurred only at the dawn of the implant industry in America in the 60s and early 70s. At that time, ordinary saline was used to fill the implants, and their shell was thin and fragile. In fact, these were such “kapitoshki” inserted into the chest. But almost 60 years have passed since then! Such exhibits today can only be found in a museum!

As for modern implants, they are produced using high technologies and consist of 8-10 layers in a strong membrane shell. For the sake of experiment, I can even jump on them – under the weight of my weight nothing will happen to them, they will not break! Can you imagine what level of stress they can handle? The integrity of their shell can be violated unless a knife or bullet wound in the chest.

American implant manufacturers give a lifetime warranty on their products. When you “do” breasts, you get a special booklet with a certificate. You understand, if there was even a percentage of error, no one would give a lifetime guarantee, in America they would be sued for this.

Of course, we are talking about expensive and high-quality products of well-known brands that have their own reputation. No reputable plastic surgeon will save on the quality of the implants he works with. Therefore, if you see an action “breast augmentation for 100,000 rubles” in some little-known clinic, run away from there.

Myth 2: breast implants migrate throughout the body and can cause cancer.


The texture of the gel, which is filled with modern implants, is non-liquid, and it acquires the anatomical shape of the body. In addition, the shell of the implant begins to grow into the tissues of the body in 5-6 days. In the chest, it does not spin, does not dangle, it is absolutely stable and it is almost impossible to turn it over!

With regard to cancer risk: women after endoprosthetics are indeed more likely to be diagnosed with cancer. But this is not due to the implants themselves, but because these women are more likely than others to undergo breast examinations. After breast plastic surgery, we recommend having a mammogram once a year, and after plastic surgery people are more organized about their health.

Myth 3: foreign plastic surgery is better than Russian


If we talk about the vanguard of the best world-class specialists, then they all know each other well, are friends with each other and are in the same community. There are good and bad plastic surgeons in Russia, Europe and America. The best surgeon is the one who has developed the technique, and this is a matter of practice, not geography. Obviously, more and more people operate in Moscow or Los Angeles than, for example, in Madagascar. But the technologies are practically the same for everyone, the equipment is available in all countries, and then it is only a matter of hands and practice! You can find a clinic with outdated equipment both in America and in Moscow. And you can run into a swindler everywhere, regardless of the country.

Myth 4: the result after plastic surgery is immediately visible


It depends on the type of operation. The result after surgical lifting is obvious immediately, and if we are talking about rhinoplasty, the nose acquires its final shape only six months after the operation. This is due to the fact that the bone tissue grows together slowly, and the swelling in the area of ​​the tip of the nose goes away for a long time. In bleferoplasty, bruises and swelling disappear in 6-7 days. On average, recovery usually takes about a week. On the 10th day after the operation, my public patients are already in the frame, because time is money.

Myth 5: in a cheap clinic, you can do the same operations as in an expensive one.


There is no “free cheese” in plastic surgery. Thank God, the days when foreign surgeons came to the Beijing Hotel to do cheap liposuction are gone. Modern plastic surgery must be safe first and foremost! If something happens to a sick person in an ordinary state clinic or hospital, no one discusses it. Because everyone knows that in medicine there are cases with complications. But when a healthy person comes to a plastic surgery clinic, and there are any problems with his health, all TV channels, radio stations, and the Internet immediately show this. Plastic surgeons have such a specialty – we are public people, we are always in sight and we simply have no right to make a mistake! Therefore, the level of safety and training in plastic surgery clinics should be as high as possible, which ultimately affects the cost of our services.

When visiting an expensive clinic with a good reputation, you should understand that you are paying not for its prestige, but for your safety. God forbid, if during the operation you have an allergic reaction or some other emergency situation, doctors must react very quickly and correctly. At such moments, the patient’s life depends on how trained the staff, whether the clinic has special portable and staff equipment, breathing apparatus.

Myth 6: you can change the shape of the nose not only with rhinoplasty, but also with the help of filler injections.


Dense filler indeed, it can be inserted into the base or dorsum of the nose to lift or align it. The problem is that the gel is still fibrosing, and the skin in the nasal area is thin, and any unevenness is immediately noticeable. After rhinoplasty made with jewelry, we always fear that the tissues will not heal. And when you constantly pin something in your nose, scarring is inevitable!

Unfortunately, some unscrupulous surgeons also practice other injections that supposedly soften the cartilage in order for the nose to take on a new shape. This is a blasphemous manipulation that is outside the medical field! People pay hundreds of thousands of rubles for injections that cause cartilage atrophy, and the cost of this drug is only 500 rubles. But the point, of course, is not about money, but about the irreparable damage to health and beauty that such injections lead to.

Myth 7: using threads can achieve the effect of a surgical facelift.


This does not happen. As for mesothreads, in America and Europe they are simply prohibited because they are ineffective. If we are talking about surgical lifting sutures with fixation, then with their help you can temporarily improve the contour of the lower third of the face. The result will last for about six months, and it is incomparable with a plastic lift.

Look at the Hollywood actors of the first echelon – almost everyone who comes to the age of 40 does not insert threads, but undergo endoscopic lifting operations. Do you know that threads are popular only in Russia? It is naive to believe that minimally invasive procedures can replace surgery.

Text: Veronica Shur

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