9 September 2021

WITHBeautyHack special correspondent Olga Ivanova tried the procedure for body shaping on the Duolith apparatus at Telo’s Beauty clinic (@telosbeautyclub) and told why it is ideal for those who fight cellulite, are afraid of discomfort and pain during the session and are not ready to resort to injection techniques.

Several years ago I lost 20 kg, but, unfortunately, it turned out to be impossible to get rid of cellulite with one sport and proper nutrition. The skin in the area of ​​the buttocks and breeches has ceased to be elastic, irregularities have appeared. I don’t want to resort to injection techniques at the age of 23, so I decided to try hardware ones. I entrusted my problem to the clinic Telo’s Beauty, which has existed for more than ten years and is considered an honorary member of Russian and European societies and associations of aesthetic medicine. The main feature of the clinic is specialization in minimally invasive techniques without surgical intervention – what I needed. Treatment here is based on the principle of complex rejuvenation and healing of the body. By the way, it was in this clinic that for the first time in Russia they began to use a unique sensor deprivation camera (float camera) and Fraxel lasers. I went to the clinic, which is a 10-15 minute walk from the 1905 metro station on Shmitovskiy proezd. The first thing I noticed was the interior: when you enter, there is no feeling that you have come to the hospital, and this often happens when you find yourself in the clinic (such an interior often brings panic to me).

V Telo’s Beauty very comfortable and cozy: fashionable red armchairs of an unusual shape, pale turquoise walls, a marble-covered reception desk, dim lights, interesting chandeliers – I got the impression that I came to the spa.

After I filled out the questionnaire and got acquainted with the list of contraindications, I was escorted to the office.

Galina Vladimirovna Boyko – candidate of medical sciences, physiotherapist with 15 years of experience. I am sure many will agree with me: when you go to a procedure related to the body, a lot depends on the doctor. If you get along, everything will go fine. If not, it will be uncomfortable and difficult (especially if pain is allowed during the session). I was lucky: Galina Vladimirovna is very disposed to herself, she immediately told about the device, which nozzles would be used, which of them might cause a little discomfort and what results to expect.

We have chosen the procedure on the device Duolith… “It helps a person fight cellulite, eliminates lymph congestion, improves skin relief and elasticity,” explained Galina Vladimirovna. “The device works by means of acoustic waves, which are created by a combination of two applicators: radial (D-ACTOR) and planar (C-ACTOR) types. Acoustic waves, penetrating the skin and subcutaneous fat layer, increase the permeability of cell membranes and release the contents from the cells. Metabolic products accumulated in the intercellular space are excreted by the circulatory and lymphatic systems. As a result, there is a decrease in volume from 2.5 to 6 cm and the relief of the skin is leveled. Additional sources of energy obtained as a result of the activation of fat cells are eliminated by drinking plenty of fluids. “

The most important thing that I, a coward, always worries about what sensations to expect during the procedure and whether it will hurt. Galina Vladimirovna replied that the procedure is quite comfortable – one might even say painless. A gel is applied to the contact surface (it is a little cold), and then two applicators come into play: “The first, radial, works quite noisy, do not be alarmed!” – warned Galina Vladimirovna. – “The depth of penetration of acoustic waves is up to 3-5 cm. In general, there should be no discomfort.”

It sounds like a drill, but of course it doesn’t feel like your body is being drilled. On the contrary, I liked the effect of the apparatus – it reminded me of a medium-intensity massage. I once underwent a course of lymphatic drainage – it felt less comfortable than Duolite. If you feel discomfort during lymphatic drainage massage, here it really is absent. And for me, a person with a low pain threshold and a panic fear of injections and lasers, this is a real find.

Within 7-10 minutes, Galina Vladimirovna passes this applicator along the inner and outer surfaces of the thighs and buttocks, after which she repeats all the same, only with a different applicator.

“We now take the focused applicator. Here, the depth of penetration of the acoustic wave is quite deep – up to 5-6 cm, that is, we penetrate into the thickness of the entire subcutaneous fat layer, enhancing all metabolic processes, ”comments Galina Vladimirovna. “It will feel softer, the person does not feel such a mechanical effect as from the previous nozzle, only slight clicks on the surface are heard.” With this attachment, you really do not feel anything but a slight moderate pressure on the body. You don’t even have to think about discomfort and pain.

How quickly is the effect of the Duolith procedure visible?
If we talk about a decrease in volumes, then the lymphatic drainage effect is already obtained from the third procedure, although there are patients who feel the difference after the first session.
“Improvement of the skin relief, of course, will not appear immediately, it is stretched out in time, and a person will receive the final result in 2-3 months after the end of the course,” Galina Vladimirovna warned.

By the way, an important nuance: the device gives a prolonged effect, so after a couple of months after all sessions you will see that the result has become more noticeable. The course can be repeated twice a year. The number of procedures is individual, but the minimum is 8-10 per one course, two per week.

Contraindications are as follows: pregnancy, lactation, diabetes mellitus, the presence of a pacemaker, vein surgery, phlebitis, deep vascular thrombosis, inflammatory changes in the area of ​​the procedure, cancer. The procedure can be performed on the buttocks, thighs, abdomen and arms. Initially, the patient comes for a consultation, an anamnesis is taken, it turns out if there are any health problems that must be taken into account when prescribing a course. If there are restrictions, then the procedure will not be carried out in a specific area.

“For the best effect, I recommend combining the Duolith course with lymphatic drainage treatments such as hydromassage and thalassotherapy. Regular sports and proper nutrition should always go parallel to the course – then the result will not be long in coming, ”advises Galina Vladimirovna.

I will not be lying if I say that when I got up from the couch, it was visually noticeable that it seemed to be a little “blown away” in the area of ​​breeches. I liked the fact that the procedure as a whole took no more than half an hour (in our frantic rhythm of life, this is really a big plus when you need to do everything and everywhere), there were no discomfort sensations and pain. I will definitely take a course of ten procedures for the final victory over cellulite!

Photo: Asya Zabavskaya