9 September 2021

TOBeautyHack olumnist and blogger Elvira Chabakauri shared a list of her favorite products for the skin around the eyes – take note!

In Asian multi-stage care, the area around the eyes is practically ignored, and the bags under the eyes are removed with the help of fillers (this type, by the way, is called smiling or “puppy” eyes).

But in our culture, everything is exactly the opposite – it is the area around the eyes on our faces that gives out everything first – and fatigue, and lack of sleep, and salty chips in the evening, which crunch so nicely while watching movies or TV shows. Therefore, daily and emergency skin care products around the eyes are relevant for almost everyone.

Let’s take a look at a few of them – these are my favorites.

Clarins Enhancing Eye Lift Serum

A very interesting and unusual tool! It is a serum with a light gel texture and gold reflective particles. However, after distribution of the product, they are invisible on the skin. Suitable for those who have swelling not only under the eyes, but also in the upper eyelid. If the latter is swollen and you don’t know where to draw the arrows, this tool will help you out. After application it seems a little sticky, but the eyelids seem to “stick” and the eyes open.

KenzoKi Ice-Cold Eye Cream

The brand calls it “popsicle cream”: in order to enhance the effect, it is recommended to store it in the refrigerator. But I specially checked, and without this KenzoKi Ice-Cold Eye Cream refreshes well and visually smoothes the skin around the eyes. He also has a recognizable and simply magnificent scent of the KenzoKi ginger series. This is a cream, not a gel, so it is suitable even for dry skin around the eyes.

Clinique Pep Start eye cream

Clinique Pep Start eye cream is a light cream with reflective particles and a very quick effect – in just a couple of minutes it visibly invigorates the skin around the eyes (both in sensation and in appearance). I also love that makeup adheres well to it, even if there is no time to wait for full absorption. This Clinique series is just for the ever-rushing city dwellers.

Eisenberg Gel Contour yeux

Eisenberg Gel Contour yeux is a transparent, very light gel. Suitable for those who prefer weightless textures for the skin around the eyes, and those who are worried about swelling. Despite its lightness, this gel moisturizes and soothes the skin well, but after being absorbed it seems to have never existed. The tool can also be applied to the movable eyelid, and I personally like that it is not standard 15 ml, but 30 ml in the package!

L`Occitane Reine Blanche illuminating eye care & mask

It is a lightweight cream gel with a cool metal massage tip for application. The product can be used every day and applied in a thicker layer (like a mask). I like the second option – generously distribute the product on the skin around the eyes, massage it, or just leave it to be absorbed while some other mask is on the face. And then rinse off the remains with water or blot with a napkin. Very coolly refreshes the area around the eyes and removes puffiness, as well as lightens dark circles under the eyes. The effect of the product is noticeable immediately!

Modeling mask for the skin around the eyes, L’Etoile

I know that many people love and praise a lot of cool and expensive patches of various brands. But I have my favorites for several years – from L’Etoile. I always take them on the plane. They are made from an unusual gel material and do not contain any perceptible liquid impregnation. In other words, nothing drips or leaks from them. Therefore, it is convenient to use them anywhere – even in the car, even on the plane, even on the train. You can also apply them over finished makeup. Masks relieve stress and fatigue.

My personal hack is to re-paste these patches several times (in one application) in different places. For example, after the area under the eyes, you can distribute for a short time on closed eyes, and then place them on the nasolabial folds and between the eyebrows – the cool, pleasant material smoothes wrinkles and relaxes. Naturally, they are disposable, but in this way it can be pleasantly and profitably extended.

Erborian spatule du regard

Many people know how pleasant metal or ceramic massage tips are in packaging of eye creams and how they enhance the refreshing effect of the products. Erborian has released such a tool, and it’s very convenient! They can take any cream and massage the eyes. I wear such a stick in a cosmetic bag and use it even just like that during the day. By the way, another hack – Erborian Spatule Du regard, you can make pressing movements when you really want to scratch your eyes, for example, on an airplane.

Philips Visapure Advanced

Disorders of skin microcirculation are one of the first signs of aging, and massage helps to fight against them. Many people cannot go to appointments with a beautician or are lazy – just like doing massage on their own. Special gadgets come to the rescue – such as Philips Visapure Advanced. It has a specially shaped nozzle for the area around the eyes that vibrates in the most delicate way, helping to invigorate the skin. It can be used with or without cream, the massage program starts itself and takes only 30 seconds, even in a half-asleep state it is easy to master. The device is not cheap, but the massage attachments do not require replacement: they just need to be cleaned regularly, then they will serve you for a long time.