9 September 2021

Blip alm that works like a tint, a multifunctional palette with trendy shades of eyeshadows, highlighters and blush, a Korean mask designed especially for flights: if you are still deciding which products to put in your suitcase and which ones to put in your carry-on luggage before your trip, read the new one overview Chief Editor of BeautyHack Karina Andreeva (@kandreevaa): These six super heroes will let you get off the plane ready for any ball.

Karina Andreeva

Karina Andreeva

Chief Editor of BeautyHack

Like a real beautygolic, I go on board the plane without any care products or makeup (even if the flight lasts less than two or three hours). My friends often laugh, because I have three cosmetic bags: with decorative cosmetics, with care and the third – “airplane”. But usually at the check-in desk you can see me without makeup, and if the flight is early – then still sleepy and with bruises under my eyes. If upon arrival I go to the hotel, the thought of “putting on makeup” does not arise: I just make a moisturizing mask or use thermal or grape water (I told about the latter here). But this does not always happen, especially if I am flying not on vacation, but on a business trip. I am sharing the tools that will help you create a great quick makeup in a hurry!

Two-component complex masks Jet Super Hydrating Mask Kit, doubledare

A couple of months ago I tried a two-component complex of masks with a softening effect Jet Super Hydrating Mask Kit of the Korean brand double dare, or, more simply, a real cure for bruises under the eyes, “gray” complexion and edema. In 99% of cases, I choose the earliest flights, so I can’t sleep.

And on trips, you want to look better than at home so that you can immediately start taking photos and selfies upon arrival.

So, my find consists of two parts – a cleansing cloth and a softening mask. A wipe with aloe, green tea and AHA acids exfoliates and refreshes the skin – you need to rub it thoroughly with it.

Then put on the mask and leave it on for 15-30 minutes.

There is no need to rinse off the remnants of the product after use – just spread it with massaging movements on the skin.

The mask is infused with a complex of squalane, lecithin, NP ceramide and powerful antioxidants (cactus and rosehip extracts).

This super-set replaced my favorite patches (bruises and bags under the eyes disappeared in half an hour), the skin became radiant and moisturized, the complexion became healthy (the effect #You were already spilled this week disappeared instantly).

I have a dry type, so this complex came in handy and did not leave my skin dehydrated in flight.

Price: 790 rub.

Palette Back Talk, Urban Decay

I think many people are familiar with this situation when you need to leave the airport upon arrival not with a swollen face and bruises under your eyes, but almost “to the ball” (those who often fly on business trips, where every hour is scheduled upon arrival – take note ). The new UrbanDecay saves a lot of space in your bag: it consists of eight shades of eyeshadow (there are both nude and bright) and four pigments for the face (two highlighters and two blush).

Shades 3Sheets (soft pink), Bare (soft beige with shimmer), Curve (ash rose color, also with shimmer) I use solo – when I need to distribute the product on the eyelids on the run (fortunately, they are shaded perfectly). Shade (purple with glitter), Attitude (fiery with shimmer), WTF (matte brown) and 180 (dark brown with shimmer) – such bright and saturated colors are enough for unusual eye makeup. My favorite technique is to apply Curve to the entire movable eyelid and create a fiery haze at the outer corners with Attitude, emphasize the mucous membrane with a 180th, and distribute the PartyFoul highlighter under the eyebrow.

Now let’s talk about pigments for the face. I really liked CheapShot’s cool pink – it gives a blush, like after an hour’s walk in a winter forest. But DoubleTake is warmer, ideally accentuates your tan. There are two highlighters in the palette – LowKey (peach) and PartyFoul (cold pink). Persistent, do not crumble, are applied “on the run” (in our case – “on the fly” :)) – great! And the set includes a mirror, which is magnetically attached to the palette. It is convenient to detach it so as not to keep the whole package hanging on the weight during the make-up process. The novelty is thought out to the smallest detail – now it is my irreplaceable travel companion.

Price: 3 950 rub.

BB-cream Nude, Erborian

For a long time I was in search of the best foundation. I like some of them, but then they start to get bored, so I changed them to something new almost every month. But after trying this BB cream in January, which I heard about more than once from many makeup gurus, I fell in love once and for all and have been using it for several months now. Why do I love this remedy? Firstly, the shade is a godsend for girls with very fair skin. It does not turn yellow, does not give the effect of a “pale face”, but in the first ten minutes it adjusts to your natural tone. Secondly, the product is ideal for those who, like me, suffer from dryness (how I take care of dry skin – you can read here): BB cream does not accentuate the flaking, but rather works like a day cream and moisturizes the skin. Contains six-year-old Korean ginseng root that stimulates microcirculation and activates natural collagen production; ginger, which cleanses and tones the skin; also licorice, which relieves redness and works as an antioxidant.

Thirdly, there is no need for a primer before this tool – the cream is evenly distributed with fingertips or a beauty blender in a matter of seconds and really lasts up to the promised 12 hours, after which it can be easily removed with a cleansing gel.

Fourth, the cream is very convenient for flights. It gives a “second skin” effect, allowing it to breathe and refreshing the face. I have heard more than once: “How good you look without makeup after the flight!” It’s great that others do not even notice the presence of BB-cream on the face, but it is, and it will help you out more than once – it will definitely hide minor imperfections.

Fifthly, the SPF factor is 25: just what you need in your holiday cosmetic bag (especially if you are going to the sea!).

Price: 3 500 rub.

Concealer The Concealer, Light, La Mer

I love this concealer for its compactness: it fits even in the smallest clutch bag (or in a jacket pocket, if you suddenly decide to leave the house “light” and without a bag). The format of the stick allows you to draw a neat strip under the eyes and shade it with the pads of your fingers – it is convenient when you fly in an airplane, and to disguise bruises under the eyes you need to spend just a couple of seconds and the same amount of body movements. Despite the high price, it is consumed sparingly: it feels like it will last for an eternity – I have this stick since last year, and almost half of it is intact with almost daily use. I love that the Light shade does not fall as a white spot, but rather adjusts to the skin tone and creates a long-lasting coverage with a delicate veil, hiding traces of fatigue. Thanks to the powerful elixir MiracleBroth (recall, it is made on the basis of nutrient-rich kelp and other natural ingredients discovered by the creator of the brand, Dr. Huber), the concealer partially relieves puffiness and moisturizes. And what is very important – it does not roll. Available in three shades.

Price: 4 450 rub.

Mascara for eyelashes Cabaret Premiere, Vivienne Sabo

The legendary Cabaret mascara can be found in the cosmetic bag of almost every true beauty guru. She really is a legend – perfect separation, the ability to get to the very roots of the eyelashes and thoroughly paint over them thanks to a convenient brush, excellent volume and length, durability without shedding, but at the same time quite simple removal (micellar is enough) – dream mascara, no less. But the creators did not stop there and not so long ago “conjured” over the formula – the tool has become even more persistent, and the effect is obvious (you can’t argue that it gives more volume than its predecessor, although, it would seem, where else!). One way or another, I love both mascaras – they will even go “to the ends of the earth” with me (and they will not let you down, I’m sure of that!). If you, like me, wear contact lenses or have sensitive eyes, pay special attention to it: mascara does not cause allergic reactions, tested on itself!

Price: 315 rub.

Lip balm Les Beiges, Deep, Chanel

New for summer and now my best friend for express lip makeup. Balm, but actually works as a great moisturizing tint. No, no, not the one that eats into the lips and dries them, but on the contrary, perfectly softens the skin (in the composition of moringa oil and a derivative of vitamin E) and at the same time gives the effect of “stein”. With it, I don’t need balm and lipstick – this is a real two-in-one remedy. I chose the shade of ripe cherry (Deep), which made my natural lip color more intense (by the way, each color appears differently). Persistent – I apply it in the morning and I can not think about renewal for another six hours: it comes off neatly, without a clear outline, but the moisturizing effect remains. A few days ago my friends asked me if I had enlarged my lips: of course not! But the volume was given to them by a noble balm. Take note of this tool for those cases when the emphasis is on the eyes in your image: the makeup will turn out to be harmonious.

Price: 2 760 rubles.

Text: Karina Andreeva