the best remedies for skin imperfections


VWe all dream of perfect skin, but climate, nutrition, hormones often affect us in a negative way, and imperfections appear on our face. And if it is as easy as shelling pears to return the skin to a healthy look in the photo (hello, FaceTune), then in life it is not always possible to retouch redness or rashes. For this case, I have several SOS tools. Some of them work in a truly magical way!

1) The most effective miracle of miracles in my arsenal is cream Bioclean Stop Imperfections by Methode Cholley

Honestly, I would never have believed that there are creams that work SO. Apply at night to the irritated area (pimple) – in the morning, in most cases, there is nothing. Systemic application to a subcutaneous pimple in a few days fights a nuisance that could be frustrating for a long time! In addition to acne, the cream also helps against rosacea (we wrote in detail here how to deal with this problem), relieves redness and irritation. I use it in sensitive skin areas every day, and in other cases as needed! You can apply the cream to problem areas both at night and under makeup. Works tirelessly, and most importantly – with excellent results!

2) The most common alcohol tincture of calendula

If you are an amateur to solve the problem of acne on your own, then without this tool you can go anywhere. Perfectly dries and relieves inflammation! It is not suitable for solving the problem of subcutaneous inflammation, but it can easily cope with single small pimples. Perfectly disinfects, soothes and dries.

3) Has a similar effect and Drying Lotion by Mario Badescu

Dries to the surface of the skin to form a pink crust. Before you start using it, it is worth preparing your husband for the fact that before going to bed you will look like a spotted … Let there be a pink panther! Copes well with small, multiple rashes, removing redness and making them less noticeable.

4) Calming Botanica mask by SkinCeuticals

This remedy will not relieve you of acne, but it will help relieve redness and irritation before a responsible event. Has a light gel structure and a pleasant mint-herbal scent.

5) Intral Redness Relief Cream by Darphin will save irritated skin, remove redness.

Systemic use in the morning and evening gives an excellent effect. It also helps in the fight against rosacea. I advised it to several of my friends, everyone was very happy!

6) Darsonval

This is a device that works by being exposed to a high voltage impulse current. It has many positive effects. In the case of acne, it dries well, has an anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effect. In general, the procedure improves skin turgor and appearance. In short, if you use Darsonval, and after the procedure, apply Bioclean cream, then there are great chances of a quick victory even over serious inflammations. Just do not overdo it: too aggressive use of Darsonval can lead to microburns – in this case, in addition to inflammation, a scab can form.

This technique has contraindications, I advise you to familiarize yourself if you decide to purchase!

I wish everyone to deal with skin imperfections as little as possible! And in case you had to – solve the problem with the help of a beautician, reliable cosmetics, but in no case your beautiful hands! All beauty!

PS And I talked about how I take care of my skin here

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Text: Ekaterina Domankova