9 September 2021

ANDPersonal hygiene is an important aspect of personal care. Women’s health needs to be monitored so that in the future there are no problems with microflora or bacterial diseases. And these rules for caring for a delicate area will help you feel more confident.

Use special cleansers

In the production of conventional soaps, alkali is used, which disrupts the natural pH balance of the female microflora. Soap can dry out delicate skin and mucous membranes or lead to the growth of bacteria.

Replace simple soaps with specialized intimate hygiene products – they are suitable for both disease prevention and daily care. The best we have collected here

Shower regularly

Feminine hygiene requires regular shower. It is necessary to wash at least once a day, and the water temperature should be moderately warm.

On critical days, the frequency of showering should be increased, so after each tampon or pad change, you should rinse. Important facts about your period – here

Do not rub this area with washcloths and sponges (only hand movements), otherwise it can be easily damaged. After washing, use a soft towel – this should only be for you.

If you feel discomfort in the intimate area, then in no case abuse water procedures – excessive cleanliness will aggravate the situation. Contact your gynecologist, if necessary, he will prescribe treatment.

Do not use pads daily

Panty liners – harm or benefit? Firstly, panty liners are not hygiene products, they are designed to protect the laundry from discharge, but is it worth the risk? Unfortunately, this protection also absorbs the secretions of the glands, and this is the protective layer of the vulva, which protects against fungal infections.

Secondly, the composition of the pads often include fragrances – they can cause itching and irritation, in individual cases – allergies. Their function is associated with masking an atypical odor, but if such a problem arises, then it must be eliminated by cumulative medication treatment.

Wet wipes for intimate hygiene (we give an example of the best below) are a suitable option for maintaining freshness in the female area. They should not contain alcohol, but may contain calendula extract or milk protein.

Choose the right underwear

Remember that the underwear should be the right size for you, and it is better to take it off during sleep. Prefer natural cotton materials for air circulation. Of course, it is allowed to wear panties made of other fabrics, but without fanaticism.

Do not get carried away with douching

Douching for hygienic purposes can harm the female microflora. Girls who often use this method of cleansing expose themselves to dangerous consequences. The procedure can only mask unpleasant problems and aggravate the course of some diseases.

We recommend the best intimate hygiene products that many girls trust.

Text: Diana Snetkova