9 September 2021

WITHpas care, massages, hair coloring and restoration. BeautyHack team – about favorite beauty locations in Moscow.

Body care at Still Beauty Space

Karina Andreeva, chief editor of BeautyHack

Still Beauty Space is located in a three-storey building with a rooftop terrace in the very center of the “museum quarter” of Moscow (next door is the Museum of Contemporary Art on Gogolevsky Boulevard, the Tretyakov Gallery, the Red October Gallery). This is a space that works both as a beauty salon (they will do any service for you – from manicure and pedicure to aesthetic medicine and spa procedures), and as a gallery (a unique collection of photographs of Guy Bourdin, Herb Ritz, Richard Avedon is located here), and as a boutique restaurant (works in cooperation with the Semifreddo Group, in the summer a rooftop terrace with a view of Moscow is open).

I recommend two procedures at Still Beauty Space: Endosphere and Indiba – both have been tested on myself. “Endosphere” works due to the compressive effect on the skin with the help of microvibrations and a special nozzle weighing two kilograms creates a drainage effect. It is a cylindrical handle with 50 honeycomb-shaped silicone spheres that rotate around their axis at different speeds. For better glide, a special oil is applied to the skin.

During the procedure, I did not have any painful sensations, which was already an undoubted plus. I came in with lower back pain, and my torment ended after the Endosphere. The procedure is also aimed at combating cellulite and excess weight.

Indiba activates the work of cells from the inside and improves blood circulation (I did it in the breeches zone – 50 minutes after the procedure, the skin became smooth and tightened after the first session). And the pain in the lower back seemed to be relieved by hand.

Price for one procedure “Endosphere”: 7,500 rubles.
Price for one Indiba procedure: 10,000 rubles.
Address: Barykovsky lane, 4, building 3

Haircut and coloring in the hairdressing project “Bublik”

Sofia Vorobyova, BeautyHack editor

In January, Yegor Bublik’s hairdressing project “Bublik” was opened. here). Beauty spot has already been tested by Yegor’s faithful friends and clients Maria Ivakova, Daria Klyukina, Dusya Bubel, Nyusha, Yulianna Karaulova. During the weekend in May, I advise you to look there too (if you have time to sign up – the schedule for all the masters is very tight).

My first trip to Bublik was very successful! The haircut and coloring was done by Zhenya Romanova (one of eight masters who work with Yegor). Zhenya started with the “Egorov” shatush technique: she braided her tails (turning me into Sailor Moon), spread the Redken paint (it suited me the most) and covered each strand with foil. After that, for an hour, the hair was lightened, and I enjoyed a delicious cappuccino and sweets.

Then it’s time for tinting (also with Redken funds). Zhenya removed the warm shade from my hair, making it colder. When the hairdresser was drying our hair, we realized that the shade does not play, and the color hardly changed. Zhenya suggested repeating the whole procedure, knowing that I have time.

The salon also makes hair cares, complex styling (for example, African braids), and if you need to be gathered for the evening and there is no time to run from the salon to the salon, then you can agree on makeup and eyebrow shaping by calling the “Bublik” beforehand.

Price for shatush / toning: 9 100 rubles.
Price per installation: 3,000 rubles.
Price for a haircut: 4,000 rubles.
Address: Maly Kozikhinsky lane, 8/18

Lymphatic drainage massage in the studio of Gennady Minkevich

Daria Mironova, special correspondent for BeautyHack

After the article about massage with singing bowls (read here) was very inspired and signed up for Gennady Minkevich for the procedure. And now I recommend it to you too.

Before starting, we discussed my previous massage experience, well-being and wishes. I haven’t been to a massage for a long time and decided to do a lymphatic drainage – this is a good start to any course.

Gennady asked about the presence of allergic reactions, because the whole procedure is carried out in oil, and only after that he started to work. The master spoke in detail about massage and how it affects the lymphatic circulation, and also shared his experience of his practice in Bali. Under a quiet and pleasant voice, I finally relaxed.

The massage began with the shoulders, after Gennady worked on the hips and calves. At first I felt discomfort, but this was to be expected – I am a very squeezed person, often forgetting about the importance of physical activity. After thoroughly warming up the back, they put silicone cans on it, and then moved on to the hips. Gennady explained that from the outside you can massage them hard enough, but from the inside you need to be careful. Massage of calves and feet began, which became the most pleasant part of the procedure for me (usually they do not concentrate on these areas).

An hour and a half later, I left Gennady’s massage room as if after a long and healthy sleep. It’s not clear where I got so much energy that I decided to walk home. My general condition, even after one massage session, became much better, my back stopped hurting, and my arms and legs seemed to feel lighter.

Price: 4 500 rub.
Address: Komsomolskaya prospect, 35

Corrective massage in the HealthyBallers body improvement studio

Arina Zarudko, editorial assistant at BeautyHack

I have always associated massage with relaxation. But sometimes you need to add a little harshness to achieve a positive effect. Everything in order.

One Friday night I dropped by the cozy Healthy Ballers and did not regret it! Everything in the studio is great: from the music to the incredible scent of oils. Corrective massage is designed to work out problem areas – you need to be prepared for the fact that “relaxation” will be with minor “amendments”.

My master named Tatiana was very attentive, at every stage taking an interest in my well-being. We started from the back: after gently massaging and relaxing it, Tatyana started working on the waist area (for now, extra centimeters!). Then came the turn of the hips, and then the hands and abdomen.

On average, the master devotes 5-7 minutes to each zone. With this type of massage, sharp and active movements are needed to improve blood circulation and tissue trophism. During the procedure, Tatyana used Spatouch almond massage oil, which leaves a pleasant aroma and smooth feeling on the body.

An hour passed quickly, and the result exceeded all expectations. I came out of Healthy Ballers with a feeling of lightness throughout my body and a great mood. To be most effective, the procedure should be repeated once or twice a month.

Price for corrective massage: 4 500 rubles.
Address: Chistoprudny Boulevard 23, bldg. 1

Hair coloring in the Health and Beauty Center “White Garden” in the hotel “Metropol”

Yulia Kozoliy, editor of BeautyHack

The place is wonderful and made for relaxing on the weekend. First, you pass the noisy Metropol hall and several corridors with halls for official events and find yourself in the quietest part of it, where from time to time only hotel guests and regular customers of the salon walk in white coats, from the terrace (it is magical near the White Garden !) blows with a warm wind, and cucumber water flows like a river from a fashionable jug. We began our conversation with my master Polina Makurina with a discussion of color. As I said, I didn’t want radical changes, but the master voiced a thought that had been quietly sitting in my head for a long time: “Let’s try a warm shade. He rarely goes to anyone, but this is definitely your case! “. “Let’s try! Not red, of course, but warm wheat, which will ideally lie on top of the strands that were clarified last time. Yes!” We darkened the roots slightly (so that they grow less noticeably), applied L’oreal Professionnel dye along the length and washed off after 30 minutes. It turned out what you see in the photo! Warm, fresh and very comfortable!

The salon uses cream paints from the L’Oreal Professionnel Majirel series, treatments from Davines, Morocanoil and styling from Oribe. In total, it took about two hours to dye with styling – I didn’t even have time to notice!

Price for staining: 14,200 rubles.
Address: Teatralny proezd, 2, floor 2