Top 5 safe products with SPF for children


TOWhat ingredients should not be in sunscreens and what UV filters will definitely not harm your baby? Dermatologist Olga Shaplyko tells how to protect children from the sun’s rays – a list of the best tools is attached.
The summer sun is already hot all over, and mothers have a question – how to protect children from the sun’s rays? Hats, panama hats, caps and beach umbrellas are used, but you definitely can’t do without sunscreen. Today I will be happy to share the criteria for choosing sunscreens for children.

First of all, I recommend taking creams with mineral UV filters, not chemical ones. To understand if there are filters of this kind in the composition, you need to carefully look at the ingredients. Usually titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are used as mineral filters. Ideally, these two substances are present at the same time.

Important: Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide should not be in the form of nanoparticles, because in this form they accumulate in the skin.

Take care not to contain substances such as:

  • methylparaben (accelerates skin aging);
  • oxybenzone (has a hormone-like effect and is an allergen);
  • vitamin A (often referred to as retinol, can damage the skin);
  • octocrylene and ethihexylmethoxycinnamate (these substances are suspected of being able to change hormonal levels).

Of course, products with physical filters do not absorb and distribute as well as with chemical filters. In addition, they can leave a whitish mark on the skin, but they certainly will not harm the baby.

Here are my top five favorites:

Sunscreen body with calendula SPF 50, Levrana

The product is suitable for the whole family – it contains two physical filters that provide reliable protection for a long time. The cream is waterproof and very economical.

Baby natural sunscreen milk SPF 30, Eco SunCare

This product contains ingredients that can protect the delicate baby skin from UVA and UVB rays. Baikal skullcap extract will prevent pigmentation caused by the sun.

Children’s sunscreen SPF 50, Töpfer

And here is the representative of German organic cosmetics. The baby cream has a very light texture, it lays down smoothly and easily. Importantly, the product can be used from birth.

Sunscreen milk for face and body SPF 50, Biosolis

Biosolis is a great Belgian brand that is famous for its natural formulations. The milk contains many bio-oils that soothe the skin after sunbathing.

Colorless sunscreen with zinc SPF 50, Babo Botanicals

And of course, my favorite is Babo Botanicals Zinc Cream. The product is absolutely odorless and suitable for children with supersensitive skin. Contains only certified organic ingredients.

But do not forget that it is not recommended to take babies under 6 months into the active sun, even with sunscreen.