9 September 2021

ZWhy do you need a scrub for hair and scalp? If you have such a question, then the answer to it is simple: a scrub or peeling for the scalp exfoliates and cleanses the skin, eliminates dandruff and reduces sebum production, relieves irritation and improves scalp microcirculation, which has a beneficial effect on hair growth.

These products usually contain components that strengthen the hair structure and accelerate hair growth. BeautyHack will tell you which scalp scrubs you should pay attention to, and which ones are right for you.

Revitalizing Gommage Chronologiste, Kérastase

The Kérastase scrub is applied before using the shampoo and conditioner. It is suitable for regular hair care, but it will not solve global scalp problems.

The delicate texture of the product is suitable for a light massage of the scalp and cleansing the hair surface, due to which the caring effect from the subsequent use of shampoo and other products is enhanced (for more information on the harm and benefits of shampoos without SLS, read here). Thanks to the special scrub formula with valuable ingredients and argan oil, the strands seem to be transformed, become soft and obedient.

Apply the scrub to damp hair along the entire length and massage into the scalp for about five minutes, then rinse off and proceed with your usual care.

Price: 4 190 rubles.

Sea buckthorn scalp scrub, Natura Siberica

Natura Siberica Sea Buckthorn Scrub, which is suitable for all hair types, will help eliminate dandruff and strengthen hair follicles (you will find other quick methods to combat dandruff here). Its viscous texture and coarse particles of ground berry seeds effectively cleanse the hair and scalp, but at the same time can be easily washed off with shampoo, leaving curls shiny and elastic.

The product contains vitamins and amino acids to nourish the hair, as well as calendula and wild Siberian mint extracts to revitalize the scalp. The sea buckthorn scrub is perfect for deep cleansing your scalp and boosting hair growth.

Price: 280 rub.

Scrub for intensive cleansing of the scalp Deep Micro-Exfoliating Scalp Treatment, Kiehl’s

Kiehl’s not only effectively cleanses the scalp, but also restores its healthy balance, and also gives the strands a radiance – it contains plankton extract and rosemary leaf oil, and exfoliates the scrub with ground apricot kernels and argan shells.

This scrub will help you prepare your scalp for subsequent care, and it also soothes the skin, relieves any irritation and itching.

Price: 1 800 rub.

Deep Cleansing Pre-Shampoo Mask, Time to Grow

What result can you expect from a product with such an interesting name? First, the pre-shampoo mask deeply cleanses the scalp and hair roots, thereby normalizing the sebaceous glands. Secondly, it has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, since the product contains ingredients such as glycolic acid, urea, Hamamelis virginiana bark and leaf extract. In addition, the pre-shampoo mask effectively exfoliates the scalp.

Also, the pre-shampoo mask is suitable for the care of oily and colored curls. And if peeling and increased sweating bother you in other areas of the body, then the manufacturer recommends applying this product even to these problem areas – use it after a shower, leaving it on the skin for about 5 minutes.

To use the product on the scalp, apply it on dry skin 20 minutes before shampooing or on wet skin for 5 minutes, then wash your hair with regular shampoo. When you rinse off the product, you may feel that it warms up the skin a little – do not be afraid, this is how some of the active ingredients of the mask work.

Price: 2 200 rubles.

Shampoo-peeling Dercos Micro Peel, Vichy

The Vichy remedy, which is suitable even for daily use, will help refresh the scalp and cope with dandruff. The shampoo contains salicylic acid, which gently cleanses the skin and promotes its renewal, as well as glycerin to soften, nourish and relieve irritation.

Price: 1 305 rub

Cleansing scrub for the head Cleansing Purifying Scrub with sea-salt, Christophe Robin

Despite the concentrated formula of the Christophe Robin scrub, it delicately cleanses and soothes even the sensitive scalp. Use the scrub twice a week to rinse off any remaining styling products and deeply cleanse skin and hair of other environmental pollutants.

A cleansing scrub from Christophe Robin works due to particles of sea salt, which not only effectively exfoliate the skin, but also maintain a healthy level of moisture. In addition, the product smells good, and its effect is noticeable after the first use.

Price: 3 440 rub.

Text: Diana Snetkova