what is it and where to do it?


HIs a hot wrap different from other professional hair treatments (and is it different), and what cosmetics are used during the procedure?

What is hot hair wrap?

The tasks of a hot wrap are the same as for most hair care procedures: fill the strands with useful ingredients from the inside and “seal” the cuticle. Therefore, it is “shown” to girls with dry, brittle or simply porous hair. Also, care can be done after lightening or between stains in order to restore shine.

Depending on the type of products used, there are several types of hot wraps: silk and oil. In the first case, the composition of the treatments that are applied to the hair contains hydrolyzed silk proteins (about what it is and how it works, read here). One of the most famous manufacturers of hot silk wrap products is the Italian Constant Delight brand. The brand has a whole beauty system consisting of five steps, the result of using which is the effect of hair lamination. It is available not only for professionals, but also for ordinary buyers. But, despite the clear technology and scheme of use, we do not recommend doing the wrap at home, since the composition of the products cannot be called environmentally friendly, and applying a hot wrap directly requires a certain technique (you can only work with gloves, you cannot apply the composition to the scalp, it is important cover all hair with the composition, and provided that the wrap is transparent, this is more difficult to do).

The second type of wrapping is oil. The procedure is based on the use of a certain type of heated oil to restore and strengthen hair. Many people prefer to do an easy-looking procedure at home, applying natural oils (olive, coconut, sesame) to their hair. But even here there is a chance to get the opposite effect – on how to properly use hair oils at home, read here… Important: before the procedure, the oil is not heated over an open fire, but is warmed up over a water bath and stands in hot water. In any case, if you want to get the full effect of the procedure, go to a professional!

How is a hot wrap done?

In both cases, the technology of the procedure is approximately the same: the hair is first washed with shampoo, then the main active composition (a product with silk proteins or a mixture of oils) is applied, the head is covered with a film, a warm towel and left for 30 minutes. Then the composition is washed off, and additional products are applied to clean hair: masks or serums.

BeautyHack special correspondent Elizaveta Plenkina tested a hot #Ricibios oil wrap from La Biosthetique at the Tsveti beauty bar: “The procedure lasts an hour and a half and restores even heavily damaged hair, as the products penetrate deep into the cuticle. Master Masha Martyshova said that the procedure takes place in three stages. At the first stage, they washed my hair, and then they applied oil, which had previously stood in hot water, to become more liquid and convenient to apply. Then the master twisted the hair into bundles, covered it with a hot towel and left the product to absorb for 20 minutes. After the oil was absorbed, the master cleaned the hair with a special dry shampoo using tightening movements. The third stage of care was the application of a mask with keratin – the master also left it for 20 minutes. After Masha washed off the mask and thoroughly washed her hair, and then proceeded to light styling. While drying with a hairdryer, we did not even need a comb – the hair became so soft and manageable. What pleased me the most was the slight lightening that I saw after leaving. Hair has become brighter, silky and more fragrant – the floral trail has been preserved for several days. “