9 September 2021

WITHThe last bell will ring soon, and the schoolchildren will become students. The celebration of the transition of “adulthood” is also just around the corner. Where to get your prom hairstyle and makeup to look one thousand and one percent? BeautyHack editors submit addresses, passwords and attendances.

Beauty institute BABOR Mosfilmovskaya

Tested by senior editor Anna Sherstneva

Beauty Institute BABOR Mosfilmovskaya conquered at first sight. At the reception I was met by a very nice girl who handed me over to the hands of professionals. Makeup artist Daria and hair stylist Elena listened attentively to all wishes and shared their ideas.

I wanted to create a light, feminine look – we discussed in detail what colors to use for makeup and how to style your hair.

At first I wanted to try on the classic arrows, but Dasha dissuaded me, for which she “thanks a lot” (how to draw perfect arrows – see here). As a professional makeup artist, she immediately saw which makeup option would suit me best. Lena also did not disappoint and in a minute figured out how to turn me from a princess into a very daring princess.

The masters conjured at the same time – this saved a lot of time. Before styling, Lena assessed the condition of the hair and gave many important care tips. The Beauty Institute BABOR Mosfilmovskaya uses Kevin.Murphy funds. I have loved this brand for a long time for its compositions, amazing effect and ecology – the products are not tested on animals.

In the process of styling Lena used a spray with coconut oil. It is enriched with nutrients and has protective properties. And it is also very delicate – it does not glue and does not weigh down.

While Lena was doing magic on her hair, Dasha applied multi-stage skin care from Babor, after which the skin became smooth and hydrated. Toner, active serum, eye cream, nourishing cream – only after that the makeup artist began to apply makeup. First, Dasha used a base, which leveled the relief, and then tonal – she lay perfectly.

A little bit of bronzer to accentuate the cheekbones, a little blush and a highlighter – I’m almost done. By the way, Babor has an interesting cushion blush that gives a natural shade. For eye makeup, the master used a beige and golden palette: they made my brown eyes visually larger. A natural muted pink gloss was applied to the lips – it is very pleasant and not sticky.

The first image is ready! Honestly? I was delighted and felt like a supermodel. The second turned out to be no less bright. With one movement of her hand, the master transformed my curls into a spectacular styling on one side, and Dasha applied red lipstick to her lips. I decided to leave it that way and go to conquer the world – my friends appreciated it.

Address: st. Mosfilmovskaya, 88 bldg. 2 p. 7

Price for an evening designer make-up: 4,000 rubles.
Price for complex hair styling: from 5,700 rubles.

Beauty Studio Krygina Studio

Tested by the editor-in-chief BeautyHack Karina Andreeva

If Krygina Studio existed 6 years ago, I would not hesitate to go to get ready for the Last Call here. For me, like the prom, he is insanely important, and I want to be the most beautiful. Together with makeup artist Evgenia Shtrom, we discussed that the emphasis in makeup will be on the eyes (smokey ice) and sleek, radiant skin. When creating the image, Zhenya paid great attention to care – she rubbed her face with Lotion Tonique (Clarins) toning lotion with chamomile extract, applied a light moisturizer Yuza Sorbet (Erborian), and also used an eye cream with Ginseng Infusion (Erborian) ginseng. It’s nice to see that the masters in the salon work with legendary (and even my favorite) means. To create the tone, we used the best, according to my personal version, BB-cream from Erborian. Instant Concealer (Clarins) helped to hide bruises under the eyes (read – traces of eternal lack of sleep). To create a natural contour, the makeup artist used a Tom Ford sculpting palette: the highlighter and bronzer are creamy here, so the effect is moist and as natural as possible. I got a shiny smoky ice by shading a black arrow on the upper eyelid, extending it to the temples and mixing shiny pigments from Krygina Cosmetics. To emphasize the natural color and shape of the eyebrows (mine are black), Zhenya used my favorite technique: she sprinkled a brush with hairspray and combed the hairs up. Volume effect mascara, light nude lipstick and fixing spray (new from Krygina Cosmetics) are the final touches of the make-up.

The image was perfectly complemented by the curls that hairdresser-stylist Alexei Starchenko created for me. He wound them on a curling iron and made a volume with the help of a corrugation. Lightweight, elastic, they held even on the second day. How I did the curl myself, you can read on link

I remember looking in the mirror, seeing the final result and thinking: how I would like to come back on the day of my Last Call and look as great as today!

Address: Presnenskaya embankment, 2 (Afimall City shopping center, 2nd floor)

Price for evening make-up: 3 800 rubles.
Price for complex styling: 3,500 rubles.

Beauty space PMP Organic Beauty

Tested by BeautyHack editor Sofia Vorobyova

The last call is an important event! You need to prepare for it in advance. Choosing an outfit, styling, makeup, jewelry – you can’t do it in an hour! A visit to PMP Organic Beauty reminded me of preparing for my holiday a few years ago, evoking pleasant emotions and memories (I almost cried). After meeting a stylist and a make-up artist, I asked them to repeat the image from my prom in order to once again get the opportunity to relive this touching moment.

It took Misha and Polina about an hour to create spikelets and purple smokey. Real magic! Before starting my makeup, the makeup artist identified my skin type and selected a foundation.

In her makeup, Polina used the contouring technique, emphasizing the cheekbones and making her nose thinner. We decided to leave the lips neutral – purple shadows with glitter are too self-sufficient.

PMP Organic Beauty is a space for those who value their time, quality of services, and also love organic brands. In the work of the master, only natural remedies are used! Be sure to enjoy delicious coffee from the PMP Organic Bar, a health food café with a menu designed by a nutritionist.

Address: st. Serpukhovsky Val, 21

Price per installation: 2 800 rubles.
Price for evening make-up: 4 500 rubles.

Beauty salon Millefeuille

Tested by BeautyHack editorial assistant Arina Zarudko

I remember with warmth how I was worried before my last call, winding strands on a curling iron and collecting them in two high tails, decorating with bows stitched with silver threads. I had almost no makeup then – a little tone, blush and waterproof mascara so that the streams of tears were not terrible.

Now I would come up with a different look, betting on a light make-up, perfect for my white prom dress. After him, I went to the beauty salon Millefeuille in the City. He impressed me with the stylish interior and the professionalism of the craftsmen.

For inspiration, I revisited all the latest images of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and smelled all the flowering shrubs under the window. This strengthened my confidence: make-up in peach tones and light waves to be!

Before styling, my master Alexander washed his hair with shampoo for sensitive scalp, and then applied Orbe texturizing spray. While my hair was being dried, makeup artist Natalya started to make up. They used the base and core of the NARS brand.

The tone pleased with its durability, and the primer – with a silky texture. Natalia applied a candy pink blush to her cheekbones, cheeks and a little on her forehead. Since the image was conceived as light as possible, we abandoned the contouring and even the highlighter, replacing it with shimmering powder.

In the meantime, Alexander moved on to styling: he created waves with a curling iron. Natalia wielded with brushes, conjuring over eye make-up: applying eye shadows of peach and beige shades from the Volcano Goddess palette from Becca. I do not like to let the mucous membrane down – even the softest kayal irritates the eyes – the make-up artist drew a line with a pencil only along the upper inter-eyelash contour. To add volume and length to the lashes, we used the legendary Cabaret mascara from Vivienne Sabo.

As a finishing touch to the styling, Alexander sprayed Oribe weak hold lacquer on the hair to keep the strands and volume and maintain movement. Special thanks to the masters for their sensitivity – they were able to instantly “grab” the conceived concept and brilliantly bring it to life.

The image turned out to be fresh, not overloaded – exactly the way I imagined it. It seems to me that in youth you need to emphasize your natural beauty with light strokes: delicate shades of shadows and lipstick, a little blush and glitter in the eyes.

Moreover, such makeup is still relevant – take it into service!

Address: Presnenskaya embankment, 8 bldg. 1, Tower “City of Capitals”

Price for evening make-up: 5 500 rubles.
Price per installation: 4 500 rubles.

Beauty salon MOSKVICHKA brow & beauty bar

Tested by a special correspondent BeautyHack Alexandra Grishina

This is not the first time I have been invited to important events in this salon. Therefore, for a beautiful make-up that will last until the evening, and stylish styling I go to Moskvichka.

I really like that training camps are held here in four hands – this saves time as much as possible.

I advise all graduates to first sign up for a rehearsal of the image: so you can definitely understand whether the Taylor Hill makeup from the red carpet in Cannes will suit you and whether the curls on your hair hold well. In general, it is better to do without surprises on an important and responsible day.

I chose the makeup of my beloved Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, which I found on Pinterest. But with the styling she gave full carte blanche to master Sergei Chumakov. The cool beauty hack he shared helped to hide the overgrown roots: we parted with a very small zigzag. At the same time, he used the minimum amount of styling products from the professional line L’Oreal Professionnel: Volume Lift spray mousse for root volume (3) and Fix Anti-Frizz varnish (Force 4) (to fix the curls). Finally, a little Ring Light (Force 1) was added. Voila, my curls lasted the evening, night and the next (!) Day that I spent on the plane! What I like about this seemingly simple styling is that you can easily transform it. For example, brushing a wide comb from root to tip will create a Hollywood wave and a more romantic look.

In make-up, they relied on the eyes and did not lose – you know, this is an indescribable feeling when you walk, and everyone is looking only at you! It was with this feeling that I left the salon and walked along the Patriarch’s.

To create the tone, make-up artist Ekaterina Dolgova used BB-cream from Dr. Jart and … nothing else – no concealer, no concealer, no sculptor was needed. Excellent durability and comfort – for dancing and an active evening.

The most important thing in my makeup is my eyes. And I am so sorry that the photos and videos do not convey all the beauty of what we have achieved. Feathered arrow, soft peach nude in the inner corners and these incredible shimmery Urban Decay eyeshadow in Space Cowboy – I fell in love with them at first sight. They shimmer in front of your eyes as if you had covered your eyelids with diamonds, and in the light of spotlights or a disco ball (why not?) You will absolutely become the main star! Finally, we added a little blush to the cheeks and applied a matte nude KISS lipstick to the lips.

Address: st. Malaya Bronnaya, 38

Price for makeup: 4 500 rubles.
Price for styling: RUB 3,500