9 September 2021

TOolumnist BeautyHack and founder of natural cosmetics brand Vita Liasota (@ natureal.ua) told whether it is possible to change the genetically based structure of hair, why they lose moisture and what will happen if you constantly wear synthetic clothes.

“The structure of the hair is a genetically determined factor. As well as the number of hair follicles. If you naturally have curly, porous hair, you can change the structure only with the help of aggressive chemical exposure. Sometimes excessive fluffiness is the result of changing weather conditions: high humidity or exposure to ultraviolet radiation, for example. The scales are unable to close naturally, cling to each other and get tangled. In such cases, special remedies (most often based on oils) help to cope with the “dandelion”. In this article I will tell you about the most common causes of fluffy hair and how to combat this phenomenon. “

Reason # 1: insufficient hydration

The most common cause of frizz is inadequate hydration. Hair can lose water for various reasons: the sun, love for curling irons and irons, improper care, dry indoor air (heating season, hello to you), ignoring a hat in winter – the list goes on and on.

In short, the mechanism is something like this. Hair elasticity depends on the integrity of the cortex layer, which is protected by the cuticular layer. When the first is destroyed, the second suffers.

The proteins in the hair are linked in several ways. Including hydrogen, which are easily destroyed by all of the above factors. The relationship is directly proportional: insufficient moisture – insufficient number of hydrogen bonds.

The solution to the problem is properly selected care, nutrition, adherence to the drinking regime. Mistakes when washing your hair, see here

Reason # 2: ignoring thermal protection

Hot air promotes rapid evaporation of moisture. Under its influence, the scales rise slightly, leaving the cortex layer defenseless. If you constantly expose your hair to heat without taking care of protection, it will lose elasticity and shine, begin to frizz and break off at the ends.

The solution is thermal protective agents. They contain oils, vitamins, natural proteins and other ingredients that create a protective film on the hair. It prevents moisture loss and protein breakdown.

Reason number 3: unbalanced diet

Beautiful hair is the result of good care and balanced nutrition. It is impossible to grow hair if the body suffers from a deficiency of vitamins and minerals, hormonal disorders or, for example, anemia. Get tested regularly and monitor your diet: include unrefined vegetable oils, avocados, nuts, fatty fish, give up fast carbohydrates and sugar. The latter, by the way, is a lot in fermented milk products – carefully study the labels.

Reason # 4: synthetic clothing

Give preference to clothing made from natural fabrics. Firstly, it is much nicer to the body. And secondly, hair does not electrify from such clothes. Static electricity destroys the structure! Most often, thin, dry and long hair is prone to electrification, but this problem is also not alien to the owners of “boy cut”. In winter, be sure to use antistatic sprays, give preference to wooden combs and wear a hat – basic safety rules.

Reason number 5: hard water

Good tap water in our “latitudes” is a rare guest. Due to the high content of iron, calcium, magnesium and chlorine, the hair becomes unmanageable – coarse, losing shine and elasticity. The most correct solution to the problem is to install a filter (not only hair, but also skin suffers from hard water). Think about it. Lemon juice, chamomile decoction and boiling can help cope with excess minerals in water.