10 Angelina Jolie tattoos you should know about


MHave six children and Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie is a fan of tattoos. The hieroglyph for “death” was the first to appear on the actress’s body. After a couple of years, Angie got rid of it, replacing it with a Buddhist tattoo “Tai prays for protection.” All “art” on the stellar body has a deep meaning. Some drawings are made in memory of people, others are about events, and still others are a reflection of the philosophy of life. 10 Angelina Jolie tattoos and their meaning – in the material BeautyHack.

# 1: black cross

This tattoo is on Angie’s lower abdomen. Previously, a dragon flaunted in its place. The actress applied the drawing during her crazy youth at one of the parties in Amsterdam. She never liked him and even made him laugh! Angelina corrected it to a cross, and a little later supplemented it with the inscription – “Quod me netrit me destruit”, which means “What feeds me, that destroys me.”

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# 2: Buddhist tattoo “Tai begs for protection”

This drawing appeared on the shoulder blade of the actress in the place of the very hieroglyph from which her love for body drawings began. Four lines are translated as “May your enemies fear you, may all your riches be with you, your beauty will be compared with Apsara, and may he protect you, wherever you are.”

# 3: tiger and dragon on the lower back

Angelina began to decorate her loin with drawings in early 2000. At first, these were symbols of the Borneo tribe. In 2004, during the actress’s trip to Bangkok, a Bengal tiger, 30 cm in size, was added to them – a symbol of good luck and wealth. The “partner” of the tiger is the dragon. Apparently, Angie likes him more than the one she did in Amsterdam.

In addition to animals, there is a window on Jolie’s lower back. It is believed to symbolize a passion for travel and new discoveries.

# 4: purposefulness

This tattoo is on the right hand of the actress. The inscription is in Arabic. Purposefulness – this word perfectly reflects Angie’s character.

# 5: know your rights

This is the phrase that adorns Angelina’s back. “Know Your Rights” is the name of the song of The Сlash, and also the life credo of the actress.

# 6: N

This letter appeared on Jolie’s wrist when she was engaged to Tim Hutton. Fans believe that this drawing was made in his honor. The actress herself assures that the tattoo was made in honor of her brother, James Hayvan.

# 7: M

In 2007, Angelina’s mother died of cancer. Fearing bad heredity, the actress decided to remove the ovaries and breasts. And also – for a new tattoo. After the death of a loved one, the letter M appeared on Angie’s wrist (Marschelin was the name of the actress’s mother). A year later, the tattoo on this place was gone. Most likely, the image was temporary.

No. 8: V MCMXL

Did you know that Angelina considers Winston Churchill the most prominent politician of the 20th century? Now you know. She even has a tattoo in his honor – no, this is not a joke. Angie had the number XII on her left hand, which she added with the symbol V MCMXL. It turned out the date when Churchill became the first minister of England.

No. 9: coordinates of the place of birth of children

Earlier, Angie had a tattoo on her left forearm, made in honor of Brad Pitt. After the divorce, Jolie removed it with a laser, and then filled in the coordinates of the birth of her children in the same place. See the best photos of Angelina with children here

By the way, Pitt is not the first man in whose honor Angelina adorned her body. Once upon a time on the forearm was stuffed with a dragon and the inscription “Billy Bob”. It’s not hard to guess who the actress was referring to. During their second marriage, Jolie and Thornton wore the same abstract line tattoos, symbolizing great and pure love. Love has passed, and the image has disappeared – nothing lasts forever.

No. 10: Tennessee Williams quote

The phrase “Prayer for the wild at heart who are kept in cages” is found on the left hand. There was once a hieroglyph for “courage”. The actress got rid of the hieroglyph. And the quote from the great playwright remained.