10 September 2021

TOQueen of Great Britain is the longest reigning monarch among the living. July marked the 65th anniversary of her coronation. During this time, Elizabeth II managed to answer 3.5 million letters, get to know the seven popes and put together a collection of 5,000 hats. The most interesting facts about the queen are in the BeautyHack material.

The Queen of England was born in London on April 21, 1926 at 2:40 am. The newborn princess was baptized in the chapel of Buckingham Palace and named after Elizabeth-Alexandra-Maria (Elizabeth – in honor of her mother, Alexander – great-grandmother, Maria – paternal grandmothers). The future Queen of Great Britain was educated at home – she studied mathematics, French, history, constitution, law, learned to swim and ride a horse.

During World War II, Elizabeth went to serve in the army as a mechanic and truck driver. On November 20, 1947, the princess married Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten, whom, by the way, she met at the age of 8. It is said that he did not immediately respond to the princess’s feelings. But when he saw his happiness, he faced other difficulties – Elizabeth’s family was against marriage (read about unequal royal marriages here). Despite all the protests, the couple got married, and for 71 years the Duke of Edinburgh and the Queen of Great Britain are an example of strong relationships, love and boundless respect for each other. The author of Elizabeth II’s wedding dress was fashion designer Norman Hartnell. It took 10,000 pearls from America to create it.

Fact number 1: Elizabeth knows how to shoot

Elizabeth is the only living monarch to serve in the army during World War II. And yes, she can shoot! During a visit to a shooting range in Surrey, she was unable to get past the L85 rifle, skillfully firing several shots.

Fact number 2: the queen of England can travel without a passport

Now the Queen does not often leave the UK. But, going on a trip, he may well afford not to take a passport. Do you know why? Passports to British citizens are issued on behalf of Her Majesty, and her portrait is on coins and banknotes – instead of a document, you can present them. This privilege is available only to Elizabeth – princes, spouses and other family members need to check for a document before leaving home.

Fact number 3: Elizabeth uses a handbag as a signaling system

Yes, yes, it is with the help of the handbag that the queen gives signs to the staff. If, for example, Elizabeth wants to leave the reception, she puts her on the table. Shifting the accessory from hand to hand, Her Majesty makes it clear that the interlocutor is tired (read about the rules of education in royal families here).

Fact no. 4: the Queen of England does not always go through “face control”

As it turned out, belonging to blue blood is not an argument for some of the guards. In 1991, Elizabeth was not allowed into the VIP box of the Royal Windsor Horse Show. The Face Controller commented: “I thought the old lady was just lost.” Let’s write off this for the lack of wi-fi and social networks.

Fact number 5: c Elizabeth can take a selfie

We do not recommend taking risks and approaching her with such a request on the street. But if she accidentally gets into the frame, rest assured: it will become a photobomb. One day, Australian athletes Jane Taylor and Brooke Paris decided to take a picture at a field hockey match. And, lo and behold, the lens caught Her Majesty! Realizing that she was in the frame, Elizabeth did not turn away, but began to smile at the camera.

Fact no. 6: the person who attempted the assassination of Elizabeth was punished with only three years in prison

In 1981, Elizabeth took part in the annual Trooping the Color parade. Marcus Sergeant, 17, shot six times at the queen on horseback. The cartridges were blank. But the sounds of the shot frightened the horse, which Elizabeth managed to restrain. During interrogation, the guy admitted that he just wanted to become famous. This desire cost him three years of compulsory treatment in a psychiatric clinic. After leaving the place of serving his sentence, the guy changed his name.

Fact number 7: Elizabeth is the first monarch to travel around the world

In 1954, Elizabeth decided to travel around the world. The tour lasted six months. For 6 months, the queen visited a large number of countries, including Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.

Fact no. 8: the queen starred in a film with Daniel Craig

No, she did not get the role of James Bond’s girlfriend – Elizabeth played herself. A short film starring Daniel Craig was filmed at Buckingham Palace ahead of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games.

In the story, James Bond asks for an audience with the Queen of England, and then accompanies her to the stadium. The helicopter was chosen as the type of “royal” transport. And then everything is in the best traditions of Bond: the car hovers over the stadium, and James and Elizabeth parachute into the arena.

At the opening of the games, the Queen wore the same dress she wore on the set, a subtle hint of how Her Majesty got to the stadium.

Fact number 9: Elizabeth can be found on the street

Previously, the queen could often be found in the vicinity of Buckingham Palace, walking alone. Once she was met by tourists who did not recognize Her Majesty in a modestly dressed woman with a headscarf on her head. They asked if she had seen the queen. To which Elizabeth replied: “I – no, but he definitely saw!” – and pointed to the policeman.

Fact number 10: the queen keeps records of donated things

Every year, a report on donated items is published on the official website of Buckingham Palace! There you can find any little thing: from a salt shaker to a safety pin. The Queen has the right to use them, but they are not considered private property.

Text: Natalia Kapitsa