10 September 2021

TOSenia Wagner – about what and how you should paint so that you don’t have to hide your eyes out of shame.

Fact number 1

Is the eyeliner imprinted on the eyelid? Down with fat and cream formulas from the cosmetic bag. Replace them with alcohol-based ones – they dry instantly and stay “in place” longer.

Fact number 2

The principle of “color of eyeshadow = color of eyes” has ruined more than one beautiful face. To accentuate black, blue and other eyes, play on contrasts. Example: green eyes – purple shadows, blue eyes – dark brown, and so on.

Fact no. 3

If the skin of the eyelids is prone to oily, any, even the most persistent shadows float. To prolong the life of your make-up, before applying it, degrease the skin with matting wipes and be sure to apply the base, and apply the shadows themselves with slightly “hammering” movements.

Fact no. 4

If you draw the lower eyelids, do not forget about the upper ones: arrows or dark shadows in support of a black pencil on the mucous membrane of the lower eyelids are required. If you use only the lower eyeliner, your eyes will appear smaller and narrower.

Fact number 5

The main rule of eyebrow makeup: they should not lose to the eyes. When the shadows on the eyelids are much darker than the eyebrows, the face looks disproportionate and unnatural. I talked about the mistakes that many make during makeup. here

Fact no. 6

To make eye makeup not “flat” and boring, combine at least two shades of shadows: apply darker all over the eyelid, and lighter – in the corners of the eyes.

Fact number 7

So that dark shadows, crumbling upon application, do not stain your cheeks, use … patches! At the same time, refresh the skin around the eyes. By the way, most makeup artists advise to apply tone on the face. after how you painted your eyes. And about how to choose the right tonal foundation, read here

Fact no. 8

The first rule of perfect shooters is the correct fulcrum of the elbows. Never draw arrows on the fly. Second – the correct “sketch”: first outline the arrow with a soft pencil, which is easy to erase, and only then use a permanent eyeliner. And third – closed eyes: the line above a wide open eye, by definition, cannot turn out to be straight.

Fact number 9

Can’t blend the shadows on the lower eyelid nicely with a brush? Use a cotton swab! This trick is often used by makeup artists.

Fact number 10

To prevent mascara from sticking to eyelashes, use silicone, “rubberized” brushes with many “teeth”. Apply mascara from the roots, not just to the ends, so it won’t peel off.

Text: Ksenia Wagner