NSWhy did Alison Porter disappear from the screens after the success of Curly Sue, what did Svetlana Loboda do when she left the VIA GRA group, and how did Andie MacDowell manage to “retrain” from an actress to a model? 10 star beauties who returned to popularity after a lull.

Svetlana Loboda

“All people are like people, and I am a super-star!” The words of Svetlana’s song fully reflect the current reality: the former soloist of “VIA Gra” is a welcome guest at fashion shows, music awards and TV shows.

Loboda began her musical career in the Cappuccino group. After leaving the band, she took part in the musical “Ketch”. Real popularity came to Svetlana after “VIA Gra” and a tour of the cities of Asia. She did not stay “red-haired” for long. After a couple of months, Loboda left the group and disappeared from the field of view of the Russian listener for five years.

The triumphant return took place in 2009. Svetlana applied to participate in Eurovision and received the right to represent Ukraine. The single “Be My Valentine” did not make it into the final of the competition even in the top ten, but it became the most discussed composition. Despite harsh criticism, Loboda’s performance was the third most viewed on the official Eurovision YouTube channel.

In 2010 Svetlana officially renamed her musical project and registered the LOBODA brand. After the release of the single “Revolution”, the music world turned upside down. And Svetlana continues to turn it over.

Polina Gagarina

For the first time, viewers saw Polina in the reality show “Star Factory-2” in 2003. She became the winner, but unexpectedly for everyone, she refused to cooperate with Maxim Fadeev, having signed a contract with APC Records. In 2005 Polina took part in the “New Wave” competition, after which the hit “Lullaby” burst into the charts of the post-Soviet musical space.

In 2007, Polina gave birth to a son, Andrei, and suspended her active musical activities. But not for long. In 2008, Gagarina recorded the hit “Who? Why?” c Irina Dubtsova, and two years later released an album.

In 2015 Polina represented Russia at Eurovision with the song A Million Voices. The European listener highly appreciated the work of the former manufacturer and gave her second place.

Recently, Gagarina became a mother for the second time. This does not prevent her from recording new hits and going on stage. The performance is not over, and this cannot but rejoice. Read about the star’s love for reincarnation here

Lena Temnikova

In 2003, Lena accidentally saw an advertisement for a casting in the “Star Factory” and decided to try herself on the big stage. The attempt was successful – it was accepted on the last day of the selection. After the project, Lena began to collaborate with Max Fadeev, but her performances could be seen infrequently.

In 2006, the creation of the Serebro group was announced. Fadeev offered the place of soloist to Temnikova. The period of “Opium”, “Breathe” and other hits began, the words of which the whole country knew.

In 2014, Lena ended her contract with Fadeev’s production center – she left Serebro and began to build a solo career.

In 2016, her debut mini-album “TEMNIKOVA” was released, and her hit “Probably” topped the country’s charts. Lena regularly pampers fans with new singles and non-standard clips. She has recorded a full-length album and is successfully gathering an audience of many thousands as part of a tour of Russia.


In the early nineties Natalie released her first album, The Little Mermaid, which did not become popular. Two years later, Pink Dawn came out, but the same fate awaited it. This did not stop the singer. Natalie continued to record songs, and the labors were crowned with success. In 1997, the single “The Wind blew from the sea” was released, which made a real star out of the girl. A year later, the album of the same name was released in record numbers! Natalie knew everything: from young to old.

The singer marked the beginning of the 2000s with a new album and a new hit – “Turtle”. The next few years in the work of Natalie came a crisis. She was almost forgotten. Natalie could freely go to the store without sunglasses, without fear of increased attention from others.

In 2013, the singer decided to remind herself of herself and recorded the song “Oh God, what a man!” For eight weeks it was in the first place of the “Golden Gramophone” charts. The star has returned and is not going to disappear anywhere yet.

Mandy moore

Mandy began her career as a singer, recording several successful albums in the late nineties. Two years later, she was offered to try herself in the acting field. Mandy got the lead role in A Walk to Love. The experiment was successful, and Moore decided to continue. She starred in several films: “What to Do?”, “First Daughter”, “Saved”, “American Dream”.

Mandy did not leave her singing career either, having recorded the album “Coverage” in 2003. After that, Mandy did not have high-profile roles and hits – the hype around her person died down.

In 2016, the first season of This Is Us was released, where she got the role of Rebecca. They started talking about Moore again. Welcome back! Read about the actresses who became famous thanks to the series here

Kylie Minogue

Kylie, like Carlson, periodically “flies away” and always returns with new hits. She released her debut album in 1988, several singles from which topped the world charts. Inspired by her success, Minogue decided to repeat it. The albums began to come out one after another over the course of several years. None of them repeated the success of their debut – “Kylie”. Kylie’s popularity began to decline – she could be seen less and less on television and heard on the radio. For several years almost nothing was heard about her.

Kylie returned in 2001. Her song “Can Get You Out of My Hard” became a hit and one of the most successful singles of the early 2000s. In 2005, Minogue was diagnosed with breast cancer. She disappeared again. And she returned to the stage again after a few years! Minogue last year signed with BMG Rights Management to release a new studio album. We are waiting for new hits.

Alison Porter

Who doesn’t know the cute little girl from Curly Sue? The main role in the film went to Alison Porter, who at that time was only 10. This was not the first role for the baby. By that time, she had already starred in the TV series “I Will Conquer Manhattan” and the movie “Parents”.

In 2003, unexpectedly for everyone, Alice announced that she became the vocalist of the group “Raz”, which quickly disbanded, and did not become popular. People began to forget about Porter. Later, the girl admitted: during this period she suffered from drug addiction, which she was able to defeat in 2007.

In 2016, Alison surprised the audience again. She took part in the American show “The Voice” and got into the team of Christina Aguilera. Moreover, it was Alison who got the victory! Now she continues to build a musical career. And she does it very well.

Andie MacDowell

Few people know that Andy was a fairly successful model and only after that she came to the cinema. Having played the leading roles in the films Groundhog Day, Four Weddings and One Funeral, she became popular. Andy’s next projects were not as successful. She continued to act, but there were no large-scale roles.

Andy was again talked about in early 2000. At 42, she returned to her modeling career, becoming the brand ambassador for L’OrĂ©al Paris. Her face appeared on all billboards! In 2013 Andy was offered to play a role in the TV series Cedar Bay. Viewers saw three seasons.

Robin Wright

Robin Wright became popular after the TV series Santa Barbara, in which she played Callie Capwell. After working on the project for four years, in 1989 the actress announced that the audience in the “soap opera” would not see her again. Wright relied on more serious projects and began acting in full-length films. She starred in the films State of Frenzy, Playboy, Toy. They were popular only among a narrow audience.

Starring work was the role in “Forest Gump”. The film has collected a huge number of awards. Including six Oscars.

Then Robin began a quiet period at work. She continued to act, but there were no “star” roles. In 2005, Robert loudly reminded of herself, starring in the film “Nine Lives”. Then there were works on “New York, I Love You”, “The Man Who Changed Everything”, “House of Cards” and “Wonder Woman”. Today

Wright continues to act and happily takes on new projects.

Winona Ryder

Winona’s peak in popularity came in 1991. Ryder appeared in Coppola’s Dracula Bram Stoker, playing the role of Mina Harker. Three years later, the actress won an Oscar for her supporting role in Martin Scorsese’s The Age of Innocence. This was followed by a series of successful projects: “Little Women” and “Reality Bites.”

In 1999, the drama Girl, Interrupted, was released, in which Angelina Jolie became her colleague on the set. Reluctant Millionaire, Autumn in New York, Tiptoes were also successful.

The period of calm began in 2009. After “Star Trek” and “Black Swan” Winona went into the shadows and took part in only a few projects.

In 2016, the talented and incredible Winona is back! She starred in the science fiction series Netfix. The role earned her a nomination for the Golden Globe, Saturn, Sputnik and others.

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