10 stars who benefited from plastic surgery


BElla Hadid, Megan Fox and Blake Lovely have never publicly announced plastic surgeries. But it is known that the careers of the girls went uphill after dramatic changes in appearance. Who else should say “thank you” to plastic surgeons – in the material BeautyHack!

Megan Fox

Megan Fox denies any plastic surgery and other manipulations with her face. But the managing partner of the clinic “Premium Aesthetics” Natalia Grigorieva notes that if you compare her early photographs with modern photographs, it is clear that the star was doing rhinoplasty. “Now the bridge of the nose is thinner and more graceful, and Megan’s face is more expressive.”

Bella Hadid

Bella underwent rhinoplasty twice. First, the wings of the nose, the hump were corrected for her, the tip was slightly shortened. “The photos of the model after the first operation are not impressive: the nose is unnaturally narrow, and the base, on the contrary, is wide and does not correspond to the width of the back,” says Natalya Grigorieva. It can be seen that they tried to eliminate these defects during the second operation, but the result, in my opinion, is unsatisfactory: the nose remained narrow, the edges of the nasal bones are visible. Although, overall, Bella’s face looks sleeker.

Bisha’s lumps were removed in order to make well-defined cheekbones. “This can be partially achieved after losing weight. But Bella was more likely to do the operation, ”Natalya is sure.

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Blake Lovely

One of the most famous cases when the operation transformed a star and served as the beginning of a successful career. “It is obvious that Blake did rhinoplasty to shorten her nose and make it thinner and more graceful,” says Natalya Komarcheva.

Nicole Kidman

Kidman has had rhinoplasty at least once. “Interestingly, there is a slight notch at the junction of the columella (the septum between the nostrils) at the tip of the nose. This can be either a defect in the operation or a feature of the cartilage structure that the doctor did not correct. In general, Nicole has narrowed the back and the tip of her nose, ”says Kirill Nazoev, a plastic surgeon at the Osnova clinic.

Judging by the structure of the dentition, Nicole Kidman has a low position of the gums. In the photo at a younger age, it can be seen that when she smiled, her gums were quite exposed. “I assume that Nicole did plastic surgery of the frenum, which allowed the upper lip to be slightly freed, and / or the installation of veneers (the length of the teeth in her photo clearly increased at an older age). As a result of these manipulations, the smile has acquired a more presentable look. “

Ivanka Trump

Oleg Dubovik, plastic surgeon at Beauty Line clinic, is pleased with the results of Ivanka’s transformation. “Ivanka underwent endoprosthetics: implants with a volume of 350-370 milliliters were inserted into the breast. Small implants enlarge the breast by one or two sizes. It turns out very naturally, and there are no consequences. For example, “waves” do not appear on the skin – a problem for those who decide on large implants. “

The girl also approached the nose correction wisely and performed the usual operation to reduce the wings of the nose, deciding to do without radical changes. The shape has become more elegant and beautiful.

Heidi Klum

O2 aesthetic services center specialist Viktoria Britko (Honcharuk) is sure that Heidi was enlarging her breasts. “She is 45, and she has four children, even in the best scenario (she refused lactation and goes in for sports) at this age, the breast cannot be so tight, have a rounded lifting shape and clear boundaries – it definitely has implants.” The photo on the left was taken in 2002, two years later Heidi became a mother for the first time, giving birth to a daughter, Helen.

Angelina Jolie

It is known that after a mastectomy, the actress underwent mammoplasty. In the case of the actress, this was a necessary measure, but there are other changes that Jolie decided on at the beginning of her career.

At about 20-23 years old, Angelina Jolie underwent rhinoplasty: they corrected the back of the nose, reduced the tip, and changed the shape of the wings. The head physician of the Remedy Lab clinic, Tatyana Bykovskaya, also believes that the actress also resorted to correcting the zygomatic zone. “Of course, the cheekbones became more expressive after losing weight. This effect can be achieved by adding additional volume to the zygomatic region due to implants. “

Jennifer Aniston

The only operation that Jennifer recognizes is rhinoplasty. Moreover, the result of the first surgical intervention did not satisfy her, so the second operation was performed. Natalya Komarcheva, a dermatocosmetologist at the Golden Mandarin Health and Beauty Center, notes that now the back of the nose looks much narrower, the tip is higher and narrower.

Victoria Beckham

In her youth, Victoria was fuller. Then she lost a lot of weight, and this changed her appearance to a large extent.

The star corrected her chest several times. “For the first operation, she chose not anatomical, but spherical implants,” explains Natalia Grigorieva. Obviously, over time, Victoria changed them to implants of a more natural form. With her fragile physique, such breasts looked unnatural, but now everything is more than harmonious!

Mammoplasty is not the only intervention. “The tip of Victoria’s nose has become noticeably narrower, the bridge of the nose is smoother. Perhaps she lengthened her chin with an implant or increased bone tissue, ”the doctor comments.

Charlize Theron

Natalia Komarcheva claims that Charlize had rhinoplasty. “The tip of the nose has become thinner and transformed the actress.”

The actress has an implant in her chin, which visually corrects the oval of the face. Now the cervico-chin area looks sleeker. “It is possible that Charlize resorted to endoscopic facelift and upper eyelid blepharoplasty (read about the real experience of this procedure here). By the way, it turned out very high quality! “