10 stars who changed their figures beyond recognition


TOHow Jessica Simpson threw off 30 kg, what is the secret of Victoria Lopyreva’s harmony and what helped Polina Gagarina lose weight? Celebrities who have changed their figures beyond recognition are in the BeautyHack collection.

Jessica Cypson

Jessica’s height is 161 cm, standard weight is 55 kg. Simpson is prone to obesity and gained 30 kg after pregnancy. Surprisingly to fans, she did not become depressed and did not react aggressively to criticism. On the contrary, it became a serious motivation for the young mother. Jessica just settled in the gym. She studied 4 times a week under the guidance of Harley Pasternak. He also developed a special nutrition system for Simpson, based on setting points to products depending on calorie content. The result was not long in coming. Six months later, Simpson was again able to proudly pose in a swimsuit.

Polina Gagarina

At the “Star Factory” Polina did not look like she does now. And the point is not that then she did not have a signature haircut and a platinum blonde. Polina weighed 40 kg more – it’s hard to believe. The workload at the Moscow Art Theater School, where Polina studied at that time, and a special diet helped to defeat excess weight. Gagarina alternated protein and carbohydrate days (three days – rice, three days – chicken, three days – vegetables), drank a lot of water and carefully selected products for the diet. Watch the training session from Polina Gagarina here

Christina Aguilera

A few years ago, petite Christina (157 cm) recovered greatly. Plus 25 kg is a serious argument to tackle the figure. At first, Aguilera convinced fans that everything was fine with her. But after a few months, she again showed off a wasp waist. During the first month of intensive training and limiting the daily calorie intake to 1,600, Aguilera lost 10 kg. The star’s favorite type of physical activity is yoga. She does it several times a week.

Ekaterina Skulkina

The Comedy Woman star is good in any way. Fans loved Katya exactly in the plus size. Apparently, Skulkin herself was not satisfied with this, and she decided to become a little smaller, losing weight by 15 kg. Proper nutrition, massage and sports helped to cope with the unbearable burden: “I was plump since childhood. As a student, I gained even more weight. But you know, it didn’t bother me, but on the contrary, it became a corporate identity. I decided to lose weight on vacation. The beach was the only place where I felt uncomfortable. “

Anastasia Denisova

Anastasia told about her weight loss story in an interview with BeautyHack: “Everyone knows that for the role in the TV series“ Deffchonki ”I needed to gain weight, but it’s not as easy as you think. If before that I, like all girls, limited myself in some way, went on a diet, arranged cheat meals, then they told me: “Eat everything and get better.” The most amazing thing was that the weight increased very slowly, although I adhered to Hollywood rules – for example, I ate cookies with butter and washed down with cocoa and fat milk.

There was no triumphant return to my weight, but before the fifth season I lost 15 kilograms. I then dyed my hair blonde and met my husband at about the same time. When I told him that I was filming the series, he did not believe: “Come on! It’s not you! ” But to be honest, recently I just took it and quit losing weight. To keep myself in shape, I periodically do massages or hardware procedures. Relations with sports are not easy. There are times when something clicks, and I start doing cardio, swing in the gym. And sometimes, I can’t lift my finger, what kind of fitness is there? But I like to walk – I can walk for hours, listen to music, get high. Here it is – my healthy lifestyle ”.

Renee Zellweger

Just like Anastasia, Rene had to get better “under the contract”. For filming in “Bridget Jones’s Diaries” had to become larger by 6 sizes. After filming ended, Zelweger turned to specialists who helped to regain a comfortable weight. The first step was the rejection of alcohol, flour, sweet, fatty and salty. The basis of the actress’s diet was tuna, salads, turkey and vegetable stew. 2 liters of water a day is a mandatory minimum. Zelweger prefers herbal teas to coffee, and eats half a grapefruit before bed.

Ani Lorak

Ani boasts not only excellent vocal abilities, but also a wonderful figure, which the star got with hard work. Lorak is recovering quickly. Genes, they are. Once giving herself some slack, Ani gained 15 kg. It took a lot of work to wear revealing outfits again. The singer gave up bread and soda, as well as meals after seven. Every morning Lorak does a set of exercises for the press and arms and goes to the gym at least twice a week.

Sasha Bortich

Sasha admits: she is inclined to be overweight, but even so, gaining 20 kg for the role in the film “I’m losing weight” was difficult. The actress was very worried that she would not be able to regain harmony after the project. In vain – she did it very quickly. The secret is simple: proper nutrition, sports and maintaining the balance of KBZHU. 20 interesting facts about the actress read here

Victoria Lopyreva

There was a moment when Victoria recovered greatly, causing the outrage of fans. Pulling herself together, the model quickly got into shape. Its secret is the absence of dairy products in the diet, easily digestible protein and concern for maintaining normal intestinal microflora.

Kelly Osbourne

For weight loss, Kelly Osbourne was inspired by the choreographer of the British show “Dancing with the Stars” Louis van Amstel. Having received an invitation from a British TV channel, she revised her diet and fell in love with exercise. Kelly warns that her diet is contrary to the basic canons of proper nutrition: she does not count calories, does not monitor portion sizes, and eats fruit at night. On the advice of a dance partner, Osborne gave up sugar, white bread, fast food, replaced chips with rye croutons, and exchanged cola for herbal tea. It worked!