10 September 2021

Othey could easily build a modeling career no worse than that of Cindy Crawford, but they preferred a television studio to the catwalk. Ekaterina Andreeva, Mona Abu Hamze and 9 more beautiful TV presenters over the past 20 years.

Ekaterina Andreeva

Looking at Catherine, it seems that the pill for old age was still invented. She is 56. But the appearance of the TV presenter does not differ much from the appearance of Katya twenty years ago. Andreeva says: the main secret of youth is Ayurvedic massage, cryochamber, pressure chamber with pure oxygen and boxing.

Melissa Terjo

Melissa bears the proud title of the most beautiful TV presenter in France. A native of Eschirol, she has always dreamed of popularity. The very case when dreams become a goal. After graduating from the University of Journalism, Melissa got a job on a small TV channel as a news presenter. In the same year, she was recognized as the most beautiful journalist in the country – a great start.

Robin Michelle Meade

Robin Michelle Mead is a news anchor for HLN. Teledive is 49 years old. And she looks great. Robin does not share the secrets of her youth, but they say her personal beauty hack is a quiet family happiness.

Ekaterina Strizhenova

Katya is not only a TV presenter, but also an actress. From the age of five, Strizhenova took part in children’s programs: “ABVGDeyka”, “Merry Notes”. After school, the future star entered the directing department of MGIK. In January 1997, Ekaterina was invited to the “Good Morning” Channel One. After that, she woke up famous. Now Ekaterina plays in performances, acts in films and commercials – her creative life is in full swing.

Mona Abu Hamze

Not all Turkish girls hide under the hijab. TV presenter Mona Abu Hamze looks very European. You can rarely find her without styling, makeup and a well-thought-out image. Monet is 43. And she still holds the title of the most beautiful TV presenter in Lebanon.

Sara Carbonero

Sarah is known far beyond the borders of her small homeland. Nine years ago, she won the title of Most Handsome Sports Journalist by FHM USA. They say that at the 2010 FIFA World Cup the Spanish national team lost to Switzerland because their goalkeeper – Iker Casillas – could not take his eyes off his wife (the couple got married in 2009). From time to time there are rumors in the press about the separation of the spouses. How not to get bored with each other in a relationship, read here… They have not been officially confirmed.

Tatiana Vedeneeva

Tatiana Veniaminovna can still give a head start to young people stepping on their heels. Her face is familiar to every Soviet child. Yes, yes, this is exactly that aunt Tanya from the program “Visiting a Fairy Tale”. It’s hard to believe, but now the TV presenter is 65. She leads an active lifestyle and continues to work.

Irina Shadrina

Irina became famous after she appeared in the All Inclusive program. After this, proposals fell on her, as if from a cornucopia. A graduate of Kazan State University has chosen sports journalism for herself – she knows everything about “Headbutt” (the name of the program) and about the “Main squad”.

Maria Mazza

And here are the temperamental Italians! Maria was born in the USA and grew up as a creative girl. From the age of three, Mazza took music lessons and danced. In 1996 she took third place in the Miss Italy competition (8 “Miss World” with an interesting fate, see here), and a year later she was offered a place as a host in the Scirocco program. In parallel, Mazza manages to act in films and commercials. In an interview, the girl admits that she gets colossal pleasure from her work.

Anna Kasterova

Like Irina Shadrina, Anna also decided to follow the path of sports journalism. It is she who owns the title of sex symbol of the TV channel “Russia-2”. More than 100 thousand subscribers follow Anna’s page on social networks. And not all of them are interested in sports news. Yevgeny Malkin’s wife often shares family photos with followers, collecting tens of thousands of likes.

Betteny Frankel

In the past, a reality TV star, and now a popular TV presenter. It was her that Martha Stewart awarded the title of honorary student – in “Real Housewives of New York” she took second place. Bettany is an animal activist. She maintains an active social network and adheres to a healthy lifestyle.