10 September 2021

WITHa product with oxygen bubbles, a mask to prevent dirt, scrubbing sticks for sensitive skin – BeautyHack experts have chosen the best products that will quickly and efficiently cleanse your pores.

Mask against acne and blackheads, Riche Cosmetics

The choice of the dermatologist-cosmetologist of the Clinic of German Medical Technologies GMTClinic Angelica Uzhva

It is a Russian brand with organic products in trendy compact packages. I recommend a mask to cleanse pores, remove blackheads and heal minor inflammations and marks acne (contains tea tree extract and aloe vera).

One package contains 150 g of mask, which must be diluted with 75 ml. water. The product hardens quickly – apply immediately in a thick layer, leave for 15 minutes and remove.

Price: 1 740 rub.

Supermud Clearing Treatment, GlamGlow

Choice of makeup artist Eli Buns

The Supermud Clearing Treatment mask with a pleasant menthol scent is great for cleansing the skin, removes minor impurities and blackheads that you might not have known about. But I do not recommend this mask for girls with super sensitive skin: after using it, the face turns red.

I apply the product before bed. In the morning, when you need to quickly pack up and go on business, unnecessary redness. The mask contains six acids: almond, glycolic, lactic, azelaic, pyruvic and salicylic – they exfoliate dead particles and regulate the production of sebum.

Price: 1 700 rub.

Scrub Refreshing Exfoliator, Thalgo

Choice of BeautyHack Editor-in-Chief Karina Andreeva

I have been looking for a scrub that will help get rid of blackheads for a long time.

The gel scrub contains particles of three sizes (ultra-small from diamtic earth, medium – from silicon powder, large – from almond seeds). This whole cocktail perfectly removes impurities and seems to draw out blackheads. After washing, I looked in the mirror – the skin became lighter, and the face was fresher.

Price: 2 900 rub.

Oxygen mask for cleansing pores Blackhead O2 Bubble Pore Pack, Caolion

The choice of the creative director of BeautyHack Ksenia Wagner

The brand from South Korea (which has been “living” there since 1995) is addressed primarily to girls with sensitive skin and a tendency to blackheads. But what beautihol can resist the words “clay of Alaska glaciers”, “oxygen microbubbles”, “camellia leaf extract” and other poetry? The composition of the jars is declared as completely natural – so that they can be eaten. And the big boss of the brand proved this at the presentation of the brand in the summer – he swallowed a spoonful of cream without choking.

I limited myself to superficial testing, and the main impression is that this is a very good thing for those who usually have cleansing masks that cause redness and discomfort.

It does not burn or tighten the skin, does not dry out on the face with the mask of a star warrior. It just turns to foam and hisses funny. After 10 minutes it is easily washed off – and it is not Chingachkuk that materializes in the mirror, but Pacohontas, without redness and, indeed, without black dots. After use, the skin is clean, smooth and has a slight lifting effect. True, those with dry skin will immediately want to apply the cream – I had a slight tightness (perhaps because I neglected the three grams recommended for one application, because my beauty greed and three grams are incompatible things).

Price: about 2 500 rubles.

Mask Ultra Clear Purifying Mask, Ultraceuticals

Choice of BeautyHack Editor-in-Chief Karina Andreeva

Despite the fact that the mask is intended for oily and problem skin, without much difficulty it cleared my normal, but prone to dryness (the expected peeling did not occur afterwards!). In ten minutes, the mask, like a magnet, draws out the dirt from the pores (it got rid of blackheads especially well thanks to the salicylic acid in the composition).

Surprisingly, the product does not dehydrate the skin, it looks even more hydrated after use. I think the point is in the right mix of components: in addition to clay, the mask contains vitamins (niacyamide, provitamins C and E), BHA and antioxidants, extracts of clove, sandalwood and eucalyptus oil. I will use it 1-2 times a month!

Price: 5 500 rub.

Purifying mask against blackheads Doctor’s Label Pore Clear, Dr. Jart

Editor’s Choice BeautyHack Daria Sizova

I have dry skin, but blackheads periodically appear in the T-zone, and the pores become enlarged – I think it’s all about the large number of products that we test on ourselves. Therefore, once a week I resort to cleansing masks, but I approach the choice very carefully so as not to additionally injure thin and dry skin. I was rather skeptical about this mask – I don’t like fabric masks, and, in my opinion, only a mask-film can effectively cleanse the skin. It turned out that I was wrong. Yes, this tool does not eliminate blackheads or shrink pores in a moment, but it works great as a prevention of dirt.

Like all Korean masks, the fabric base is very generously saturated with the product, it was even hard to lie with it – it seemed that the nutritional components in the consistency of light jelly would simply “flow away” from my face. In the process, I felt a slight tingling sensation in the T-zone, but the sensations were not painful, rather, on the contrary, they signaled that the remedy was working.

After use, the skin became more hydrated (although it would seem!), The pores tightened, and the complexion became smoother. I advise girls with oily skin to use the product regularly, and those with thin and dry skin – as a prophylaxis or preventive measure (no one is immune from contamination).

Price: 400 rub.

Scrubbing sticks against blackheads, TSURURI

Choice of the senior editor of BeautyHack Anastasia Speranskaya

One glance at the bright packaging of scrubbing sticks is enough – and you are immediately transported to a Japanese cosmetics store, where everything is so incomprehensible, but interesting. And after using it, you start to think – why didn’t anyone figure it out before? Sticks are intended for all those who have ever cursed their T-zone – because of blackheads, peeling, oily sheen or inflammation. With all this, the novelty deals with two accounts.

It contains heavy artillery against deep pollution: Moroccan volcanic clay ghassoul (mined in Morocco), white clay kaolin, charcoal and sea silt. Together they fight against dirt, blackheads and other imperfections that make us choose a thicker concealer for this area. To use is as easy as shelling pears: wet the tip of the stick with water and massage the problem areas.

This is a great option for those with sensitive skin who do not want to deal with scrubs. The ingredients include a complex of argan, macadamia and olive oils, honey, royal jelly and hyaluronic acid to soothe irritated skin and tighten pores.

Price: 1 120 rub.

Face mask enriched with minerals Mineralize Reset & Revive Charcoal Mask, MAC

The choice of special correspondent BeautyHack Maria Stefanova

The entire line of products is called the “toxin magnet” – it is designed to get rid of blackheads and fight clogged pores. And it’s true – the product draws out impurities from the pores like a magnet.

It contains bamboo charcoal powder and mineral-enriched white clay. In addition, the mask absorbs excess sebum and prevents breakouts. After use, the skin becomes matte and elastic.

The tool is very comfortable to use: it does not roll, does not flow and does not stain everything around. After removal, there is no feeling of tightness and irritation. The complexion becomes even, the skin is more elastic and hydrated. The tool does not provoke rashes and peeling, even if you have a sensitive one.

Price: 2 450 rubles.

Microdermabrasion for cleansing and narrowing the pores Pores No More, Poredermabrasion, Dr. Brandt

The choice of special correspondent BeautyHack Maria Stefanova

Enviable smoothness of the skin, a significant reduction in the number of blackheads and the visual absence of pores – this is a completely reliable result after using the dr. brandt only twice a week. The effect is achieved due to the presence in the composition of micronized crystals of pharmaceutical grade aluminum oxide, which correspond to the size of the pores (they perfectly align the skin microrelief).

Lime extract and salicylic acid provide a light chemical peeling effect (dissolve comedones, improve skin tone and texture), while lentil seed extract helps to tighten pores.

Price: 5 750 rub.

Two-component complex of masks “Honey and milk” Honey Milk Dual Mask Kit, Double Dare OMG!

Choice of the senior editor of BeautyHack Anastasia Speranskaya

New complex of masks of the Korean brand Double Dare OMG! this time Cleopatra was decorated – the “fault” of that is the composition of the funds. In the list of ingredients, African black soap, honey, goat milk and cocoa became friends. Everyone knows that the Egyptian queen carefully looked after the skin with the help of masks, and added honey with milk to the bath to make the skin soft.

The Korean novelty has taken on more responsibilities: it promises to cleanse the skin, get rid of blackheads and saturate with oxygen. As the first step, apply a tissue mask for cleansing: it is recommended to remove the foam formed on the face after 3 minutes and continue with the second mask. Its protective and nourishing properties not only moisturize the skin, but also reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Hold the mask longer – and distribute the remnants with patting movements along the neck and décolleté.

Price: 590 rub.

Oxygen Mask 3 Minutes Cleansing Mask, It’s Skin

BeautyHack Editor’s Choice Daria Sizova

I have dry and problem skin, so I take it seriously. This mask is not the first, but a very pleasant acquaintance with the brand’s oxygen series (read about another It’s Skin oxygen mask here).

On contact with oxygen, the mask begins to bubble and magnetically draws impurities from your pores. There are fewer blackheads, and the skin on the face brightens (thanks to the lemon extract in the composition for this).

I use these masks once a week. As a result, the skin is less dry and the pores are smaller and noticeably cleaner. As a bonus, there is a pleasant massage effect when oxygen bubbles on the skin burst. The main thing is not to be afraid of tickling!

Price: 260 rub.

Purifying mask with white clay Purifying Mask, Yves Rocher

The choice of special correspondent BeautyHack Daria Mironova

This is a godsend for those who want to take care of thorough cleansing of the skin, even while traveling. Convenient packaging (at first glance looks like a hand cream) fits into any bag of any size. My skin is oily type, so the cleansing mask with white clay was perfect – creamy consistency and refreshing scent are a bonus.

One tube was enough for exactly five applications, as promised on the package, but the skin after such an express course becomes even without a hint of inflammation, and the number of blackheads is significantly reduced.

Price: 250 rub.