15 celebrities with perfect eyebrows


NSThe well-chosen shape of the eyebrows not only makes the look more open, but also forms the correct proportions of the face. In this case, the best makeup artists in the world advise against pursuing fashion. Despite the fact that wide, bushy eyebrows are not yet going to “leave” the world catwalks, this form is absolutely not suitable for some girls. The main thing is to observe three conditions: neatness, grooming and appropriateness. The most beautiful celebrity eyebrows in our selection.

Megan Fox

Megan Fox is the owner of eyebrows with a beautiful, classic curve and light tattoo. Such eyebrows will suit the owners of small facial features and make their eyes open.

Cara Delevingne

Karl Lagerfeld’s favorite, Cara Delevingne, focused on bushy eyebrows, and she was right – they became her “trick”. With such eyebrows, even in the absence of makeup, the model looks amazing.

Miranda Kerr

Dimples on the cheeks give the image of Miranda Kerr tenderness and romance. The finishing touch is natural, natural eyebrows. At first glance, it may seem that the hand of the master did not touch a single hair – a piece of jewelry.

Gwen Stefani

In the early 2000s, Gwen wore thin eyebrows that looked like strings. Not so long ago, she returned to a natural, natural form, which suits her much more.

Sienna Miller

Thick and very dark: these are the eyebrows that Sienna prefers. This ’80s star’ look suits her a lot. The straight shape emphasizes the shape of the eyes, giving the look a daring and youthful look.

Salma Hayek

For a long time, Salma wore rather thin, neatly plucked eyebrows, visually making her eyes smaller. Today she prefers thick eyebrows and a natural shape, which we definitely like better.

Jennifer Lopez

Short eyebrows can visually enlarge the eye. It seems that J.Lo is familiar with this rule: her eyebrows have become significantly thicker and a little shorter. And the smooth cut of the hairline made Jennifer’s look much softer.

Camilla Belle

Many consider Camilla Belle to be the owner of the very ideal shape that makeup artists talk about. It’s hard to argue with that!

Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley has bushy eyebrows with a classic curve. Due to its impeccable shape, it was dubbed the “Brow-Icon of Hollywood”.

Mila Kunis

A couple of years ago, Mila Kunis put tweezers aside, replacing it with an eyebrow brush. And she did the right thing! The new shape and density is very suitable for a young mother.

Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes can be called one of the most emotional actresses, thanks to her active facial expressions. Sufficiently thin arched eyebrows, oddly enough, suit the star, and even fashion did not force her to change the classics.

Denise Richards

The performer of one of the leading roles in the movie Starship Troopers prefers wide and straight eyebrows. They are perfect for her bottomless blue eyes.

Lily Collins

Lily is often compared to the legendary Audrey Hepburn. Indeed, actresses have something in common, including the shape of their eyebrows. Collins has repeatedly admitted that she practically does not pluck them. But with this, Lily’s eyebrows look well-groomed and neat.

Anne Hatthaway

The first thing you notice when looking at Oscar winner Anne Hathaway is the eyebrows. They are black and very expressive in the actress. Ann carefully pluck them out, not giving in to the trends of the catwalk fashion.

Penelope Cruz

In makeup, a sultry Spanish woman most often focuses on the eyes! The actress’s eyebrows have a classic shape with a slight bend and are very suitable for her rather small facial features.