15 most beautiful women in politics


From the most famous first lady of the Middle East to the most beautiful female deputy in Brazil. In the BeautyHack article – Queen Rania, Ivanka, Melania Trump and 12 more ladies who do absolutely everything.

Melania trump

Without knowing it, Melania began her political career in 2005, when she married Donald Trump. A year later, the former model received US citizenship (Melania was born in Slovenia), and 12 years later (in 2017) she became the first lady of this country.

Now Madame Trump’s schedule includes only official visits and work on the Be Best project, which is aimed at improving the physical and emotional health of children.

Melanie is 48 years old, and since the beginning of her modeling career, her appearance has changed dramatically. The star was credited with all kinds of plastic surgery: from breast augmentation to circular lifting. Which of this is true and which is a lie – we told here

Eva Kylie

When Eva was elected to the Greek Parliament in 2007, she became the youngest member of the Socialist Party – the girl was 29 years old. And in 2014, Kylie was “promoted” to MEP.

The girl did not come to politics from modeling, as it might seem. She has several educations: architectural and economic, and earlier Eva worked as a journalist on the Mega TV channel.

Carla Bruni

Karla is now out of politics, however, being in the status of the ex-first lady of France, she continues to do good deeds (she recently supported the Naked Heart Foundation of Natalia Vodianova). On the activity of Bruni, who sings again, goes to the catwalk and poses for Vogue Italy, judge by her Instagram

Since 2008, Carla has been married to former French President Nicolas Sarkozy (the relationship was legalized a year after the start of Nicolas’s presidential term). The couple are raising 7-year-old daughter Julia.

Mara Carfagna

The Italian woman’s political career began in 2005, when the girl was elected to the Italian Chamber of Deputies. Then she was known as a participant in the Miss Italy contest (took 6th place in 1997), a TV presenter and a fashion model. Carfagna worked side by side with Silvio Berlusconi.

In 2008, Maru was appointed Minister for Equal Opportunities and is now Vice President of the Italian Chamber of Deputies.

Alina Kabaeva

Alina Kabaeva is 35 years old. During this time, the girl managed to become an Honored Master of Sports of Russia (in 2007 she completed her sports career, having received all champion titles in rhythmic gymnastics) and a deputy of the State Duma. Alina worked for 7 years in the State Duma and participated in the development of five bills, and also founded her own charitable foundation to help talented children. The girl is now busy working on the last project.

Elizabeth Hulst

Elizabeth began her political career in 2010 as the youngest female senator in the history of Nevada. She was 27 years old. And two years later, Hulst announced her resignation, explaining her inability to simultaneously fulfill her duties and be a single mother. But things have not diminished: she studied as a psychologist, got married and even posed for Maxim magazine in 2012. And in 2018, she announced that she was going to return to her duties as a senator.

Arpine Hovhannisyan

Arpine, 34, is the first woman minister of justice in Armenia. In 2009, Hovhannisyan, being an advisor to the President of the National Assembly, also became a candidate of legal sciences.

Further – more: in 2017, Hovhannisyan was elected Vice President of the National Assembly and Vice Speaker of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

Belinda Stronach

Belinda is the heiress of the huge transnational empire Magna International, which was built by her father, Frank Stronach. The girl never wanted to renounce the family business, but she also did not miss the opportunity to try herself in something new: from 2004 to 2008, she was in the Canadian House of Commons, representing the Conservative Party. Although later she radically changed her views, becoming a liberal. In 2004, Time magazine included her in the list of the 100 most influential people in the world.

Now Belinda is developing a family business, is engaged in her own charitable foundation The Belinda Stronach Foundation and, with great employment, manages to run a cozy Instagram

Setrid Jaadjaa

In 1991, Setrida married the Lebanese leader Samir Jaadzhaa, in 1994 her husband was arrested. He was released only 11 years later, and Setrida all this time acted as chairman of the Lebanese Forces party, participating in anti-Syrian mass protests.

After her husband was released from prison, Setrida became a member of the Lebanese parliament and actively participates in the secular life of the country (for details, see Instagram). She also looks great at 51!

Rania al-Abdullah

V Instagram Jordan’s most famous woman introduces herself like this: “Mom and Wife with a Cool Job.” The Queen of Jordan really has a lot to do: she is raising four children (we wrote more about her family here), constantly travels, supports all major social activities in his country and meets about ordinary people: from teachers to local craftsmen. A separate delight is Rania’s style, thanks to which articles are devoted to her in Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar Arabia.

Angela Gereku

In the 80s, a native of the island of Corfu starred in Greek cinema and willingly participated in candid photo shoots. This changed when Angela became the Minister of Culture and Sports of Greece in 2009. In 2011, she left the post, but continued to engage in social work, which she reports in detail on the pages of Facebook.

Ivanka Trump

V Instagram the daughter of the president of the United States is more popular than the first lady. Ivanka’s life is followed by 4.5 million users. Since March 2017, her official position is assistant to Donald Trump (which allows her to have her own office in the White House). And her husband, Jared Kushner, is a senior adviser to the president.

The whole family settled down perfectly, and Ivanka even closed her own clothing brand in order to devote time only to government affairs. As Instagram shows, the girl has a lot of them! Do not forget that the 36-year-old businesswoman is also a mother of three children.

Magdalena Ogurek

Magdalena is 39 years old. During this time, she managed to unlearn at two universities, get a Ph.D., write two history books, star in several TV series, give birth to a daughter and participate in the presidential elections in Poland. The latter was preceded by a 10-year political career in the Social Democratic Party of Poland.

You will be surprised even more by looking into the girlish Instagram Magdalene!

Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovich

In the summer of 2018, the world seemed to have learned about the new president – Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovich appeared on the international arena. The 50-year-old head of the Republic of Croatia came to Russia to cheer for her national football team. It turned out that Kolinda is incredibly cute, looks great and maintains a very soulful Instagram page for a politician. She is also a caring mother of two adult children – 17-year-old Katarina and 15-year-old Luka.

Sheridan Oliveria

Right now, the 34-year-old Brazilian woman is re-nominated for the post of member of the chamber of deputies of her country. You can follow the voting results in Instagram, where 106 thousand users are subscribed to the girl’s account!