15 scents everyone dreams of


LThe legendary fragrances and novelties of selective perfumery, from which spring blooms in the soul, are in the special BeautyHack collection.

Eau de parfum Rose Oud, Korloff Paris

The French say: “To give Korloff is to confess your love.” And it doesn’t matter what is meant, a piece of jewelry with a scattering of diamonds or an exquisite perfume, the brand does everything perfectly. Once upon a time, Daniel Payasser, fascinated by the beauty of an 88-carat diamond, founded his own jewelry house, which now successfully produces selective fragrances.

The bottles themselves look like a jewel – in the Mémoire collection they are weighty (like the same diamond), black and lacquered. Rose Oud immediately transports to the east, as if in a fairy tale about Scheherazade. The sweet honey scent of rose is diluted with a smoky accord of oud and saffron, while languid notes of cashmere and styrax remain in the trail. A bright oriental composition inspires to put on a silk dress and go on a date with your prince. By the way, the fragrance will suit the prince too – all the “heroes” of the Mémoire collection are suitable for both men and women.

Price: 16,000 rubles.

Eau de parfum Sweet Flowers, Montale

Pierre Montal is considered one of the most mysterious perfumers in the world: he does not give interviews, does not talk about his personal life and does not reveal the secret of luxurious perfume compositions. That is why the aromas seem even more alluring – in metal bottles that do not allow sunlight to pass through, real essences, elixirs, potions, after all. They leave a persistent trail, fill the room and loudly declare their owner.

One of the novelties of 2018 is the Sweet Flowers fragrance, which is full of contradictions. It is no coincidence that it was called a hymn to female beauty: here there are exciting notes of tuberose, and a mysterious night violet, and daring green accents of oak moss, and cotton candy. All this organically combines in a delicious perfume composition that unfolds on the skin, changing its mood – at first juicy and fruity, in the end warm, tender and woody.

Price (100 ml): 14,035 rubles.

Eau de parfum Rose in Wonderland, Atkinsons

We tell the story of the brand: in 1799, a merchant from Cumberland, James Atkinsons, came to London and decided to open a store with incense and cosmetics – he thought out the recipe for them himself. At the entrance to the store stood a large, very large bear, which immediately attracted the attention of passers-by. By the way, this beast eventually became a brand symbol. The aromatic, pink scent of the bear balsam was especially appreciated by the high society. Then James began to come up with colognes, which eventually supplanted even the Italian fashionable at that time. Everyone loved the fresh, yet warm and spicy scent. And once he was caught by King George IV. He was so delighted that he made Atkinsons the official perfumer of the Royal Court of England.

Hearing Rose in Wonderland, you will be transported into summer, feel the freshness of the morning air and the atmosphere of awakening nature. Notes include rose, geranium, vetiver, crystallized amber and currant buds.

Price: 15 275 RUB.

Eau de toilette Un Jardin Sur Le Toit, Hermès

Welcome to the garden: roses and magnolias bloom here, decorated with dewdrops in the morning, buds are about to blossom on apple trees and pears, and the aroma of freshly cut grass is intertwined with the cool air that is so pleasant to inhale. Sounds like a fairy tale? But no: Un Jardin Sur Le Toit is an attempt by perfumers to convey the atmosphere of a real hanging garden, which is located in Paris, on the roof of the Hermès building.

The fougere-fruity composition is ideal for spring and summer, when warm sun rays make their way through the window, and wings grow behind your shoulders. It seems as if it was the sun and was poured into a bottle, seasoned with a pinch of fresh herbs. The aroma sounds tender and fresh, leaves behind a warm, not cloying sillage and instantly lifts your spirits.

Price (100 ml): 9 899 rubles.

Eau de parfum L’Eau Kenzo Intense pour Femme, Kenzo

In a fabulous mirror bottle hides a real dessert – multi-layered, fruity and delicate. When applied, the spicy aroma of red apple and caramel is immediately felt, and a little later a pleasant bitterness opens up, and in the end, like a cherry on a cake, the base notes of patchouli are felt.

Moreover, this dessert is allowed for romantic young ladies of all ages and at any time of the day – even in the office with a dress code, even during evening outings. And do not forget about the Intense prefix – a persistent viscous train will remain on the skin, which will not leave you for seven hours and will linger on clothes even longer.

Price: 4 039 rub.

Eau de parfum Caprice De Sophie, Chabaud

A fragrance for true gourmets or simply for connoisseurs of floral and fruity compositions, from which it is not youthful naivety that exudes, but rather elegant luxury. Caprice de Sophie is made with jasmine water. It is successfully complemented by red apple, lemon peel, tangerine and raspberry. But at the same time, the perfume is not cloyingly sweet – it is refreshed by a note of freesia.

Light orientalism is felt by the accords of musk and vanilla, flavored with sandalwood. The composition is soft, sensual and strong – like a real woman who knows what she wants.

Price: 11 750 rub.

Eau de parfum DKNY Stories, DKNY

If some scents evoke associations with a particular city, then DKNY Stories is definitely about New York. The trick of the oriental-floral composition is the construction of contrasts, which further strengthens the associations with this city, – perfumer Stephen Nielsen, when creating the fragrance, was inspired by photographs of old and new New York. The composition opens with fresh notes of pink guava and pink pepper. Then the sound of black pepper, vanilla and white tea is heard. The fragrance is perfectly complemented by accords of jasmine and white sandalwood. A metropolis with a frantic rhythm immediately appears in front of your eyes, and you seem to have stopped and admiringly look at its greatness.

Price (40 ml): 3,131 rubles.

Eau de parfum Good Girl, Carolina Herrera

The real weapon of 21st century Cinderella is a sensual scent with notes of almond, jasmine, tuberose, black coffee, tonka and cocoa. An oriental floral composition evokes thoughts of a charming, modest, but confident girl who knows her own worth. A separate aesthetic pleasure is a bottle in the form of a shoe. An ideal gift for perfume collectors who value not only the filling, but also the wrapper.

Price (80 ml): 5 549 rubles.

Refreshing body water Rose de Vigne, Caudalie

Did you know that Caudalie is not only the owner of a cosmetic brand, but also the creator of famous spas around the world: from New York to Istanbul (for beauty facts about the brand, look here)? In one of them, the most atmospheric, located in a former winery in France, everyone probably dreams of visiting.

Until then, indulge in the scent of Rose de Vigne, a clear association with the VINOTHÉRAPIE spa resort surrounded by vineyards. Here in the morning bush roses bloom, and their aroma merges with the smell of dew, “delicious” clean air and, of course, grapes. Musk, wood and ambergris muffle such “unbearable lightness of being”. A warm summer story that warms up in early spring and hints that vacation is just around the corner!

Price: 1 900 rub.

Eau de parfum Boss The Scent Private Accord For Her, Hugo Boss

Do you love paired stories – one for two hoodies, the world’s warmest scarf and fragrances, if not unisex, then complement each other? Then your collection should have both the men’s version of The Scent and the separate For Her bottle – even more sensual and sweet. The composition turned out to be extremely juicy and multifaceted: here are collected citrus and floral notes, and the sweetness of peach, and the astringency of tonka beans.

As if the author of the fragrance Louise Turner was deliberately restraining herself, creating a masculine scent, and in the feminine she went all out!

Price (100 ml): 5,024 rubles.

Eau de toilette Mon Guerlain Bloom of Rose, Guerlain

And the rose, whatever you call it … Mon Guerlain continues to win hearts, and this time the main weapon is the rose. Each Mon Guerlain fragrance is the embodiment of femininity, sensuality and freedom, it is not without reason that the stunning Angelina Jolie became its face.

For the first time applying this fragrance to the skin, it seems that there are crushed rose petals in a bottle and nothing else! In fact, the classic Mon Guerlain range (Carla lavender, Sambac jasmine, Tahitian vanilla and sandalwood) is complemented by sensual notes of neroli and Bulgarian rose. The rose plays quite brightly in this floral part and brings a kind of peppercorn, brightness to the composition. The fragrance cannot be described with one epithet, it can be safely dedicated an ode – it is so unusual and attractive!

Guerlain perfumers Thierry Wasser and Dolphin Jelq have created a composition that will suit women who are captivated by flower bouquets, and who are sure that they are delightful.

Price (50 ml): 6 410 rubles.

Eau de parfum Gabrielle, Chanel

In the Chanel perfumery line, everyone will find their own iconic scent: someone will fall in love with the elegant No. 5, others will like the light and fresh Chance (about the last restart – here), and still others will be crazy about Gabrielle. If you like a “I just got out of the shower” perfume, pay attention to it. Delicate tropical jasmine, sensual ylang-ylang, Grasse tuberose and orange blossom harmoniously combine in the perfume composition, making it very light and fresh. This is exactly what a clean body smells like after a shower – this composition can also be enhanced with a moisturizing emulsion of the same name from the bath collection.

The fragrance seems to radiate sunlight, and the minimalist bottle, which is classic for Chanel, confirms this. And this is exactly the perfume that really opens up only on the skin: you can clearly hear tuberose in the bottle, but after being applied to the pulsating points, the main roles are given to ylang-ylang and fresh orange blossom.

Price (50 ml): 8 960 rubles.

Eau de parfum Oud Silk Mood, Maison Francis Kurkdjian

This eau de parfum will make you look at oriental woody scents in a new way. Six years ago, Francis Kurkdjian, the perfumer and creator of the brand, turned his attention to the notes of the Oud tree – typical chords of the representatives of the oriental fragrance family, and made the whole world look at these notes in a new way. He gave them “Western” motives, adding accents on the olfactory notes of rose, vanilla and patchouli.

Only when you look at the bottle, you immerse yourself in the fairy tales of the East – it resembles a precious vessel or a small oriental palace (and the fact that it is made of dark glass is not only a design decision – the fragrance needs protection from direct sunlight). The perfume does not “crush” with a typical heavy oriental composition. When applied, the scent of a rose is felt, which reveals a light trail of bergamot and floral notes. The fragrance itself has a balance between the mysterious east and the progressive west – the perfume could be worn by an Arab princess or a businesswoman from Wall Street. Best of all, the scent stays with you all day and gently envelops you like silk.

Price: 25 500 rub.

Eau de parfum Si Fiori Eau De Parfum, Giorgio Armani

Do you know what spring smells like? With a ringing drop, snowdrops and swelling buds – almost the same as the new fragrance from Giorgio Armani, included in the Si collection. He’s thin chypre and incredibly gentle – like the March wind swinging the curtains by the open window.

The heart of the composition is oak moss and rose, the base is white musk and vanilla. He will definitely be appreciated by romantic, sensitive natures. The aroma is slightly sweet – like cotton candy, only better. It will become a worthy adornment of the collection of any perfume maniac!

Price: 5 235 rub.

Cologne Nettle & Wild Achillea, Jo Malone

Remember the summer and childhood: you are walking in brand new sandals on the hot asphalt, from which the grass is breaking through, you inhale the scent of bushes from the front garden and you do not want to go home for dinner at all, although your mother is already calling from the balcony. Such associations are evoked by the cologne from the new collection of Jo Malone.

Although there is still snow and slush outside the window, the bottles of the Wild Flowers and Weeds collection have already blossomed flowers. For example, Nettle & Wild Achillea is decorated with nettles and wild yarrow, they are also present in the composition, the authors of which were Jan Vasnier and Louise Turner. They softened the green notes with an accord of bergamot and white musk, so you will definitely want to wear a snow-white cotton shirt and decorate your hair with wildflowers under the scent.

Price: 4 100 rubles.