20 shades of lipsticks and glosses that rejuvenate


TOWhat lipsticks and glosses are suitable for lifting make-up and how to correct skin color with lip products? Makeup artist Alina Vorobyova (@by_moor) shared her favorite anti-age shades.

Lucas’ Papaw Ointment Lip Balm

Be sure to use a balm before applying lipstick and gloss. Lucas’ Papaw Ointment – not only moisturizes, but also heals lips. It does not have a pronounced smell and taste. The main thing: do not overdo it, you only need one pea.

Shine Full-On Lip Polish, shades Sophia, White Russian, Dolly, Buxom

An important feature of lifting makeup is the need to visually enlarge the lips, which become less voluminous with age. Buxom gloss contains active irritants (mint, mintol), which pinch lips, increasing blood flow – they visually become larger.

The line includes 100 shades named by women. My favorites: Sophia cold pink, White Russian beige nude, Dolly pink-beige.

Dior Addict Lip Maximizer Collagen Active shine gives a similar effect, but it contains black pepper extract – you will feel a slight burning sensation.

Lip cushion, shade 020 Better Make a Mauve, Catrice

For age-related makeup, I recommend shade 020 Better Make a Mauve. This warm, muted pink will accentuate redness on your face. With age, skin tone becomes more earthy and pigmentation may appear. The task of the shine is to freshen up the face.

The cushion gives a beautiful glossy finish that adheres well. Avocado oil moisturizes lips.

AMC Lip Paint, Inglot

A well-known product among makeup artists. Lies on the lips in a dense layer and leaves a glossy finish. The composition contains a biometric peptide that stimulates collagen synthesis and makes lips look more voluminous. My favorite shades are nude beige (53), cold with a pink undertone (63), plum (55) – the latter is especially fond of brunettes.

Pin-Up Shine, shade 18, Luxvisage

The Pin Up Glosses leave a matte finish on the lips. The consistency of the product resembles a whipped soufflé, it is evenly distributed on the lips, hiding cracks and irregularities. The product has a pleasant sweetish aroma. My favorite shade of 18 is creamy praline.

Vivid Matte Liquid Lipstick, Shade 05 Delicate Blush, Maybelline

The lipstick is very similar in texture to Pin-Up, it also leaves a matte finish. Vivid Matte Liquid does not tighten lips. Shade 05 – fresh nude with coral undertones – refreshes the face by correcting skin tone.

Gossamer Emotion Creamy Lipstick, shade 109, Kiko

The lipstick has a very beautiful metal case. Shade 109 – muted plum pink. Intense enough, ideal for women with a cold color type. Lipstick gives a glossy finish. Contains orchid extract and hyaluronic acid granules to moisturize lips.

MAC Lip Liners, Subculture, Soar, Whirl

They give a long-lasting, rich color. The pencils can be used as stand alone products: apply them evenly on moisturized lips.

Lipstick M.A.C, shades of Creme Сup, Faux, Mehr

Excellent creamy lipsticks. Feature M.A.C – 8 options for finishes. For age-related make-up, I advise the finishes Satin (soft application, the degree of coverage can be adjusted: from medium to very dense with a soft glossy effect on the lips) and Сremesheen (the texture of the balm, gives a comfortable feeling on the lips). Favorite shades – Crème Сup, Faux, Mehr.

Lipstick Le Rouge, Givenchy

The design of the case is incredibly thoughtful – the metal case is covered with genuine leather. The lipstick is very comfortable, matte, and has a high density. I advise you to choose bright scarlet shades that will become the accent of the image.

Glitter Nouba Millebaci, shade 41

Ultra-long-lasting lipstick literally hardens on the lips, leaving a matte finish. For a refreshing make-up, the shade of peach-coral 41 is suitable. It does not feel tight, the lipstick does not crack on the lips when you smile. Remove it with a two-phase product with oils in the composition.

Pure Lust Extreme Matte Tint, shades 1, 9, 31, Cailyn

Cailyn tints are evenly distributed on the lips, very long-lasting. They have a large palette of shades. The product is well layered. You can easily adjust the color throughout the day. Remove tint with oil-based products.

Text: Yulia Kozoliy